Why NBA Players CHANGED Their Name..

Some players got bullied into it.. Others wanted to inspire the world..
There's a lot of reasons behind why NBA players changed their name..

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  1. Pascale Goodrich-Black

    Pascale Goodrich-Black2 hours ago

    1:07 😂

  2. brick beast

    brick beast11 hours ago

    "Wardell get your aaa over here aaaah" lol

  3. ツKekkei_B0nkyツ

    ツKekkei_B0nkyツ16 hours ago


  4. Edgar8ap

    Edgar8ap17 hours ago

    They do have a timeout decide not to use it *WARDELL* curry way downtown Baaaang baaaang *WARDELL* curry from downtown

  5. EpikMurk

    EpikMurkDay ago


  6. Cris Theboss

    Cris ThebossDay ago

    White can you call metto now

  7. SL

    SL2 days ago

    why Jesus who is Jesus?


    STARBOY2 days ago

    wardel.....this man funy

  9. TSQ

    TSQ5 days ago

    1:07 that look made me 😀😁😂😂😂😂😁😀😀😂😂

  10. Da Boiiz

    Da Boiiz5 days ago

    This guy literally pronounced it kirie elison is anyone else here who is familiar with this prayer?

  11. jayle ak peter

    jayle ak peter5 days ago

    I wouldn't wanna live getting called "Curry" lmao.

  12. Jordan Thompson

    Jordan Thompson8 days ago


  13. Bear

    Bear9 days ago

    It's hilarious that he thought "World Peace" was dumb and instantly regretted it, only to change his name to "The Panda's Friend" a few years later🤦‍♂️😹😹

  14. love you Lord

    love you Lord9 days ago

    God is great

  15. Milan Milasinovic

    Milan Milasinovic10 days ago

    Why soccer

  16. Talibanbenny Devantesosa

    Talibanbenny Devantesosa11 days ago

    Lmao Kyrie Jesus🤣

  17. ur local pineapple

    ur local pineapple14 days ago


  18. Jayden Jackson

    Jayden Jackson15 days ago

    I subscribe to the Channrl!

  19. Slitker

    Slitker17 days ago

    wait so nene is literally dababy

  20. Sam Moreland

    Sam Moreland17 days ago

    Rebound keep this man

  21. Riyaza Akram

    Riyaza Akram18 days ago

    Wait! Ron artest is metta world peace???!

  22. marissa Llagas

    marissa Llagas18 days ago

    You forgot mamoud abdul raouf aka mark jackson

  23. Shonton Burton

    Shonton Burton19 days ago

    The pandas Friend 😬😑🤨smh🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  24. king dccz

    king dccz19 days ago

    1:15 I DIED

  25. Chief Beef

    Chief Beef20 days ago

    Are you lyrical central

  26. Sasori

    Sasori20 days ago

    happy birthday kareem

  27. Nor-hidaya Mangontawar

    Nor-hidaya Mangontawar20 days ago

    Now I am waiting whether Kyrie will change his name to a muslim name or not

  28. Pithoi

    Pithoi23 days ago

    that guy that called curry wardell must've been feeling like nardwuar saying that.

  29. Awilda Kaci

    Awilda Kaci24 days ago

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  30. Daily Dose Of Random Videos

    Daily Dose Of Random Videos25 days ago

    Watch me whip, now watch me Nene Hilario

  31. Brecken Schmidgall

    Brecken Schmidgall25 days ago


  32. Nicole Nicole

    Nicole Nicole25 days ago

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  33. Jonathan Hayward

    Jonathan Hayward25 days ago

    6:01 i was born on april 18th

  34. ashyxcontent

    ashyxcontent26 days ago

    1:16 LOL

  35. Margaret Person

    Margaret Person27 days ago

    I know

  36. Seven Yanzon

    Seven Yanzon27 days ago


  37. Dark Night

    Dark Night27 days ago

    And I’m not talking about Wardell

  38. Dark Night

    Dark Night27 days ago

    All 2 Have one thing in common they have s in their name

  39. Dark Night

    Dark Night27 days ago

    What about Seth Curry

  40. Clean Logic TV

    Clean Logic TV28 days ago

    How can it be “wrong” to use a translation lol. That’s like saying it’s wrong to call chicken “pollo”

  41. FuZe Gaming

    FuZe Gaming28 days ago

    Yo rebound how many rebounds have u got

  42. Ninjetz 99

    Ninjetz 9928 days ago

    "Lets be honest no one wants to go by the name Wardell" Me: Uhm Disrespect to TSM Wardell bruh

  43. Ang Elo

    Ang Elo29 days ago

    Wait was it true that Kyrie was called Jesus

  44. Rosemary Wanjiru

    Rosemary Wanjiru29 days ago

    Yo kyrie mj

  45. David Agbesi

    David AgbesiMonth ago

    Kyrie eleison is actually pronounced Kee-ree-eh Ele-ee-son and is Latin.

  46. Isaac Iwunze

    Isaac IwunzeMonth ago


  47. RH - 04WK 901589 Madoc Drive PS

    RH - 04WK 901589 Madoc Drive PSMonth ago

    gosh god dam he tried to kill harden on the court dam

  48. Joseph Igiri

    Joseph IgiriMonth ago


  49. Owen Dyke

    Owen DykeMonth ago

    I love that meme

  50. Electricboi_Yt

    Electricboi_YtMonth ago

    It’s n-eh n-eh

  51. Cool Revenge

    Cool RevengeMonth ago

    Wardell get your ass over here 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🥲🤣😂😂😂

  52. Owen Koniecki

    Owen KonieckiMonth ago

    wardell is so good

  53. Jessie Zahn

    Jessie ZahnMonth ago

    When he said wardell get your @$$ over near made me laugh so hard

  54. Jessie Zahn

    Jessie ZahnMonth ago

    Hear not near

  55. Killer Bee

    Killer BeeMonth ago

    Karem is the GOAT 🐐

  56. Mini Hunk

    Mini HunkMonth ago


  57. Ortiz FNM

    Ortiz FNMMonth ago

    Plot twist: nene means big boy

  58. Timothy Arnold

    Timothy ArnoldMonth ago

    "wardell get yo a** over here ahh"

  59. Lucas Showalter

    Lucas ShowalterMonth ago

    you are preety funny.

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    배정호Month ago

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  61. Dane Swanson

    Dane SwansonMonth ago

    is he actually subscribed??

  62. luke.

    luke.Month ago

    Now who else saw Kareems real name like years ago and said “HiS nAmEs AlCiNdOr?!?!”

  63. Dylan Richards

    Dylan RichardsMonth ago

    He ask the other man how is he good at dunks how should he know the person asked that because he just wanted to called him by his name

  64. Jenny Brakes

    Jenny BrakesMonth ago

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  65. Harper Simmons

    Harper SimmonsMonth ago

    1:06 maan you gettin the look you just made steph mad lmfao

  66. Supreme Swifty

    Supreme SwiftyMonth ago

    wardell get your ass back here lmaooo

  67. Regain

    RegainMonth ago

    Wardell bru ur gonna get 720 front flip backflip dash updraft smoke no smoke headshot saucy meme on you

  68. Maggie Tebo

    Maggie TeboMonth ago


  69. DOTZ

    DOTZMonth ago

    It iz what it izzzz

  70. 00aBs00

    00aBs00Month ago

    this is the thing with black americans, they think by converting to islam they are fighting "white supremacy" its truly pathetic and meaningless move... and in fact they have just suppressed themselves...

  71. Roxanio YT

    Roxanio YTMonth ago

    Its bebe in portuguese

  72. H.Frosty

    H.FrostyMonth ago

    1:15 🤣🤣

  73. Zakariyyah Muhammad

    Zakariyyah MuhammadMonth ago

    It’s isssslam not izzzlam why everyone say it like that lol

  74. Tarik Eroglu - TAE Student

    Tarik Eroglu - TAE StudentMonth ago

    Hakeem went from being called by Akeem and getting into fights in the nba to changing his name to Hakeem and also changing his own religion and putting different stats in the nba, so inspirational.

  75. 김다희

    김다희Month ago

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  76. Omarion IsTheKing

    Omarion IsTheKingMonth ago

    Wardell ain’t bad name

  77. Red Lightning plays

    Red Lightning playsMonth ago

    Such a nice guy wanted to change his name into a Islamic name :) I'm an Islamic

  78. DONUTballs13

    DONUTballs13Month ago

    What was your favorite video from rebound

  79. Eze

    EzeMonth ago

    Crunch wrap supreme hmmmmm

  80. Auny Poddles

    Auny PoddlesMonth ago

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    skj gMonth ago

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  83. Marquise Johnson

    Marquise JohnsonMonth ago

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  84. Dog SK7RO

    Dog SK7ROMonth ago

    Curry curry

  85. arnel john

    arnel johnMonth ago

    4:27 hey im subscribed too

  86. Ryan Verwayne

    Ryan VerwayneMonth ago


  87. Meredith Jones

    Meredith JonesMonth ago

    You're keeping us sane during the quarantine

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  90. Ishan OMG

    Ishan OMGMonth ago

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  91. Safari Sofer

    Safari SoferMonth ago

    Wardell sounds like a fun name for true

  92. sandxel

    sandxelMonth ago

    Kareem sounds like Dr Phil

  93. LLT Joe33rutgers

    LLT Joe33rutgersMonth ago


  94. ShickLic

    ShickLicMonth ago

    1:11 *This is reality*

  95. Itz Camm

    Itz CammMonth ago

    *smacks Um wardell why is kell- Steph 🧐🤨🤨🤨

  96. UnNoticed Drone

    UnNoticed DroneMonth ago

    1:14 that caught me off guard man... i spilled my damn soda ;(

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    Nagy BraydenMonth ago

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    Lydia mo' AfroMonth ago

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