Things You Didn't Know About The NBA..

These Are Things You Didn't Know About The NBA..
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  1. rasha kamel

    rasha kamel4 hours ago

    The Raptors do not wear White jerseys when they are at home

  2. Rowan Morris

    Rowan Morris19 hours ago

    as soon as he said the most prestigious respected number i was like siiiiixty niine

  3. Evens the GG

    Evens the GGDay ago

    Rebound: I wouldn’t have a job if the nba wasn’t here Me: then you can do videos on nfl LOL 😂

  4. Be A Turtle

    Be A TurtleDay ago

    If there was no basketball there USlikes name would be interception

  5. Lamoros

    Lamoros2 days ago

    hi I from israel

  6. Tarrant Moses

    Tarrant Moses2 days ago


  7. Devaughn Douglas

    Devaughn Douglas3 days ago

    “Speaking of 6ix9ine did you know women use to be allowed in the nba” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂I’m crying am I the only one who peeped that or what

  8. 1-800-Revel •

    1-800-Revel •Day ago


  9. LookATPeso

    LookATPeso3 days ago

    3:50 Flight Shooting a free throw🤣

  10. Chika Chidozie

    Chika Chidozie3 days ago

    Does this mean that woman aren't anymore allowed to join the NBA?

  11. Nathan Minga

    Nathan Minga3 days ago

    Can you just say the answer because you can tell people to Subscribe at the start of the video

  12. atonio taualii

    atonio taualii4 days ago

    Secret to shootin free throws! Make ur free throw form MECHANICAL, and practice that same shot over and over again, then I will not be clowned and will be making free throws like no tomorrow

  13. Coltson Da king

    Coltson Da king4 days ago

    In 2090 we gonna be telling our grandkids about these

  14. Adrian Lanier

    Adrian Lanier7 days ago


  15. Energy Sheriff

    Energy Sheriff7 days ago

    There should be a 10 point line

  16. RippleOxes32

    RippleOxes327 days ago


  17. Kellan Derouin

    Kellan Derouin7 days ago

    The free throw one is different it depends you can’t just straight up say that’s the best way to do it for everyone

  18. blue bells fan

    blue bells fan8 days ago

    Awesome! Loved the facts you talked about!

  19. Bedof 123

    Bedof 1238 days ago


  20. Kiyan channel

    Kiyan channel8 days ago

    Haha that got he said what the f*** does this do what the nba

  21. Justin Merin

    Justin Merin8 days ago

    0:44 no why?

  22. romero c

    romero c8 days ago

    y does the first guy lowkey look like lil nas x

  23. David Folsom

    David Folsom9 days ago

    who cares about the 4pt line? It's not that interesting because lol it wasn't that long ago there wasn't even a 3pt line.

  24. P3 nooby Gaming

    P3 nooby Gaming10 days ago

    11:05 why is that guy in the top right so happy? (He’s jumping)

  25. WADE 420

    WADE 42010 days ago


  26. Norma Flores

    Norma Flores10 days ago

    Bum bum bum* 69!!!!!! HEHEHEH *rebounds mind* am i laughin lke cadeh re?

  27. not savv

    not savv10 days ago

    this is how many people hate the owner of the nba

  28. mags

    mags11 days ago

    I hate when people act like Rodman just wanted attention cuz he liked alternative fashion. Fucking dorks

  29. love you Lord

    love you Lord11 days ago

    God Jesus and The Holy Spirit is great

  30. The Sordid Singer

    The Sordid Singer11 days ago

    I hate the idea of a 4pt line because it will forever skew player stats. It will make era/player comparisons difficult not to mention there’s already too many 3’s shot! I can’t imagine the absurdity of a 4pt line. It’ll just be come across half court & fire...🤦🏼‍♂️

  31. MuttMan Gaming

    MuttMan Gaming12 days ago

    So goated

  32. MuttMan Gaming

    MuttMan Gaming12 days ago

    Rebound is a freaking 🐐

  33. Tadeo Soto

    Tadeo Soto12 days ago

    3:00 “only time will tell if we see something like this again” oof

  34. Eyitayo Fadoju

    Eyitayo Fadoju12 days ago


  35. XKRZT

    XKRZT13 days ago

    Dennis rodman is my favorite player of all time

  36. Colleen Patch

    Colleen Patch13 days ago

    u would have a job if NBA ended because you got touchdown

  37. NotScummy

    NotScummy14 days ago

    Notice the person who ban 69 has stern as their name?

  38. Riley Hall

    Riley Hall14 days ago

    I love how he says ooh

  39. Brandon Winston

    Brandon Winston14 days ago

    What or you talking about you name is Rebound...............

  40. connor nelson

    connor nelson14 days ago

    🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊like this

  41. waaiz khalid

    waaiz khalid15 days ago

    0:49 call me crazy but why does that look like Lil Nas X

  42. Atk_ Stormz

    Atk_ Stormz15 days ago

    He would have a job if the nba was shut down Hes lyrical lemonade.

  43. videos4mydad

    videos4mydad15 days ago

    Its interesting that when a personal tragedy happens the name of a franchise is immediately changed from Bullets to Wizards. But whole communities begging the same thing for decades has zero effect. People are incredibly selfish animals.

  44. Mike Hink

    Mike Hink16 days ago

    What “championship” were the Bullets coming off of? And didn’t they change their name in the ‘97-‘98 season...?????

  45. Ibrahim Muhammad

    Ibrahim Muhammad16 days ago

    Dennis Rodman is a 1999 lil nas x

  46. fastyalib

    fastyalib16 days ago

    im from israel... he was killed cuz he wanted peace

  47. Mitch Ayimba

    Mitch Ayimba17 days ago


  48. Jackson That’s it

    Jackson That’s it17 days ago

    There women’s basketball ball league what are you talking about

  49. Mr.Funnyman

    Mr.Funnyman17 days ago

    There’s no four point line

  50. Alessio Raccagni

    Alessio Raccagni18 days ago

    A bullet killed my friend, so It's not an appropriate name". Was the first time that somebody died because of a bullet ?

  51. Benito Adriano

    Benito Adriano18 days ago

    The girl caught a different ball🤭😂😂

  52. olipontop

    olipontop18 days ago

    0:22 he looks like murisakabara from kuroko's basketball

  53. RLT Røse

    RLT Røse18 days ago

    1k comment let's go!!

  54. RLT Røse

    RLT Røse18 days ago


  55. Lucas Ob

    Lucas Ob18 days ago

    1000th like

  56. Lucas Ob

    Lucas Ob18 days ago


  57. Lucas Ob

    Lucas Ob18 days ago


  58. Lucas Ob

    Lucas Ob18 days ago


  59. Joe Smith

    Joe Smith19 days ago

    the fuc

  60. Joe Smith

    Joe Smith19 days ago

    blah blah they did not say that

  61. T Y Cuber

    T Y Cuber19 days ago

    The Harlem globe trotters use a 4 point line in their games sometimes

  62. Yeshua Medina

    Yeshua Medina19 days ago

    Shack only did one free throw

  63. Max Curle

    Max Curle20 days ago

    Gigi was good enough to make the nba even though she’s a girl. Rip

  64. Mr Bond

    Mr Bond20 days ago

    Ain't no one on the sixers shooting from back there who are they kidding?

  65. Mushy Said

    Mushy Said21 day ago

    Dennis is a custom goat I have 17wallpapers in my room

  66. Tillary Buffa

    Tillary Buffa22 days ago

    women cant be drafted to the nba

  67. Jaylen Guevara

    Jaylen Guevara20 days ago

    That’s so sexist

  68. Finn Lannon

    Finn Lannon22 days ago

    Mark Cuban wasn't the owner of the Mavs when Rodman was there though

  69. Spoopy

    Spoopy23 days ago

    So tjass been getting 4s

  70. Da Boiiz

    Da Boiiz23 days ago

    I respect david stern RIP

  71. Enapu Castro

    Enapu Castro23 days ago

    Rodman's number, I get it...

  72. David Quinn

    David Quinn23 days ago

    Thatsa big woman at 2:46 . That George Muresan?? Edit... and then at 6:45 ,there he is. That was ironic lol. I made original post as soon as i saw that big lady!

  73. oh yes

    oh yes24 days ago

    Dang never knew the nba was about to end because they wernt subbed to the channel

  74. oh yes

    oh yes24 days ago

    David stern hates people having fun

  75. Okay Wyatt

    Okay Wyatt24 days ago

    6:05 lol imagining ben simmons shooting 4’s in practice has me dying

  76. BenJI

    BenJI24 days ago

    Here's what needs to happen for a girl to get drafted: averages in highschool 49 points 26 rebounds and 11 assists. College: 41 points 19 rebounds and 7 assists


    ANDREW LYNN24 days ago


  78. Rob Fleetwood

    Rob Fleetwood25 days ago

    Can you show yourself please🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  79. stupid stuff yt

    stupid stuff yt25 days ago

    Time stamp 4:44 telling us to subscribe check comments before watching

  80. George Gervin

    George Gervin26 days ago

    The handsomely pumpkin considerably rock because motorboat virtually bump pro a questionable keyboarding. majestic, splendid plough

  81. John Doe

    John Doe26 days ago

    5:40 why namedrop LeBron alongside two incredible long range shooters? His shooting percentage outside the arc is garbage. His FG percentage historically comes primarily from makes less than three feet from the basket, i.e. layups and dunks. Inb4 I’m a hater. LeBron is not a GOAT, people like MJ, Bird, Magic, Kobe, Kareem, Russel, Hakim, Stockton, Nash are much more so. Also the guy is roided so much he should be considered a GMH (genetically modified human). :)

  82. Not-L1mits

    Not-L1mits26 days ago

    U sound like Sam from top 5 gaming

  83. Gannony Evans

    Gannony Evans27 days ago

    David strearn ain’t got know chill

  84. that one kid

    that one kid28 days ago

    Those names look like when you playing a videogame and you need to chose a high school mascot😂

  85. Rock Lee

    Rock Lee28 days ago


  86. Rock Lee

    Rock Lee28 days ago


  87. Ryan Fagerberg

    Ryan Fagerberg28 days ago


  88. Vishnu Mallapu

    Vishnu Mallapu28 days ago

    I absolutely love the way he says " No body dropped a like or subscribed to the channel"

  89. Isaac Iwunze

    Isaac IwunzeMonth ago

    Imagine lebron and no basketball he will working a coles man

  90. Pheng Xiong

    Pheng XiongMonth ago

    Shaq got 0% in FreeThrows LOL😂

  91. Nerd Vazquez

    Nerd VazquezMonth ago

    ITS ALWAYS DAVID STERNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. Bentley James

    Bentley JamesMonth ago

    The way he says, "subscribe to the channel" always cracks me up

  93. Keenan Somashekara

    Keenan SomashekaraMonth ago

    Rodman is a legend

  94. JC

    JCMonth ago

    Weirdly, I've seen a vid about why underhand free throws are better lol

  95. Untitled Document

    Untitled DocumentMonth ago

    69 hehe😂

  96. Luka Mijajlovic

    Luka MijajlovicMonth ago

    At first I was like haha it would be funny if someone wore 69 and then boom

  97. Mali's Music Hub

    Mali's Music HubMonth ago

    “Speaking of 69... did you know women used to play in the NBA?”

  98. Son 69

    Son 69Month ago

    David is the biggest party pooper

  99. noticed fn

    noticed fnMonth ago

    Eww number 69 eww eww eww 🤮

  100. WhoIsSnatch?

    WhoIsSnatch?Month ago

    3:51 That. Was. An. Amazing. Free throw...

  101. Jim Tombor

    Jim TomborMonth ago

    Soooooo what was the problem with 69???

  102. Overjoy

    OverjoyMonth ago

    Broo the way this guy builds suspense just to say YOU DIDNT DROP A LIKE YET Is soooo good broo 😂😂 dude catch me off guard everytime