Times Shaq DISRESPECTED NBA Players..

Twitter beefs, memes, diss tracks.. Shaq’s known to disrespect whoever...
And sometimes it got so bad, he ended careers..

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  1. Michael diaz

    Michael diaz30 minutes ago

    Man they all too emotional

  2. LifenKnight 6732

    LifenKnight 67322 hours ago

    They literally changed rules because of shaquille o'neal. Saying your better than that's sounds a little off.

  3. Zedekiah Nona

    Zedekiah Nona10 hours ago

    Shaq:It take more to win a championship. Charles:They just won a championship?!What are you talking about? 😂😂😂

  4. Red heavy

    Red heavy22 hours ago

    I hate people that say, “man up.” When ur crying in pain or pure sadness.

  5. Khristian Taylor

    Khristian TaylorDay ago

    Its Funny When Shaw Said Dwite 9:54 😂😂😂😅😅😄😄😃😃😅

  6. Tim Tim Abdelmessih

    Tim Tim AbdelmessihDay ago

    Any NBA player says anything about O’Neal O’Neal:and I took that personally

  7. Rudy Amezquita

    Rudy AmezquitaDay ago

    lol shaq also had help I remember when he was ona magic by himself with a n average coach n he went 500 come now also the bulls beat u when u were n ur prime ona magic he needed a hall of fame coach and hall of fame players 2 win he needs 2 stop it

  8. I SmithNwesson

    I SmithNwessonDay ago

    Live by the ball die from the fall...kobe

  9. David Garcia

    David GarciaDay ago

    Mommas power strong yo

  10. Mark Sivka Jović

    Mark Sivka JovićDay ago

    When i saw this video in recommendation, and the picture was shaq saying he doesnt even have one of those, i was like, another video about charles barkley???🤣🤣

  11. Justin Lee

    Justin LeeDay ago

    Lmao @ you impersonating Shaq.

  12. Kevin Lee

    Kevin LeeDay ago

    If he doesn’t make that many funny obvious mistakes, there’s no way that Shaq could’ve make fun of him?

  13. Vergel Atioan

    Vergel AtioanDay ago


  14. Binary Ruffian

    Binary RuffianDay ago

    Rudy Gobert’s twitter response is how a gentleman should conduct himself. Did you not like them because they weren’t toxic enough for u

  15. Jumbo 981

    Jumbo 981Day ago

    You can take him out the hood, but you can't take the hood out hum. SHAQ WAS A BULLY ON THE COURT, & SHAQ IS A BULLY OFF THE COURT!

  16. Hattie Lawrence

    Hattie Lawrence2 days ago

    neither one

  17. Hattie Lawrence

    Hattie Lawrence2 days ago

    hello where is it never had it

  18. Gabe Rages

    Gabe Rages2 days ago

    “Ima Throw One of these chicken wings at your fat ass.” Had me ddad

  19. Vergel Atioan

    Vergel Atioan2 days ago

    Good thing JaVale has two rings

  20. Alexander Jigalin

    Alexander Jigalin3 days ago

    Yeah that's true Shaquille o neal

  21. Vergel Atioan

    Vergel Atioan3 days ago

    Javale is two time NBA CHAMPION

  22. Hmmm

    Hmmm3 days ago

    shaq is like the 10 year old bully that uses the same response when he gets slightly made fun of and cant handle anything him self

  23. Anthony Gregory Cuasito

    Anthony Gregory Cuasito3 days ago

    I just love how rudy gobert is so kind

  24. Brbebe R re

    Brbebe R re3 days ago

    If I was in Twitter with shaq and he talking trash to me I’ll tell him when was your last 3 point shooter and when was ur last free throw shot you made you only made onr 3 point shot and dude u only dunk you only got those rings by dunking I probably went to far in this comment but idk I’m 12 lol

  25. Dillon Belcher

    Dillon Belcher4 days ago

    Papa wears a rolley 😂😂😂

  26. Hugh Mungus

    Hugh Mungus4 days ago

    Havin prime kobe and Dwayne wade will get ya 4 rings

  27. Kaid is Cool

    Kaid is Cool4 days ago

    Shaquille is dumb agree

  28. SupaDupaNate 9000

    SupaDupaNate 90004 days ago

    Video seems kinda short

  29. anonymuz major

    anonymuz major5 days ago

    Shaq...biggest trash talker and hater in the game! When obviously they much more talent than shaq hands down!

  30. Doug Dobbs

    Doug Dobbs5 days ago

    Gobert called China out. Where is Shaq on that???

  31. D Roc

    D Roc5 days ago

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣2 rich petty ass ladies

  32. gokugohan9000

    gokugohan90005 days ago

    Dame lost the rap battle

  33. Hehe Lol

    Hehe Lol5 days ago

    Lol Scottie pippen is my 3 cousin lol

  34. Devin James

    Devin James6 days ago

    Shaq isn’t a good player, he’s only good at sitting down and talking

  35. redrag504 redrag504

    redrag504 redrag5046 days ago

    What about when the worm was in Shaw head rent free

  36. SiCk SiDer

    SiCk SiDer7 days ago

    If Mj did all the work for pippen, what did kobe do for shaq? 😂🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  37. True Gamer

    True Gamer7 days ago

    MJ is not the only goat that likes to trash talk

  38. Reprogram Your Life

    Reprogram Your Life7 days ago

    Shaq always just been petty

  39. J.D. Wilkes

    J.D. Wilkes8 days ago

    You left out Chris Bosh.

  40. HilariouShaun313 Gifted

    HilariouShaun313 Gifted8 days ago

    Shaq always hating just be Quiet stop judging people because i didn’t judge you for hurting your wife

  41. Aaron Martin

    Aaron Martin8 days ago

    Who is the narrator? Nothing worse than a white dude tryna talk street.

  42. Grif Luke

    Grif Luke8 days ago

    Sad when moma shaq has to shut down manbeef. Grow up

  43. Jerry Jazzbo

    Jerry Jazzbo8 days ago

    Insecure bully. That's Shaq.

  44. Blair Jackson

    Blair Jackson8 days ago

    Sounds like shaq is bored🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  45. The Spy

    The Spy8 days ago

    I'm not sure about the best 5 Lakers will beat the best 5 Bulls by 50, but yeah, the Lakers will beat them. Not even Jordan will be able to handle that firepower.

  46. True Ennuf

    True Ennuf8 days ago

    Shaq's petty. He can't rise above it. He started trolling my friend on Instagram just because he said something Shaq didn't like. Shaq started sending him messages calling my friend a broke nobody.

  47. JB Turla

    JB Turla9 days ago

    Shaq: He doesnt have one Me: He Doesnt Even Shoot a freethrow once

  48. Rod D

    Rod D9 days ago

    If Scottie second fiddle. Wouldn’t shaq be two also? Behind wade behind Kobe ?

  49. Donny Berger

    Donny Berger9 days ago

    So he puts Scotty in a picture and captioned it. Scotty swings back because he was literally in the picture. Shaq plays victim..... typical. My man can’t take any heat back nor can he make a free throw to save his life. .

  50. Big Albo

    Big Albo9 days ago

    Next time Shaq bully is on Call hakeem

  51. chet karwat

    chet karwat9 days ago

    Shaq would average 50 and all the other centers would foul out against him

  52. chet karwat

    chet karwat9 days ago

    Who cares shaq about dame penny you've got 3 finals mvp league mvp and the most dominant player. They had to change rules because of you not him

  53. chet karwat

    chet karwat9 days ago

    He's right there is no crying in life for men even if someone dies I don't cry

  54. chet karwat

    chet karwat9 days ago

    Men can threaten men unless they're a pussy

  55. Nate Mora

    Nate Mora10 days ago

    Shaq needa stop the disrespect on nba players cuz shaq cant even shoot a 3 pointer

  56. Number 9

    Number 910 days ago

    Shaq be starting a beef with anyone, but when they started to fight back? Shaq be playing the victim. He's hella insecure and petty.

  57. Batamare

    Batamare10 days ago

    Witouth Kobe he would also end up with zero, maybe one. He was selling to different teams like a bitch just to get stupid ring or two...

  58. David Adelman

    David Adelman10 days ago

    Rangz erneh

  59. Rithik Kapur

    Rithik Kapur10 days ago

    This video could just be Shaq disrespecting javale McGee

  60. Ismael animations and Art

    Ismael animations and Art10 days ago

    Shaq more like shrek

  61. Anthony Garza

    Anthony Garza10 days ago

    “10 missed free throws” 😂

  62. Gabriel Correa

    Gabriel Correa10 days ago

    This just made me see that shaq petty and sensitive as hell.

  63. Donald Andrews

    Donald Andrews10 days ago

    Shaq sold his soul ..he a mason

  64. Kale Kale

    Kale Kale10 days ago

    I can make niggas respawn immortal they real with souls

  65. Kale Kale

    Kale Kale10 days ago

    Infinite dimensions

  66. Kale Kale

    Kale Kale10 days ago

    With badges

  67. Moo is dumb

    Moo is dumb10 days ago

    got drafted to magic, dressed up as superman, made finals but lost with magic, went to lakers won a ring, and now dwight gone around some teams, he's on the sixers now, hope they win a championship

  68. Jo

    Jo10 days ago

    Shaq sounds like an insecure retired old man who is jealous of the younger generation for having the spot light.

  69. Ole's Left Nut

    Ole's Left Nut10 days ago

    Shaq was a great player, but he had nothing without another superstar. Shaq was nothing without Kobe. If he was so great he would have won titles with Penny.

  70. King San

    King San10 days ago

    Shaw one of the greatest human beings on earth lol

  71. NBA Apeboy

    NBA Apeboy10 days ago

    Videos like this are so funny 😂😂😂

  72. Cornelius Allen

    Cornelius Allen10 days ago

    This one goes to shack he did it wrong dying and I’m a little tomboy and I don’t like you NomonThat’s why You only made one 3

  73. Anthony Abbett

    Anthony Abbett11 days ago

    He talks about other people disrespecting people and is one of the worst at doing it. Hypocrite much Ms. O'neal??

  74. Dust Devil

    Dust Devil11 days ago

    Straight bully f*ck

  75. M M B

    M M B11 days ago

    Shaq is a rich Bully

  76. Casa F

    Casa F11 days ago

    Everybody know you a bum

  77. D. C

    D. C11 days ago

    13:18 😂😂

  78. Bubba Bozo

    Bubba Bozo11 days ago

    "...ten missed free throws" : )

  79. Jahmed Henderson

    Jahmed Henderson11 days ago

    I didn’t even watch the show but I remember hearing javell McGhee!!! from other people watching it 😂😂

  80. Samier Gregory

    Samier Gregory11 days ago

    Bruh it’s All Jokes I don’t know how players could get so offended

  81. 123 G

    123 G11 days ago

    4:11 Lol ten missed free throws

  82. Salil saxena

    Salil saxena11 days ago

    NBA people do take things too personally

  83. carole pasion-capan

    carole pasion-capan11 days ago

    I wonder why shaq always show up his 4 rings

  84. Simplyme Nowandever

    Simplyme Nowandever11 days ago

    Shaq give us a break, please! No Kobe, No Wade No Rings!

  85. Amari King

    Amari King11 days ago

    I dont like Shaq

  86. Gundam

    Gundam11 days ago

    javale is one ring away tough

  87. Serge junior Desilets

    Serge junior Desilets12 days ago

    Sometimes u win and ur actually loose. ..sometimes u loose and you actually win....

  88. igotnuhope

    igotnuhope12 days ago

    U aint even trevor ariza 😂😂😂

  89. Collin Bradley

    Collin Bradley12 days ago

    They look so nervous being right in the middle of those two behemoths ab to bang it out 😅

  90. ghost

    ghost12 days ago

    D wite does that mean that his d is white

  91. The Jimbobway

    The Jimbobway12 days ago

    Shaqs mom hit him with a belt for the first time in 30 years and he never talked about Javale McGee again

  92. Rebel Kawltung

    Rebel Kawltung12 days ago

    I respect the respect he had for his mom.

  93. Šime Grujica

    Šime Grujica12 days ago

    Shaq ain't going diesel mode. He's going savage mode

  94. Jesse Martinez

    Jesse Martinez12 days ago

    Kinda nervous to post something .... Shaq might get me 😅

  95. Kyler K

    Kyler K12 days ago

    He’s such a baby but he’s funny as hell

  96. Juice Wrld

    Juice Wrld12 days ago

    Shaq is a good guy so shut up

  97. Meta Morphic

    Meta Morphic12 days ago

    “The most infamous beef with Shaq was with Dwight Howard” 🥴🥴🥴

  98. Rey Olvera

    Rey Olvera13 days ago

    Shaq started beef with the free throw line and the free throw line won

  99. The O.G King Fyre

    The O.G King Fyre13 days ago

    Shaq still one of my favorites 😂👌🔥🔥🔥

  100. TheOne

    TheOne13 days ago

    Shaq callin someone else second fiddle like he wasn’t the exact same

  101. Sypherpk Me

    Sypherpk Me13 days ago


  102. RaZe_Quake

    RaZe_Quake13 days ago

    Chuck is 1 chicken nugget away from a stroke