Why NBA Players Got Their Tattoos..

Face tats, illuminati symbols and everything in between, NBA Players have, Some interesting tattoos..
But, What's the story behind them?
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  1. Adam pro

    Adam pro15 hours ago

    My friend brother have a tattoo and he is only 16 years old

  2. Sin Shiesty

    Sin Shiesty20 hours ago

    Kobe image will never be tarnished black mamba lives forever

  3. kingt 2627

    kingt 262721 hour ago

    Kobe Bryant died yea

  4. King Von

    King VonDay ago

    Rip kobe

  5. I’m just Normal

    I’m just NormalDay ago

    Rip Kobe

  6. Thelifeof AATobi

    Thelifeof AATobiDay ago


  7. BigD 2305

    BigD 23052 days ago


  8. P.O. Games

    P.O. Games2 days ago

    Kobe's name is tattooed on the face of NBA history

  9. Douglas Lenker

    Douglas Lenker3 days ago

    RIP cobiy

  10. Jacklino Kedribar

    Jacklino Kedribar3 days ago


  11. Monte T

    Monte T3 days ago


  12. Mario LopezSophilkanich

    Mario LopezSophilkanich3 days ago

    kobes in the hall of fame i bet god himself watched kobes games

  13. Giacinto Pascazio

    Giacinto Pascazio3 days ago

    I knew that he died in the helicopter crash but I never knew that he and he youngest daughter I creid

  14. edsel santos

    edsel santos3 days ago


  15. Louis Playz

    Louis Playz4 days ago

    Rip walls mom

  16. Louis Playz

    Louis Playz4 days ago

    Rip walls dad

  17. Louis Playz

    Louis Playz4 days ago

    Rip kobe and his daughter

  18. EddyFNBR

    EddyFNBR4 days ago

    rip kobe

  19. eMOUGHLI

    eMOUGHLI4 days ago

    This video got me crying! So emotional.

  20. eMOUGHLI

    eMOUGHLI4 days ago

    Rest in Peace Kobe

  21. Taimoor Sultan

    Taimoor Sultan4 days ago

    13:45.... I thought it was CJ from gta San Andreas.

  22. Ryan Lennon

    Ryan Lennon5 days ago

    After the Kobe part I was crying for the hole day

  23. Monka Sal

    Monka Sal5 days ago

    Bro i cried 3 times this video

  24. Myles Cina

    Myles Cina5 days ago

    I was crying so hard when he said kobe

  25. Yotsuba Nakano

    Yotsuba Nakano5 days ago

    Now demarcus cousins and john wall are teammates again

  26. Rich

    Rich5 days ago

    Kyrie just weird

  27. Croosh

    Croosh6 days ago

    I miss Him

  28. Gianni Henning

    Gianni Henning6 days ago

    Rip from a helicopter helicopter crash kobe

  29. Alexan'D Canete

    Alexan'D Canete6 days ago

    Aa cross on forehead. Its not god it's just a cross. Better put uncle drew face.

  30. Robert Latson

    Robert Latson7 days ago

    RIP Kobe 😭😭😢😢😢😢

  31. Clinton Scharfe

    Clinton Scharfe7 days ago

    When the koby part ended I was like 😢😢😭😥 I’m not crying the dog is wAaAAAaaaAAAaaa


    DA_HOME_GAME Z7 days ago

    i cant believe its been a year and a half man every time i hear the goats name i cry

  33. Laura Hillman

    Laura Hillman7 days ago


  34. Peyton Vinson

    Peyton Vinson8 days ago

    And kobe

  35. Peyton Vinson

    Peyton Vinson8 days ago

    I was crying for wall

  36. Admir Seper

    Admir Seper9 days ago

    If i got a tat my parents would beat my ass then kick me out the house

  37. Yllzana Hamza

    Yllzana Hamza9 days ago

    Rip Kobe

  38. Yllzana Hamza

    Yllzana Hamza9 days ago

    Rip Kobe

  39. Diamond Rock

    Diamond Rock10 days ago

    I wanna cry.

  40. LeᗯeL

    LeᗯeL10 days ago

    John walls reminds me of my mom she died when she was 35 and I’m 10😓

  41. Kellen Hatzenbeler

    Kellen Hatzenbeler10 days ago

    not them kobe memories

  42. NLE 64 Choppa

    NLE 64 Choppa11 days ago

    Kobe is basically Aj styles they both put they child related tattoos

  43. Sahir Keshwani

    Sahir Keshwani11 days ago

    I lot of people will disagree with me, but I think John Wall's story was more heartbreaking than Kobe's.

  44. Sahir Keshwani

    Sahir Keshwani11 days ago

    It was really sad

  45. Leonid Krstevski

    Leonid Krstevski11 days ago


  46. Pidi’s Vlogs

    Pidi’s Vlogs11 days ago

    Kyrie was not lying about the tattoo that was the hand of Fatima

  47. Denise Porter

    Denise Porter11 days ago

    Do kyle kuzma

  48. Rich Bias

    Rich Bias11 days ago

    Kobe sucks

  49. Rich Bias

    Rich Bias11 days ago


  50. Divinity

    Divinity11 days ago

    Kobe make me emotional, and John Walls' story kicks in makes me even more

  51. Brady Jackson

    Brady Jackson11 days ago

    The Knicks are good

  52. G Mythixツ

    G Mythixツ11 days ago

    13:55 really bro number 131 really

  53. Jude Hicks

    Jude Hicks11 days ago

    rip kobe

  54. E Azizy

    E Azizy12 days ago

    when Kobe and and Wall came up I was crying r.i.p. Kobe. Wall`s parents too

  55. Lil pennys

    Lil pennys12 days ago

    Rip Kobe

  56. Aramist McCottry

    Aramist McCottry12 days ago

    R.I.P Kobe and Wall's mom

  57. Mason Bextermueller

    Mason Bextermueller12 days ago

    Poor Kobe

  58. skull Jones

    skull Jones12 days ago

    rip Kobe Bryant

  59. Connor James

    Connor James12 days ago

    Dude the last name "Ball" is meant for basketball

  60. Connor James

    Connor James12 days ago

    so were all the ball brothers in the NBA?

  61. Small Garage

    Small Garage12 days ago

    Kobe... sorry but I do love Kobe and god bless his soul

  62. B R Y S O N B E N T L E Y

    B R Y S O N B E N T L E Y13 days ago

    All this is sad and I love it all but movie R.I.P KOBE 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  63. NotScummy

    NotScummy13 days ago


  64. kingt 2627

    kingt 262713 days ago

    Rest in peace RIP to Kobe Bryant 1977 to 2020

  65. adam thibeh

    adam thibeh13 days ago

    I feel so sad about Kobe’s death and feel even worse about his daughter because she didn’t even get to experience life

  66. Tore Stattin Thorell

    Tore Stattin Thorell12 days ago

    Gigi was gonna be the greatest WNBA player ever and would make the WNBA popular

  67. toxic_gamebuster

    toxic_gamebuster14 days ago

    If you want to get the same offer as james wall subscribe and like what u waiting for

  68. Troy Coke

    Troy Coke14 days ago

    the black mamba will never end

  69. Big Glitch 704

    Big Glitch 70414 days ago

    That fear God tattoo is horrible... I mean it just looks bad like real bad

  70. Casey Cast

    Casey Cast15 days ago

    Why did he get a tat that says fear god when no one should

  71. Tony Hamilton 2

    Tony Hamilton 215 days ago

    Bro I was like this man beter win the chanpion ship or dis man will become the biggest meme

  72. Tina

    Tina15 days ago

    Do it I’m not subscribed or liked and if you try it won’t work because I’m not in basketbsll

  73. cameron linton

    cameron linton15 days ago

    No not Kobe 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  74. kurare davis

    kurare davis15 days ago

    I hate how you try to make stories sadder than they have to be talk normally

  75. Forinte Is ded

    Forinte Is ded15 days ago


  76. Daniel Orea

    Daniel Orea15 days ago

    Rebound toy know how to make people sad

  77. Jayden Thomas

    Jayden Thomas16 days ago

    Rip walls mom🥺😢

  78. lion Kingdom 69

    lion Kingdom 6916 days ago

    Watch lion kingdom

  79. MR ECT

    MR ECT16 days ago

    When kobe turns off that big fan

  80. Eugene Hofmann

    Eugene Hofmann16 days ago

    Kyrie doing witchcraft. That's what the tat on his hand means

  81. Jeremiah Clark

    Jeremiah Clark16 days ago

    Kyrie is my fav player

  82. Jumana Mohamed Eltantawi

    Jumana Mohamed Eltantawi16 days ago

    look john wall is a lil man that sufferd and i didnt know he even existed when i heard his story i cryed and still am crying cuz he had a rough life and after all that he still became onw of the best players that is what we call a legend

  83. Nicola Ilari

    Nicola Ilari17 days ago

    This video got tears out of me

  84. Vicki

    Vicki17 days ago

    i miss kobe ;(

  85. Demi Owoeye

    Demi Owoeye17 days ago

    John Wall...

  86. Zeetron 2548

    Zeetron 254817 days ago

    Rip kobe

  87. Everard Blackwood

    Everard Blackwood18 days ago


  88. Melposter Hazel

    Melposter Hazel18 days ago

    i feel for bobe briant

  89. KekTv YT

    KekTv YT18 days ago

    Even that I don’t like Kobe it was sad to hear it

  90. bacon boy jr

    bacon boy jr18 days ago

    RIP kobe 😥😥

  91. Timothy Lewis

    Timothy Lewis19 days ago

    rip kobe

  92. ethan nash peña

    ethan nash peña19 days ago

    kyrie's smile gets my mood

  93. Grayson Campbell-Walker

    Grayson Campbell-Walker19 days ago

    Wait did Kobe die in the helicopter

  94. R a c h e l l e O l i v e r

    R a c h e l l e O l i v e r19 days ago

    i miss kobey

  95. paladin gaming

    paladin gaming19 days ago


  96. Baby 24s

    Baby 24s19 days ago

    Dennis Rodman ???

  97. ProGamer Crystal

    ProGamer Crystal20 days ago


  98. ProGamer Crystal

    ProGamer Crystal20 days ago


  99. ProGamer Crystal

    ProGamer Crystal20 days ago



    CARSTON JACOBSON20 days ago

    If you hate on John wall man Jesus that is tuff god I hope he gets better

  101. LNG CreepyzTV

    LNG CreepyzTV20 days ago

    I love lavar ball (hope I spelt it right) he seems like a good dad if a strict one

  102. Lucky Gamer

    Lucky Gamer20 days ago

    Why dude kobe died shhhhhhh okay

  103. Gavin Stout

    Gavin Stout20 days ago

    I did not think Kobe would be on here