The DUMBEST Things NBA Players Ever Said..

One NBA player said humans used to be 100 feet tall, while another believes the earth is flat.. These are the dumbest things NBA players ever said..
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  1. Bammy Adebutler

    Bammy Adebutler48 minutes ago

    Idk about the Christmas thing. Some people don’t be religious like dat. I don’t think of Christmas as a holiday either, I think of it as spending time with loved ones and a few days off.

  2. noah

    noah4 hours ago

    Earth is flat noob

  3. Squashy The pumpkin

    Squashy The pumpkin20 hours ago


  4. DK Aang

    DK AangDay ago

    It does said in the bible the did had giants. Remember now

  5. Bell

    BellDay ago

    I stop watching basketball few years back . But this channel is so funny 🤣 Great videos 👍

  6. light gaming

    light gamingDay ago

    Thanks Jesus for getting rid of his teeth

  7. Shmaden

    Shmaden2 days ago

    ‘’Wut?’’-Russel Westbrook

  8. Icemoney Fortune

    Icemoney Fortune2 days ago

    The Earth is flat dummy there's no proof that the Earth is round

  9. Greenbaypackers 502

    Greenbaypackers 5022 days ago

    Nobody went to the moon it’s weird how people say they were on the moon but never went on the ocean never wet at the bottom of the ocean it is on earth so people who say they went to the moon is dumb that was just an actor in a movie or like a little clip for movie nobody went to the moon anything you want to move how do you how do they know the earth is round or flat they sound stupid

  10. kings of epicness

    kings of epicness3 days ago

    3:40........what the f***????????

  11. Leon Discuss

    Leon Discuss4 days ago

    anyone religious laughing at this... your exactly the same...


    LG ENTERTAINMENT5 days ago

    Genesis 1:Genesis 1 1In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. 2And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. For you idiots who think the earth is FLAT. Always believing what man says and not GOD. THE EARTH HAS NO FORM, THEREFORE IT CANNOT BE ROUND


    LG ENTERTAINMENT5 days ago

    just because some people dont believe the lies that we have been told all our life, doesnt make them stupid

  14. Da Boiiz

    Da Boiiz5 days ago

    Imagine in like 50 years someone finds a giant human skeleton Jordan Clarkson is gonna be like: I told you b****



    1:11 Jordan Clarkson just said the belief of people from the 800's Note: He is a filipino

  16. Bigg Gioo

    Bigg Gioo5 days ago

    Kyrie is Illuminati so how we finna tell

  17. Abody

    Abody6 days ago

    people : the earth is flat people: earth is round me: who tf carest AND WHY DOES IT EVEN MATTEr

  18. And every last inch of me's covered with hair

    And every last inch of me's covered with hair6 days ago

    Yh. But mermaids are real

  19. Beats Buds

    Beats Buds7 days ago

    The truth is way more crazy then you think , karma is not a punishment its merely what you putting out...

  20. Beats Buds

    Beats Buds7 days ago

    Heal your chakras goodluck everyone love an light from liverpool England

  21. lanang yudistira

    lanang yudistira7 days ago

    what jordan clarckson said is true

  22. shawn vang

    shawn vang7 days ago

    Beastly only used 10% of his brain. That's why he sucks.

  23. Why 51

    Why 518 days ago

    How about every lebron tweet ever

  24. Skylar Kosmata

    Skylar Kosmata8 days ago

    These people are geniuses

  25. Daily Dose

    Daily Dose8 days ago

    I’ve heard rumors about people Bieng a lot taller back then because the multiverses air pulse wasn’t as polluted as it is today so everything was taller back then

  26. Aneesh Dwivedi

    Aneesh Dwivedi9 days ago

    Clark’s on is stupid

  27. Rhylee Brennan

    Rhylee Brennan9 days ago

    the way you talk make me mad

  28. Grant McFarland

    Grant McFarland10 days ago

    Kyrie irving please stop playing

  29. Xzander Graves

    Xzander Graves10 days ago

    Jesus loves you and He died for your sins and because of His love grace and mercy He is willing to forgive you. Also it's either paying for your own sin (hell) or accepting Jesus' payment for you Which do you choose

  30. Brandon Jones

    Brandon Jones10 days ago

    I agree with Kyrie, I hate XMas nd I think it's super over rated as it has lost its true meaning since before I was a kid

  31. NoobPlayZ Productions

    NoobPlayZ Productions10 days ago

    Damn when Beasely started on the 10% brain power thing I thought he would speak facts (we use way more than 10%) but no 🤣🤣

  32. Ace Amin

    Ace Amin11 days ago

    Ron Artest was literally saying he would knock their teeth out if they didn't call him what he wanted to be called.....

  33. visionsofpromise

    visionsofpromise11 days ago

    "People had dinosaurs had pets because people had to be bigger than 100 feet if dinosaurs were big" this man has obviously never heard of a pet giraffe

  34. Tygo3101

    Tygo310111 days ago

    They’re just tired of those interviewers😂

  35. Sub Zero

    Sub Zero12 days ago

    This is stupid ASF

  36. Kaif Khan

    Kaif Khan12 days ago

    If ur Muslim like me u would know that people were 100 feet tall like Adam and eve

  37. Aya

    Aya7 days ago

    Yes right, I was gonna say back then people were giants, they even found their fossils

  38. Big Mussa

    Big Mussa12 days ago

    The earth is...

  39. Haruto Kisami

    Haruto Kisami13 days ago

    “I want the load” my heart fell

  40. Cam Bamer

    Cam Bamer16 days ago

    Kyrie kinda got a point about Christmas tho, if you’re not Christian or catholic than Christmas doesn’t really apply to you as it was Jesus Christ’s Mass quite literally the name of the “holiday” you don’t see non Muslims celebrating ramadon or passover😂😂

  41. Jakeem Tv

    Jakeem Tv17 days ago

    Actually in like 10000 we will be tall like titan on attack on titan but we will in like ten thousand years

  42. cosmos

    cosmos17 days ago

    We all came for kyrie being a flatearther

  43. Nykc

    Nykc17 days ago

    He pooped his pants because he has chronic deasise

  44. Jenna Germain

    Jenna Germain18 days ago

    Every thing Michael Beasley says is messed up

  45. Colton Prichard

    Colton Prichard18 days ago

    Hey kyrie your a foot

  46. Ian Garza

    Ian Garza18 days ago

    3:15 huh... huh

  47. MegaEpicCool

    MegaEpicCool18 days ago


  48. Paige Hrubetz

    Paige Hrubetz18 days ago

    do a face revel

  49. ayoFAYDOI

    ayoFAYDOI19 days ago

    Dude imagine smoking with Ron artest , zack greneckie, Soulja boy, rob van dam , Jackie Chan, the creator of the simpsons, and Kurt cobain.

  50. Fish Flicks

    Fish Flicks19 days ago

    I feel like meta was taking the piss cause for some reason he didn't like the question.

  51. Tanim alam

    Tanim alam19 days ago

    Well he got his load after getting fired by espn😂✌

  52. DB

    DB19 days ago

    What does names have to do with teeth?

  53. Blaze Allan

    Blaze Allan20 days ago

    stop the melo slander :(

  54. Sushanth Kp

    Sushanth Kp20 days ago

    4:51 k man I expected a better one...

  55. Stephen Raptor

    Stephen Raptor20 days ago

    Kyrie's brain is flat

  56. Matrix is nasty

    Matrix is nasty20 days ago

    who knows people could have been giants before

  57. Pumpifiye On 60fps

    Pumpifiye On 60fps21 day ago


  58. TooTyrnt

    TooTyrnt21 day ago

    but fr tho, who was the guy that used 11% of their brain 🤔

  59. Nut Supplier 69

    Nut Supplier 6921 day ago

    Michael Beasley is what comes in the mail when you order Dennis Rodman from eBay

  60. Aniruddha Debnath

    Aniruddha Debnath22 days ago

    Not any more Paul Pearce got fired

  61. Tyler Chase

    Tyler Chase22 days ago

    High man high man yeah that’s Beasley

  62. Kaidin Styles

    Kaidin Styles22 days ago

    Meta is interesting

  63. OMG it's Trent

    OMG it's Trent22 days ago

    bro this is cracking me up!!!

  64. Kliff

    Kliff22 days ago

    The dumbest thing.. in NBA history.. um, okay


    KHRISTIEN CHENG22 days ago

    I love how he said Pierce was a ESPN analyst

  66. Shane Bivens

    Shane Bivens23 days ago

    kyrie woke just google that hand tattoo

  67. vojko j

    vojko j23 days ago

    show me one video of moon landing

  68. Caiden Quenville

    Caiden Quenville23 days ago

    Paul pierce more like poopy pants

  69. Gavel Gang

    Gavel Gang23 days ago

    The Earth Is Flat😐

  70. Patriche Will

    Patriche Will23 days ago

    Hate to break it to your stupidity but Giants did my country we shave bones of giants...our ancestors told stories generatiin from generation of these big people

  71. trinity ramos

    trinity ramos23 days ago

    “I think there was like bigger people on the world before us and like the dinosaurs was they pets” 😂😂😂😂

  72. Lezbnlvr36

    Lezbnlvr3623 days ago

    Just because someone says something stupid, it doesn’t make them dumb.... if that were the case, after watching a lot of your videos, the dumbest rock in my sons rock garden has an higher IQ than you.

  73. wheatleywonders

    wheatleywonders23 days ago

    Pierce is fired

  74. Ian Collado

    Ian Collado24 days ago

    there is three people that does the voice of rebound 1. this guy 2. the guy who talks so fast and used to be the original guy 3. the guy who used to fill in that is not expressive at all and has a super deep voice

  75. Zaid Noures

    Zaid Noures24 days ago

    Beasley is just making himself look so damn stupid

  76. Jackie McMillan

    Jackie McMillan24 days ago

    I always think of the battle rap line when I hear Beasley.

  77. NME_Hurricane

    NME_Hurricane24 days ago

    Lol imagine buying presents for Christmas lol i get mine hand-delivered by santa

  78. TheyCallMeSkyGuy

    TheyCallMeSkyGuy24 days ago

    jordan clarkson low key had a good point with the dinosaurs living under the ocean

  79. AustxnSimps

    AustxnSimps24 days ago

    He really said “I want the whole load 😩😩😩” Lmfao 😩😩😩

  80. Nick LaFoe

    Nick LaFoe24 days ago

    The earth IS flat and Kyrie has earned my respect.

  81. diogo vidro

    diogo vidro25 days ago

    The second one is not completely wrong

  82. Jafar Brown-Bryan

    Jafar Brown-Bryan25 days ago

    I hope someone flame yo 💩 bad one day!!! the way Gaia has a whole series on the possibilities of giants! Using artifacts and other archeological findings.

  83. Dawa Dorjee

    Dawa Dorjee25 days ago

    I don't like Jimmy Kimmel he makes his guests feel uncomfortable and feel disrespect

  84. theofficialnumber22

    theofficialnumber2225 days ago

    wth did artest say???? why no one talkin about that. dude got asked a question and started talking about teeth

  85. Loneell hyland

    Loneell hyland25 days ago

    Lol Jordan Clarkson funny ass hell

  86. Camryn Logan

    Camryn Logan25 days ago

    When Cirery said ,"I don't think as Christmas as a holiday " is afencive to people who believe in God

  87. Bailey

    Bailey26 days ago

    guys dont skip college or you will be in this video

  88. Aljohn Untalasco

    Aljohn Untalasco26 days ago

    I'm doing my homework but, I think this seems more important.

  89. Skipper Mtb

    Skipper Mtb26 days ago

    Steph wasn't wrong about the moon landing

  90. John Doe

    John Doe26 days ago

    Steph is right about the moon landing though... Even ISS astronauts have said they are excited that we will be able to go to the moon soon because of new technology. The televised moon landing is not a real moon landing. Only the elite know the truth.

  91. tr c

    tr c27 days ago

    Clarkson was humbly speaking his mind, kinda weird making fun of him, and what he says is not that left field 🤷🏽‍♂️

  92. Dr. Fill

    Dr. Fill27 days ago

    I almost guarantee 100% Curry watched something on USlikes on why we didn't go to the moon 😒 and then when he got made fun of for his stupid comment, he tried passing it off as a joke. You can tell he said what he believed by the tone & seriousness in his voice.

  93. THEPatient Prodigy916

    THEPatient Prodigy91627 days ago

    Curry wasn’t joking 🙃


    LIVINGFORYAH27 days ago

    It’s crazy because if you read the bible, Giants did exist, Read Genesis

  95. BML Rjayee

    BML Rjayee27 days ago

    he should be on the history channel

  96. Adriel M

    Adriel M27 days ago

    There is proof that nasa was not the first on the moon

  97. ED4L

    ED4L27 days ago

    He’s not wrong. Giants were in the Bible.

  98. 16davelle

    16davelle28 days ago

    Mental illness is real and does not discriminate and not even the most talented ,gifted and idolized people are exempt from it.

  99. Isaac Fac

    Isaac Fac28 days ago


  100. Zander Zimple

    Zander Zimple28 days ago

    00:50 AYO?

  101. Btwits verge

    Btwits verge28 days ago

    Who is here after paul pierce got fired