Times Michael Jordan DISRESPECTED NBA Players..

There Are The Times Michael Jordan DISRESPECTED NBA Players..
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  1. Deezy BHunna

    Deezy BHunna2 hours ago

    True Legend

  2. Hiro Yang

    Hiro Yang4 hours ago

    anyone else see flight in the bus

  3. luis r

    luis r4 hours ago

    Mj could only make it to the finals 6 times. Enough said. Lebron has been there like 10 times

  4. VampsPlay

    VampsPlay4 hours ago

    Bird would put jordan in his place

  5. whatdouwant

    whatdouwant5 hours ago

    Sometimes people like mj as great as he is are bullies and the only way to combat it! Is get your hands up and throw down until you have their respect!

  6. whatdouwant

    whatdouwant5 hours ago

    Imagine been so rich you get upset at $160 million 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. Bushwacken Bubba

    Bushwacken Bubba6 hours ago

    Jordan is NOT the only legend that played Basketball! Oscar Robinson's career averaged is a triple double. Bill Russel won more championships. 'King James' Lebron is everything Jordan was and more in a XXL body!

  8. Collin Comer

    Collin Comer6 hours ago

    It's Charles "I keep that thing on me" Barkley

  9. Collin Comer

    Collin Comer6 hours ago

    Jordans kind of a baby ngl.

  10. lorenzo sanchez

    lorenzo sanchez6 hours ago

    Transitions are weak

  11. Metro Real

    Metro Real10 hours ago

    5:40 was that flight in the back round?

  12. NorthernWill

    NorthernWill18 hours ago

    You're not the king if you have to say you're the king...

  13. Dave Ridlespriger

    Dave Ridlespriger19 hours ago

    Yall need to stop 👇👇

  14. Javier Griffith

    Javier Griffith20 hours ago

    "Los tengo sin anillos como Jordan a Charles Barkley"


    VERSATILE ™21 hour ago

    But he did call and apologize and then made Steve Kerr the GOTO GUY as he knew he could trust him and being tough! 💪🏽💯

  16. Stephanie Elliott

    Stephanie ElliottDay ago

    Everybody knows Jordan the goat

  17. Tetelestai !!!

    Tetelestai !!!Day ago

    Apparently the dude narrating this video wasn't born when NBA was worth watching

  18. I SmithNwesson

    I SmithNwessonDay ago

    Live by the ball die from the fall...ask kobe

  19. the extreme king

    the extreme kingDay ago

    He apoligiest

  20. Bazel HazelWood

    Bazel HazelWoodDay ago

    Him: “But there is one play who dosent care who Micheal Jordan is” Me; “Shaq” Him: “Charles Barkley” Me; “Wtf”

  21. A. Lo

    A. LoDay ago

    How many rings does Bill have? Let’s hear these excuses ☠️💀☠️

  22. r wno

    r wnoDay ago

    5:42 WTF behind MJ????

  23. Revives

    RevivesDay ago

    Jordan have to respect him but he is arrogant until bill set him straight towards him

  24. Yohann Mouliom

    Yohann MouliomDay ago

    7:11 He did not just mention KWAAAME BROWN

  25. Baby Fazoo

    Baby FazooDay ago

    so nobody gon talk about flight reacts is on the bus in 5:41?

  26. Robert Fox

    Robert FoxDay ago

    my coach got to touch michael jordan damnnn

  27. Chance Lewis

    Chance LewisDay ago

    Not gonna tell the rest of that Kerr jordan story fine I will to his credit steve Kerr threw a few back and the only reason thats relevant is because jordan has admitted by fighting back he earned his respect so its a big moment

  28. Brian Cannon

    Brian CannonDay ago

    How could Jordon saying "shoot it you midget" be that harmful to your psyche.

  29. Chris Grady

    Chris GradyDay ago

    Meh...they should tell that story about how he pissed his pants when tyson was mad at him lol.

  30. Brian Cannon

    Brian CannonDay ago

    Jordon is evil. Super ego maniac. So was jordans dad. Both can't exist. Either jordon was ganna die or his dad. Same with kobe. Maybe kobe was stepping on jordans toes with some business ventures. Kobe was an egomaniac as well.

  31. Brian Cannon

    Brian CannonDay ago

    @Ezi rulez 4 eva asked what

  32. Ezi rulez 4 eva

    Ezi rulez 4 evaDay ago

    Bro no one asked

  33. Lewis White

    Lewis WhiteDay ago

    I never get tired of MJ laughing at GP.. I can watch it over and over

  34. Monty Hibdon

    Monty HibdonDay ago

    Literally like 5 guys in the league today better than jordan c'mon now guys

  35. Donovan Douglas

    Donovan DouglasDay ago

    Jordan seem like the dude who take everything personal. Like you can't make a joke without him getting offended. Also, Kimbas a legend. Leaving the trash hornets and accepting 20m less. Just to leave Jordan and play with the 9x better Celtics.

  36. Aleks Rako

    Aleks RakoDay ago

    jordan amazing players zero for a human being.

  37. mtlcaramel

    mtlcaramelDay ago

    It freaks me out how much my brother looks like him. 30 years older. But identical. Not sure pf mjs height but bro is 6'6. I am sure they are close ish

  38. Ca'Shaun Johnson

    Ca'Shaun Johnson2 days ago


  39. Ca'Shaun Johnson

    Ca'Shaun Johnson2 days ago


  40. Nicholas James

    Nicholas James2 days ago

    Stop talking about Barkley like he's anything. Nobody is better than Jordan not even close the only one that would come close was Kobe facts

  41. Diane Wyatt

    Diane Wyatt2 days ago

    Jardon i is GOATED

  42. Melvin Molden

    Melvin Molden2 days ago

    MJ was a truly piece of zhitttttttttt, great athlete doug.

  43. SmallTown USA

    SmallTown USA2 days ago

    Jordan is a big man obviously , but has always been a small man on the inside.

  44. Rielle Gonzales

    Rielle Gonzales2 days ago

    1:31 hey zuk- steve kerr here

  45. anselm wasinger

    anselm wasinger2 days ago

    I love jordan

  46. Ben Süß

    Ben Süß2 days ago

    i think you just dont like him thats why you talkin such a trash

  47. Miguel29P

    Miguel29P2 days ago

    Charles saying Jordan cheap stuff wearing a Jordan clothes🤣

  48. Moises Santos

    Moises Santos2 days ago

    Lets announce a boxing match of MJ vs Charles Barkley 🏋👊👊🥊🥊🥊🥇

  49. Melissa Gore

    Melissa Gore2 days ago


  50. Royal Ace

    Royal Ace2 days ago

    But I dont like Jordan. 😁

  51. Jasper Danao

    Jasper Danao2 days ago

    Lebron goat of flop..

  52. Dimitre Zahariev

    Dimitre Zahariev2 days ago

    MJ is the greatest La Bron is racist joke

  53. Robert Donovan

    Robert Donovan2 days ago

    Ring all green oil crap he made trillions for nba alone etc has oat jet etc you guys lost trillions real businesses once not even coach list so why waddle down cia pentagon to actual jobs prison transfer guard system

  54. Robert Donovan

    Robert Donovan2 days ago

    Fyi cia guards fbi federal prison transfer system so waddle down job pentagon too

  55. Robert Donovan

    Robert Donovan2 days ago

    Ring all green oil crap he made trillions for nba alone etc has oat jet etc you guys lost trillions real businesses once not even coach list so why

  56. Robert Donovan

    Robert Donovan2 days ago

    When last years actual jordan

  57. JK number5

    JK number52 days ago

    Jordan would've won 4 rings with no legs😂

  58. Ace Paul

    Ace Paul2 days ago

    Shame on Mugsy for letting MJ get to him like that. If that was me, I would have fired back at Michael. "Hey Mike how is your dad doing? Still taking a nap?"

  59. Michael Price

    Michael PriceDay ago


  60. Donovan Douglas

    Donovan DouglasDay ago

    bro hes getting folded

  61. Hentai Fapper

    Hentai Fapper2 days ago

    Nobody gonna talk about the guys face behind Jordan on 5:40

  62. Baby Fazoo

    Baby FazooDay ago

    ong thats what I said🤣

  63. Nathan Maloney

    Nathan Maloney2 days ago

    Stupid I would’ve took 160 mill

  64. Ricky Bosephus

    Ricky Bosephus2 days ago

    PED steroid kings compare cheating trophies? NBA is a complete and utter fraud.

  65. An Drew

    An Drew2 days ago

    Jordan is the goat

  66. Alan Diaz

    Alan Diaz3 days ago

    Flight in the background on 5:40

  67. Cooper DeFloria

    Cooper DeFloria3 days ago

    Woo hoo front row seats

  68. Giovanni Romulus

    Giovanni Romulus3 days ago

    7:34 😍😍😍😍

  69. Victor Daniel

    Victor Daniel3 days ago

    Flight on the bus

  70. Frosty

    Frosty3 days ago

    A way to be successful in every thing u do, Every day get better at something no matter what it is wether it be eating or putting socks oj

  71. Juan Pagan

    Juan Pagan3 days ago


  72. Greyson Davidson

    Greyson Davidson3 days ago


  73. Ivan Ayuso

    Ivan Ayuso3 days ago

    who notice in 5:41 flight behind mj

  74. Jonathan Yarismat

    Jonathan Yarismat3 days ago

    The bulls would never have won if Rodman haven't come in

  75. Jonathan Yarismat

    Jonathan Yarismat3 days ago

    That's low of Jordan have more class

  76. Sagat Uppercut

    Sagat Uppercut3 days ago

    I think MJ respects you if you talk back to him, even if he doesn't like you.

  77. TheStoneColdA

    TheStoneColdA3 days ago

    He watches mr.beast

  78. Alexander Jigalin

    Alexander Jigalin3 days ago

    Yeah that's true Mıchael Jordan

  79. Devlyn Warren

    Devlyn Warren3 days ago

    Michael Jordan is the best basketball player

  80. Adv Frxmy

    Adv Frxmy3 days ago

    220 mil he not that good bro

  81. Sean

    Sean3 days ago

    He's been salty all time because God came down to him when he was five, and said LeBron James is going to make you look like a joke of a GOAT

  82. Marvin Gales

    Marvin Gales3 days ago

    Jordan is member of secreat society

  83. Lorenzo Galardi

    Lorenzo Galardi3 days ago

    Charles's wright, Micheal is the goat but, c'mon

  84. 30Anteasy

    30Anteasy3 days ago

    So Jordan can joke about Charles not having a ring, but Charles can't be HONEST about Jordan doing a terrible job as a owner..Sounds like Jordan can't take criticism as well as Charles..Charles would've laughed it off and still be cool with Jordan. Just as he laugh it off when Jordan says he has no rings🤔Sounds like a one-way street my way or the highway friendship to me..not how it's suppose to be.

  85. Rainstik Timbale

    Rainstik Timbale3 days ago

    It's not disrespectful it's the truth Michael earned his rings LeBron bought his he will never be greater than Jordan period .

  86. Joey Hernandez

    Joey Hernandez3 days ago

    It's all Tough love.

  87. Bruno Gil

    Bruno Gil3 days ago

    Medical bill 😂😂😂😂

  88. Eddie Parra

    Eddie Parra3 days ago


  89. Eddie Parra

    Eddie Parra3 days ago

    @2:23 and @4:51

  90. Royale__Dinero

    Royale__Dinero3 days ago

    Bro, y'all are TOO DAMN SOFT. Trash talking is LITERALLY apart of the game, and these grown men blaming their losses and poor contract signing decisions on "Jordan hurt my feelings", is just weak. People will say things, be though enough to dish it back!! BE A MAN.

  91. Neha Patel

    Neha Patel3 days ago

    No offense but I like the other guy voice😭

  92. Carlton Baker

    Carlton Baker3 days ago

    Bill Russell has 11 championships in 13 years. He can tell you 5 more to tie me. I know you forgot about me. Don't touch Jordan in his era of dominance. It's sickening!!

  93. James Cuevas

    James Cuevas3 days ago

    Great video, but I’m pretty sure even mushy bogies himself disclaimed that.

  94. riz

    riz4 days ago

    Respect for Barkley

  95. ICancook Kebabs

    ICancook Kebabs4 days ago

    F L I G H T R E A C T S 5:41

  96. j p

    j p4 days ago

    Lebron wishes he'd have this respect, that's why he has to beg for it.

  97. LC King 000

    LC King 0004 days ago

    Lebron didn’t take a mid prime break to play baseball either

  98. Masked goat Gaming

    Masked goat Gaming4 days ago

    The fact that he said beat up him was sad

  99. patrick roland

    patrick roland4 days ago

    Medical Bill!!! 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  100. Randy Floyd

    Randy Floyd4 days ago

    Bill Russell has 11

  101. miros tsiklauri

    miros tsiklauri4 days ago

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  102. makeaday13

    makeaday134 days ago

    I miss those Basketball days, when referees let them play the game and not calling every little foul 😜😜😜😝

  103. Zackery Stewart

    Zackery Stewart4 days ago

    Bro quit begging for subscribers all desperate asf

  104. koolaid smooth

    koolaid smooth4 days ago


  105. Brandon James Lipio

    Brandon James Lipio4 days ago

    I wish you the best and a long life .and i wish someday you give me a gift jersy coming from you.i hope and i pray thank you idol

  106. Brandon James Lipio

    Brandon James Lipio4 days ago

    From , emmerson lipio from philippines To: Sir micheal love you forever. youre still the one. your my idol forever i dream one time that i play with you .but its only a dream the dream that i love