Times NBA Players HUMILIATED Reporters..

These are the times NBA players humiliated reporters..
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  1. nanzor

    nanzor2 hours ago

    Bro, LeBron hella funny 😂😂💀

  2. Michael Price

    Michael Price8 hours ago

    why did the old man just sit by the car like that

  3. KingK 21

    KingK 218 hours ago

    “Do better Mark”😭😭😭

  4. averycason2006

    averycason200610 hours ago

    6:39 he is spitting some bars

  5. ASMR thecnacal

    ASMR thecnacal11 hours ago

    he did say thank you jamie not thank you kyrie


    DSZIRES DSZIRES15 hours ago

    10:21 Lol westbrook

  7. Evan

    Evan19 hours ago

    6:10 💀💀💀🤣🤣🤣

  8. Dimitrius DeMendonca

    Dimitrius DeMendonca21 hour ago

    Lebron is smart

  9. Peyton Hill

    Peyton HillDay ago

    I need a meme of you on USlikes

  10. HipYoung Mula

    HipYoung MulaDay ago


  11. GhostMcFright

    GhostMcFrightDay ago

    7:24 Yeap. This was a really dumb question as he's trying to coincide in a superstitious fashion by stating the floods happened when he (Draymond) loses a game. Like, wtf, is he a reporter or a gypsy?

  12. Dilfuza Shababaeva

    Dilfuza ShababaevaDay ago

    The thing about people in past were 100 m tall is real

  13. BathinGDucK

    BathinGDucKDay ago

    I like Russell so much more after this video

  14. Deja Davis

    Deja Davis2 days ago

    1:53 I died

  15. Courtney Drosdick

    Courtney Drosdick2 days ago

    **** zaza

  16. Cyzxl

    Cyzxl2 days ago

    Rebound: This interview got 2 million views... Me watching: Your video just got 2 million views xD

  17. anselm wasinger

    anselm wasinger2 days ago

    lol Lebron is the goat 1.54

  18. abdullahi mohamed

    abdullahi mohamed2 days ago

    ok hear me out humans were giants back in the days and the dinosuar was a lizard lol

  19. DezzFN

    DezzFN2 days ago

    Imagine the reporter clicks on this video and commented "I WAS SUBSCRIBED WHATCHU TALKING BOUT"

  20. Cole Datz

    Cole Datz2 days ago

    You gotta stop asking for likes you make dope videos then a lil 2 year old voice starts screeching

  21. Phượng Phạm

    Phượng Phạm2 days ago

    I think that meme westbrook the reporter want to say that is a team lose by themself or jazz play very good to win this game

  22. Hannah Janine Portis

    Hannah Janine Portis2 days ago

    Did anyone else watch the whole video waiting for Westbrook to say "Did you just fart?"

  23. AG

    AG3 days ago

    The nba player who said that humans used to be a 100 feet tall is right,science actually proved that

  24. dr lazy ass

    dr lazy ass3 days ago

    The way Lebron just said "aight imma head out 😐🕶️🤏 💼🕴️"

  25. Shane Shelby

    Shane Shelby3 days ago

    Labron is a baby and everybody hates labron also.and he is a bad racist he hates white people

  26. Omar Bataineh

    Omar Bataineh3 days ago

    The westbrook question made sense

  27. Luca Thompson

    Luca Thompson3 days ago

    Bron such a savage bro

  28. Alican Sözen

    Alican Sözen3 days ago

    did he say “aks” 1.23

  29. Milani Macc

    Milani Macc4 days ago

    It doesn’t sound like he said Kyrie at all - But that’s the media

  30. Sean hicks

    Sean hicks4 days ago

    The Chris Paul one is super duper funny!

  31. Crix G

    Crix G5 days ago

    So that is how the meme was created😂😂😂

  32. Dawn M

    Dawn M5 days ago

    It's not a 👜 purse

  33. Marcus

    Marcus5 days ago

    Ridiculous to you people right? The world hate on Mark Schwartz because he asked a stupid question. How about ridiculous when he comes home and tells the entire family ESPN had to let him go because of all the backlash and fans like y'all calling ESPN to make sure he no longer does any interview. All my life interviewing people was his job, and y'all took it from him. My mom had to came out of retirement and ended up juggling two jobs. Yea. My name is Marcus Schwartz, and Mark is my Dad, my hero, and he will always be.

  34. Ebune Namata

    Ebune Namata5 days ago

    Yeah giants lived on earth

  35. Boba hamsters Plays

    Boba hamsters Plays6 days ago

    I know it was intensional but that’s my team so Westbrook back of bruh

  36. L Lawliet

    L Lawliet6 days ago

    The dislikes on this video are reporters

  37. L Lawliet

    L Lawliet6 days ago

    His forced “hood” accent is painful to listen to but the content is good so I have to keep watching 😭

  38. joshua sox

    joshua sox6 days ago

    i mean asking if the team won or lost is not controversial or stupid. a better team wins, but not giving your best effort can cause a loss from a team that should win. exactly what the reporter was implying. did they beat you because theyre better than you or did you lose because you didnt show up. plain and simple.

  39. XXXRaizen_KidXXX

    XXXRaizen_KidXXX6 days ago

    I know some of yall here for the “wHaT”

  40. Hillary Sanderson

    Hillary Sanderson6 days ago

    I recognize that reporters Voice who is asking Draymond Green about the flood.. I recognized his voice when he told me that my car warranty was expired


    STRMTROOPR7 days ago

    Baiting LeBron so hard lmfao

  42. Hamzah Kayani

    Hamzah Kayani8 days ago

    You make me feel so intimated when u always say somat bout the like button

  43. Donmiguel Bain

    Donmiguel Bain8 days ago

    2:54 so no one talking bout the fight thats going on

  44. Glenn Cooper

    Glenn Cooper8 days ago


  45. kkim1177

    kkim11778 days ago

    espn...enough said..call ed...

  46. creaker walk

    creaker walk8 days ago

    In 6:07 this dude kept saying flood

  47. Jahim Uddin

    Jahim Uddin9 days ago

    So Mark Schwatever his name is is the Ariel Helwani of Basketball.

  48. Nick

    Nick9 days ago

    The guy asked Lebrun the same question in anyway possible😂

  49. Al-Orimi

    Al-Orimi9 days ago

    12:34 yep that is fact maybe even taller.

  50. jmrk kid

    jmrk kid9 days ago

    All yr people use it

  51. Real Time Sports

    Real Time Sports9 days ago

    A girl sees a bear You’d think she runs away right... No! She rans towards it and died!

  52. Joel Horner

    Joel Horner10 days ago

    Chris Paul one of the nicest guys?! Ummmmm ok.

  53. Gamer X

    Gamer X10 days ago

    Da clip w westbrook at bout 9:52 nigga was callin him KYRIE

  54. Kenny Powers

    Kenny Powers10 days ago

    Chris Paul a nice guy in the NBA ......hahahaha. u don't watch BB

  55. xoHvncho

    xoHvncho10 days ago

    So we just gonna ignore 2:54 ?😂😂

  56. habib rahman

    habib rahman10 days ago

    that basketball player was right they were people 100 feet tall

  57. Marvin Pitman

    Marvin Pitman10 days ago

    Low IQ lebron wouldn't make me look stupid like that. I would have been like"answer the question you dumb basketball player"!

  58. RundellMinecraft

    RundellMinecraft10 days ago

    When REBOUND get a chance to interview a nba player i would say "discusting"

  59. Xzander Graves

    Xzander Graves10 days ago

    Jesus loves you and He died for your sins and because of His love grace and mercy He is willing to forgive you. Also it's either paying for your own sin (hell) or accepting Jesus' payment for you Which do you choose

  60. Base card Collector

    Base card Collector10 days ago

    Is that a purse?

  61. BigDBig OOO

    BigDBig OOO11 days ago

    Look how lady like Labron is when he grabs his purse puts his head up high and walks out like a sister. Wow

  62. Farzaam Shahid

    Farzaam Shahid11 days ago

    Those reporters were asking dumb questions but they didn't deserve to be fired or to be humiliated that seems kinda cruel but that's my opinion so yea

  63. Kaleb Palacios

    Kaleb Palacios11 days ago

    It’s crazy how Javele Mgee took a championship from Lebron then won one with him

  64. Buhay Show Life

    Buhay Show Life11 days ago

    I subscribe browww ,,,,nice vid

  65. Frankko V

    Frankko V11 days ago

    He so black i didnt notice he had shorts lol

  66. AutumnDG1

    AutumnDG111 days ago

    Chris was in Thunder, Lebron was in Thunder, and Russel was in Thunder. I’m a huge fan but we lost our best a long time ago.oh yeah, and that tall 7 foot dude with black hair from a different country also was on there.

  67. Kyle Gravel

    Kyle Gravel11 days ago

    The problem is he kept asking bron the same question that he didn’t wanna have to answer to because I think he just dropped 50 to have a chance at game 1 when jr did that

  68. Kings legacy

    Kings legacy12 days ago

    So that is how the meme was created I didn't even know what it was

  69. Olivia Tunnell

    Olivia Tunnell12 days ago

    8:07 good meme but like what kinda question is that 😂

  70. Kaif Khan

    Kaif Khan12 days ago

    12:36 people did used to be 100 feet Adam and Eve were

  71. Danny D

    Danny D12 days ago

    8:07 he's asking if Russel wants to be positive or negative about the loss. Positive: Jazz won, Negative: Russel lost

  72. Invictus Benitictus

    Invictus Benitictus12 days ago

    Dumb reporters trying to make issues on players,they deserve that,they deserve to be humiliated

  73. Connor James

    Connor James12 days ago

    wait but it sounded like he did say Kyrie


    ANAHI RODRIGUEZ12 days ago

    2:53 okay am I the only one who noticed and replayed what was happening in the right? Cuz damn what it happening? It looked like everyone was fighting 😂😂😂

  75. HyperDeet

    HyperDeet2 days ago

    Yeah I noticed that too I was looking for someone’s comment lmao

  76. DHunTBeaTs

    DHunTBeaTs12 days ago

    The man next to the dude asking questions knew what was going on lol

  77. John Smith

    John Smith13 days ago

    This is boring

  78. Keaton Keilen

    Keaton Keilen13 days ago

    10:17 This old white guy trying to use words like finna is cracking me up. 😂

  79. Keaton Keilen

    Keaton Keilen13 days ago

    8:06 This is actually a valid question and I understand what he is saying. He's asking if the Jazz worked hard enough to deserve the win or if Oklahoma just choked. It's not really a stupid question you just got to think about what he's saying.

  80. Cole Elledge

    Cole Elledge13 days ago

    Hate Lebrun James

  81. R Music

    R Music13 days ago

    Westbrook has a bad attitude though

  82. Gregory Wilson

    Gregory Wilson13 days ago

    Feel bad for that Russell Westbrook question, because I’m sure some people know what the reporter was trying to ask.

  83. Shaman King

    Shaman King13 days ago

    That’s the difference between MJ and Lebum. MJ always has class when dealing with the press unlike Leflop the Walkout Queen🤣🤣🤣 Lequeen

  84. Sadarsa

    Sadarsa14 days ago

    10:46 He fell on him seemingly purposely? We watching the same clip? Cuz looks to me like that one guy got his foot wedged behind his knee and pulled him down.

  85. ur local pineapple

    ur local pineapple14 days ago

    these reporters need to go back to nursery school istg 🤦‍♂️

  86. Logan Collins

    Logan Collins14 days ago

    8:08 the reporter really said did you guys lose or did the jazz win


    THAT RANDOM CHANNEL15 days ago

    Lachina is a sour billionaire that hates America. Ship him to China.

  88. Boston Nate

    Boston Nate15 days ago

    They ask stupid questions to get stupid answers, they ask same question just worded differently to get you to say what’s on your mind. It’s all a game



    Draymond did him dirty

  90. Dj Yates

    Dj Yates15 days ago

    Voice crack 7:16

  91. Forinte Is ded

    Forinte Is ded15 days ago



    DELTA TPG15 days ago

    Well, did he?

  93. Pilbo Mags

    Pilbo Mags15 days ago

    LeBron humiliated himself by saying axe for ask?

  94. spooney games

    spooney games16 days ago

    When the reporter asked Westbrook the question like did the jass play good or did the thunder play bad

  95. Vedin Muratovic

    Vedin Muratovic16 days ago

    Whole ass fight😂😂 2:53

  96. Jayce Farmer

    Jayce Farmer16 days ago

    The thing after Westbrook showed a blurry part while somebody bend over

  97. Mark Gutierrez

    Mark Gutierrez17 days ago

    Lol 😆

  98. Mark Gutierrez

    Mark Gutierrez17 days ago

    I swear he reminds me of my stepdad

  99. Mark Gutierrez

    Mark Gutierrez17 days ago

    No s*** anybody's going to get mad

  100. Mark Gutierrez

    Mark Gutierrez17 days ago

    The reporter when he was talking to LeBron James interviewing him after the game you keep asking the same questions in different ways

  101. Diego 3030

    Diego 303017 days ago

    2:54 who saw them fighting LOL😂