Times NBA Fans Went TOO FAR..

1 fan tried to blind an NBA player, another started the biggest fight in NBA history. These are the times NBA Fans went Too Far..
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    Look at the little ref on the fight 😂😂😂🤣🤣

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    @McFadeHype good job on 1.2mil 😂

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    13:00 😂 That security guard needs a number of things. First of all he needs recognition and a $250k raise lmaooo😂😂😂😱



    "he threw up a mcdouble!" that had me laughing for weeks lmaooooooooooo

  6. Joseph Duncan

    Joseph Duncan2 days ago

    To be honest why would you care if someone leaves your team it's like steph curry leaving the warriors to go to the clippers cmon now it's just a game

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    God Bless everybody reading this God Loves y’all🙌🏽✝️❤️🙏🏽 God Bless you and your Family and make sure to give Glory to Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and put your Trust, Faith, and Love into him and believe Jesus Christ is Lord and is the Son of Our Most High God🙌🏽❤️✝️GOD BLESS AMEN HALLELUJAH

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    Man james harden keeps getring hurt😂😭

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  16. third inposter

    third inposter4 days ago

    A basket ball game went into a wwe match into football fight into a protest with police and people

  17. Fayzan Ramzan

    Fayzan Ramzan5 days ago

    “Westbrook vs grandpa fight” lol I want to see that

  18. Preston Tyree

    Preston Tyree3 hours ago

    Grandpa could make more free throws

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    Matthew Couch5 days ago

    I wanna meet the guy who threw the chair


    LIL ULTRA KATARU5 days ago

    Early 2000s nba was low key lit but 90s nba is the best

  24. Jeremiah Freeman

    Jeremiah Freeman5 days ago

    How did Ben not get suspended for the entire season and Ron did what?

  25. Naxtrix Gaming

    Naxtrix Gaming6 days ago

    did they just burn Lebrons real jersey

  26. Mark Paul Abare, Jr.

    Mark Paul Abare, Jr.6 days ago

    People need to have respect. Just because you paid to get in and these athletes are entertaining you gives you no right to do things like that.

  27. Robert-Earl Henry-Haulcy

    Robert-Earl Henry-Haulcy7 days ago

    "what a humble way to say i would have kicked his ass" man i subbed lol


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    Malice at the Palace

  32. James Bailey

    James Bailey8 days ago

    He said kyrie is crazy like Dennis Rodman isn’t buddies with the man who has credibly threatened to nuke places

  33. Ismael Rivera

    Ismael Rivera9 days ago

    Bro this the ultimate fight nba history

  34. stonedclownn

    stonedclownn9 days ago

    my favorite quotes in this video, "you cant be throwing up mcdoubles" 😭

  35. Bolt Thunder

    Bolt Thunder9 days ago

    11:40 look out someone might toss a steel chair in get your football helmets ready

  36. Robert Barnes

    Robert Barnes10 days ago

    I went to a fight and an NBA game broke out...

  37. Night Blaze

    Night Blaze10 days ago

    5:43 killed me when the sign said "lebum" 😂

  38. Elijah Lim

    Elijah Lim10 days ago

    When you’re mad at your mom and you tell her you don’t love her at all anymore

  39. The beast Bro’s

    The beast Bro’s11 days ago

    Are we gonna ignore that Lowry hit the ref with the ball when trying to save it

  40. Oakland Wiggins

    Oakland Wiggins11 days ago

    Oof dam he did a mc double 😂😂😂

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    This is touchdown

  42. Trevon Lewis

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    This is like touchdown

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    James harden almost got blinded twice

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    yo trash sound effct be like "TRASHHHHH"

  51. Hassan Waleed

    Hassan Waleed15 days ago

    Lebron is 6ft7.5 barefoot actually not 6ft 9

  52. Bang Chau

    Bang Chau15 days ago

    This was The NBA War

  53. Malaysia Ang dakila

    Malaysia Ang dakila16 days ago

    Awww poor Grandpa ......but he had his moment 😂

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    2:40 it hit the ref 😂

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    2nd reason hamilton broke his nose🤣🤣🤣

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    Wow, I started with the shaw disrespectful moments to this. Lost track of time

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    Holt Mody18 days ago

    That’s twice James Hardens been almost blinded

  60. Ashdon

    Ashdon19 days ago

    I got high respect for Jermaine o Neale y'all see him punch a fan in his jaw 😂

  61. Duke Vanlien

    Duke Vanlien19 days ago

    Leave that man alone !!! He did what he had to do !!!!

  62. Duke Vanlien

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    Wow all these fanatics lol never knew really ! Wow

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    You're the best narrator ever bro.


    GAIL ZELLNER19 days ago

    Was Aqua Man a Basketball 🏀Player... Is he 7 feet tall???

  65. Tayt Halstad

    Tayt Halstad20 days ago

    James harden is got almost blinded 2 times by a fan and by a NBA player like what next

  66. john mbenza

    john mbenza20 days ago

    12:18 bro somebody got knocked tf out in the bak ground 🤣

  67. Mrvr Gamer

    Mrvr Gamer20 days ago

    3:22 omg that much for just jumping into a crowd!!!!!!

  68. Ethan Grice

    Ethan Grice21 day ago

    How much money do you get if it's two shows in one WWE NBA amazingness

  69. Ethan Grice

    Ethan Grice21 day ago

    Just imagine that Grandpa versus an NBA player I wonder how that would have went down a Grandpa probably getting together now by NBA player or down by Grandpa either way that would be entertaining

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  72. Nikolaos M

    Nikolaos M21 day ago

    Τhe laser thing that Harden expirienced is a common thing in Greece. Olympiacos fans going crazy.

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  75. _ gambetta _

    _ gambetta _21 day ago

    is funny how americans rate things. the police can murder you on the street because of reasons but WATCH OUT that guy has a laser toy

  76. Rockstar AB

    Rockstar AB21 day ago

    Cleveland mad cause he not from dere Akron don’t even like Cleveland people like dat😂

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    Viscid_22 days ago

    Is that gangsta grandma‘s husband is it now gangster grandpa?

  78. Parker Donohoo

    Parker Donohoo22 days ago

    Even though I live in Utah the fans are crazy

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    5:44 “lebum james “

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    Yeah the Malice in the Palace was wild geez lol 😆😂 the fans deserved it tho lmao

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    My friend dad went to high school with cobe

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    Jackson a real homeboy for going up there and having his vatos back🔥🔥

  87. Isaiah Austin

    Isaiah Austin24 days ago

    I really do not have respect for fans especially for Cavs fans. LeBron James left because that organization was terrible and did not do everything to put LeBron James and the team in the best position to win championships and the fans want to burn his Jersey and stuff because he made the right decision for himself and for his family? Yeah definitely do not have respect for Cavs fans

  88. nande mp

    nande mp24 days ago

    "you can't be throwing Mac doubles in a NBA game" lmaooo

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    DannyJo MacOwan24 days ago

    Damn im listening to this and ...... This dude that runs this chamnel is dylan talks right?? I watch dylan on the country rap game. If this is dylan man you are the man bro

  90. Lob Lob

    Lob Lob24 days ago

    Okey fine, i can see why the fans reacted like that and saw comments saying the fans are arrogant and all that, but u gotta admit the way LeBron handled it was shitty, but yeah the fans are of Cleveland are disloyal tbh.

  91. Ismaeel Badoolah

    Ismaeel Badoolah25 days ago

    I was happy when James came to Miami. We got three titles with him. Then, when he went back to Cleveland, i felt like the cavs fans when he came to us


    STUD MUFFIN25 days ago

    6:55 Bro what are you talking about if you love a player so much you shouldn't care what city or state they were present! You should love the person for them not for what state they play with! The ones that care don't matter and the ones the matter don't care!

  93. Kurt -_-

    Kurt -_-25 days ago

    Are we gonna talk about the player at 12:23 literally punching a fan in the face?

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    Lebom James

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    The biggest fight reminded me of a clip of the Boston Bruins going into the stands and beating the fans up because someone threw popcorn at them

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    but i do have $100 000 000

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