Stupidly Expensive Things NBA Players Don't Talk About

These Are Stupidly Expensive Things NBA Players Don't Talk About

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  1. JustinOnTop30

    JustinOnTop304 hours ago

    LOL P.J. Tucker's got a house full of shoes, me wearing under armour tennis shoes worth 20 bucks.

  2. Da Dude

    Da Dude6 hours ago

    Those shoes are actually a good investment

  3. Dustin Cain

    Dustin Cain18 hours ago

    Big ass snitch

  4. Calvin Sias

    Calvin Sias21 hour ago

    How do people brush there teeth with a girl

  5. Madden Demon

    Madden Demon22 hours ago

    “I’ve worn the same dam Sketchers for years now”😂😂😂

  6. DrAgOnfL I

    DrAgOnfL I22 hours ago

    ok but like the moment i realized they were all hella rich is when i saw them all drinking fiji water

  7. baloonz -

    baloonz -Day ago

    james harden is mrbeast lol

  8. Rico Valdez

    Rico ValdezDay ago

    That’s crazy

  9. Miller Coleman Kelley

    Miller Coleman KelleyDay ago

    I don’t even want any of those chains or watches give me some of those honeybuns

  10. Nolan Siapno

    Nolan SiapnoDay ago

    You do know LaMelo played abroad professionally abroad before getting drafted in the NBA right?

  11. Nihaal Umair

    Nihaal UmairDay ago

    there are faster cars in the world

  12. FaZe Arrow

    FaZe ArrowDay ago


  13. FaZe Arrow

    FaZe ArrowDay ago

    Bro if I hit 20 subs by the end of may I face reveal

  14. Huncho Flow

    Huncho FlowDay ago

    Jesus Christ is Lord and Saviour🙏🏾😁

  15. Robby Morning

    Robby Morning2 days ago

    For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. (Romans 6:23) Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts: and let him return unto the LORD, and he will have mercy upon him; and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon. (Isaiah 55:7) When Jesus heard it, he saith unto them, They that are whole have no need of the physician, but they that are sick: I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance. (Mark 2:17)

  16. Gaming Solo

    Gaming Solo2 days ago

    bruh lil baby can i get a honeybun

  17. Ethan Johnson

    Ethan Johnson2 days ago

    mannn, shi den got serious man

  18. John T707

    John T7073 days ago

    James Harden = D riding Groupie

  19. macdonaldh macdonaldh

    macdonaldh macdonaldh3 days ago

    cough cough Dodge Demon

  20. Luis Ramos

    Luis Ramos3 days ago

    PJ Tucker the sneaker king👟

  21. Aimee Zeitz

    Aimee Zeitz3 days ago

    God damn

  22. Phillips Phillips

    Phillips Phillips4 days ago

    bruh this dude an opp

  23. Amrita Lekhai

    Amrita Lekhai4 days ago

    “ He gave me a Prada bag cuz he *proud* of me “ Me : That’s the richest thing I ever heard

  24. GumboGames

    GumboGames3 days ago

    makes sense to me lol

  25. Adib sadique Fer4less

    Adib sadique Fer4less4 days ago

    I did not know that lebron is that rich

  26. Ratu Waqa

    Ratu Waqa4 days ago

    he really 6ix9ined lmello dammmmmm 1:17

  27. Kly

    Kly4 days ago

    I'm not saying just because he said it its true, but it could be. The grill could have just been a stunt by the jewelry store and they could have even paid him to do that and then return it or whatever.

  28. Jaxon Hardie

    Jaxon Hardie4 days ago


  29. AEPuXxy4 Aguilar

    AEPuXxy4 Aguilar4 days ago

    Cmon 2.2 million is like a penny for the KING.....

  30. Joe Sammy

    Joe Sammy5 days ago


  31. Matthew Long

    Matthew Long5 days ago

    The fastest car in the world is koenigsegg not porche

  32. Matt Jmnz

    Matt Jmnz5 days ago


  33. Supreme Intellectual Beast

    Supreme Intellectual Beast5 days ago

    I think lil baby makes around the same money as James harden so he'll probably get something crazy for James' birthday too

  34. bandoyoungan

    bandoyoungan5 days ago

    12:03 man spent a whole house and called me poor 😭😭

  35. Jwiljr

    Jwiljr6 days ago

    Just saying the Porsche spider in not fastest 0-60 car it’s the dodge srt demon. It’s .1 seconds faster. And Tesla is saying their new car can do 1.9 but then again 0.1 seconds is not that much faster

  36. Vilis Pared

    Vilis Pared6 days ago

    What a fkn snitch

  37. jagger Cabrera

    jagger Cabrera6 days ago

    his net worth payin for everything

  38. James Tigr

    James Tigr6 days ago

    When we buying car 23 thousand We think twice buy or not

  39. itsxbella

    itsxbella6 days ago

    u know what @Mrbeast can buy all of that!!

  40. anj the dino

    anj the dino6 days ago

    i feel like we all have to keep in mind that these people r EXTREMELY rich so they can afford these things

  41. Marq V

    Marq V6 days ago

    Thank you and God bless

  42. Rodney Cromartie

    Rodney Cromartie6 days ago

    86 0/0 of people like for the honeybuns bussin bussin

  43. Coltyn Parsons

    Coltyn Parsons7 days ago

    That got me when he sayed THE FASTES FUCKING CARR

  44. MARS

    MARS7 days ago

    I'm pretty sure the fastest GTR nismo is faster than the Porsche 918 It goes up to 213 mph in 6.27 secs if I remember properly

  45. v/

    v/7 days ago

    tucker when he retire: 😑

  46. Travis Barnes

    Travis Barnes7 days ago

    He a snitch

  47. shadowsan

    shadowsan7 days ago

    Ayo why that watch have Arabic numbers on it

  48. Savage City

    Savage City7 days ago

    Something about this white guy

  49. Savage City

    Savage City7 days ago

    Hella chill

  50. Marlon Stamati ms

    Marlon Stamati ms8 days ago

    That prada bag is not 300K bro

  51. Plane Wrek

    Plane Wrek8 days ago

    2 million dollars is like 2 dollars because I don’t have it

  52. crazygamerYT 798

    crazygamerYT 7988 days ago

    Everything is expensive if u have a girlfriend

  53. lil Cheap D

    lil Cheap D8 days ago

    Damn this man is smooth

  54. visionsofpromise

    visionsofpromise8 days ago

    I think you constantly begging people to subscribe is fucking corny and you blocked now 🚫

  55. Timothy Wanjohi

    Timothy Wanjohi8 days ago

    James Harden though...suspect gifting😳

  56. Woodymozz

    Woodymozz8 days ago

    You sound like lightning McQueen

  57. dee pharrow

    dee pharrow8 days ago

    918 spider is not the fastest car nore was it ever

  58. yo yo

    yo yo8 days ago

    honestly he did not look with those grills on and he sucks at saving money

  59. Lol 19k

    Lol 19k8 days ago

    This guy is so funny

  60. Potato Dodo

    Potato Dodo9 days ago


  61. Royalty

    Royalty9 days ago

    LeBrons a legend???

  62. James Byrd

    James Byrd9 days ago


  63. GaxerYoung

    GaxerYoung9 days ago

    Bruh only 85mill for Lebron but some random that gets 7 points per game gets a $220 million dollar contract? That’s not right

  64. Dragons_YT

    Dragons_YT9 days ago

    Someone spent 40,000 dollars for shoes when I can’t even buy a show that cost 100 dollars.

  65. Lil kai Raw

    Lil kai Raw10 days ago

    2.2 million? That’s pocket change to Lebron 😂

  66. ii. omw

    ii. omw10 days ago


  67. broskie gang

    broskie gang10 days ago

    that porche is not the fastest car in the world. its only the quickest car at accelerating from 0-60 in the world.

  68. SyedGamingz

    SyedGamingz10 days ago

    7:09 your Its Ridiculous Had me 🤣🤣🤣

  69. dog boi

    dog boi10 days ago

    Hold up, wait a minute, somethin ain't right

  70. Jason Garcia

    Jason Garcia10 days ago

    Yo the house built like a shoe had me😂

  71. Big Ricky

    Big Ricky10 days ago

    1:27 bruh. Hugest snitch ever

  72. NoobPlayZ Productions

    NoobPlayZ Productions10 days ago

    Bruh that was so stupid...the man asked lavar if he knew abt it how TF is that snitching he didn't know anything abt it

  73. Xzander Graves

    Xzander Graves10 days ago

    Jesus loves you and He died for your sins and because of His love grace and mercy He is willing to forgive you. Also it's either paying for your own sin (hell) or accepting Jesus' payment for you Which do you choose

  74. Big Booty

    Big Booty10 days ago

    The porche ain’t a stupid item obviously since when they came out it was 900,000 now it’s 2.2 million that’s a asset and it’ll only go up in price since porche stopped making them

  75. Jackie Phan

    Jackie Phan10 days ago

    In the lamelo ball on i wonder if lonzo ball his brother knew

  76. Tim Rolle

    Tim Rolle11 days ago

    Harden making Lil Baby grab them ankles 😂😯

  77. 6ix Migos

    6ix Migos11 days ago

    The Porsche 918 Spyder is not the fastest car in the world.

  78. love you Lord

    love you Lord11 days ago

    God Jesus and The Holy Spirit is great

  79. Isaiah Rosette

    Isaiah Rosette11 days ago


  80. Exotic fox

    Exotic fox11 days ago

    7:23 POV: youre 7 years old and liked and subsribed

  81. Tang

    Tang11 days ago

    Bunch of classless individuals. All dollars no brains.

  82. Tang

    Tang11 days ago

    $845K and he paid £2.2M. 'Literally paid 2 for1'? Math ain't your strong suit then?

  83. AdhD Bob

    AdhD Bob11 days ago

    5:30 i want mazda miata mx5 for drift /)

  84. Shadow Gaming

    Shadow Gaming11 days ago

    My man be looking like little mousy

  85. pizzi327

    pizzi32711 days ago

    That guy is a snitch

  86. Doral Business Consultants Inc

    Doral Business Consultants Inc11 days ago

    he is a Flippin snitch

  87. Simon Schmidt

    Simon Schmidt11 days ago

    Strait trippen

  88. dyce

    dyce11 days ago

    Man no hate but u called the Lambo Gallardo 200,000$(almost true for the msrp) when you can get them for 100,000 used, plus your saying the Porsche 918 is fastest like DUDE, WHAT HAPPENED TO THE SSC TUATARA, SELENS S7 OR S1(FORGOT LOL) THE BUGGATI CHIRON SUPER SPORT?!

  89. King Divo

    King Divo11 days ago

    Gd gg I’d

  90. Rhyder Chapman

    Rhyder Chapman11 days ago

    Yo you too funny bro

  91. Pilbo Mags

    Pilbo Mags12 days ago

    damn these n love showin off, so materialistic

  92. Pilbo Mags

    Pilbo Mags12 days ago

    Lebrons iq is 2

  93. Jacquenta Todd

    Jacquenta Todd12 days ago

    Rebound I dropped a like WHERE IS MY HONEY BUMS

  94. kristaps vanka

    kristaps vanka12 days ago

    wish sponsors LeBron James!? 3:00

  95. Eken Alfons

    Eken Alfons12 days ago

    Koenigsegg are faster your Dumb boy

  96. Nathaniel Azali

    Nathaniel Azali12 days ago

    the honey bun and hundred bun haha

  97. Ryder Knight

    Ryder Knight12 days ago


  98. Jack Buckner

    Jack Buckner12 days ago

    Dang lemelo is hidding everything from his dad

  99. Mian Cake

    Mian Cake12 days ago

    pj tucker got 700+ shoes and theres me wearing the same shoes for 2 years now

  100. Covil Shearer

    Covil Shearer13 days ago

    Top full dragsters are the fastest thing in the world you dum look it up if you don’t Believe me

  101. Cristina Keesser

    Cristina Keesser13 days ago


  102. Cristina Keesser

    Cristina Keesser13 days ago