WEIRDEST Bans In NBA History..

These Are The WEIRDEST Bans In NBA History..
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  1. ConnorPlayz

    ConnorPlayz4 hours ago

    Really LeBron

  2. EpikMurk

    EpikMurkDay ago


  3. Richie Idris

    Richie IdrisDay ago

    7:49 straw expert

  4. GamerBEAST301

    GamerBEAST301Day ago

    David Stern sure is stern

  5. counting

    counting2 days ago

    Tick Tock Time is running out!!

  6. Alex Gamer

    Alex Gamer2 days ago

    0:05 he isnt wearing shoes tho

  7. Supreme Intellectual Beast

    Supreme Intellectual Beast3 days ago

    Rip to my boy kanye for not having nba players get dripped in some yeezies

  8. Ratu Waqa

    Ratu Waqa3 days ago

    2:23 dammmm hahahaha


    DA DRIP KING BT3 days ago

    His last name is stern bc he is stern like have you noticed that he dosent care about anything

  10. eMOUGHLI

    eMOUGHLI4 days ago

    I want this shoe pair so hard!

  11. Jeremy Yu

    Jeremy Yu4 days ago

    Well If You Give Stephen Curry APL Shoes He Would Be Dunking Like Lebron And Shooting Like Uhhh............... Steph



    What are the black nikes called you know the nike's with the gold logo

  13. John Tells

    John Tells4 days ago

    me hearing a tornado warning: Then hearing 1:49 is that a tornado warning?


    KING GAMER BOY5 days ago

    The CEO just wants 💰

  15. Amanda Bennett

    Amanda Bennett6 days ago

    I love your cus words rebound

  16. Financial Creator

    Financial Creator6 days ago

    Them clout chasing thumb nails wont last long

  17. epic xeno

    epic xeno7 days ago

    6:08 Ah,yes the Knicks

  18. GoldSoulPharaoh

    GoldSoulPharaoh8 days ago

    Marco bellinelli(however you spell his name) still did the balls taunt tbh

  19. Esmi Pena

    Esmi Pena9 days ago

    I hate people who always ask to sub

  20. Da Boiiz

    Da Boiiz9 days ago

    I would die rather than hate on Lebron. The people who do hate him are just way too serious about the nba and should spend some time away from the screen.

  21. Reegan Chapman

    Reegan Chapman9 days ago

    Lke this if David stern is annoying

  22. david safari

    david safari9 days ago

    Who else wants a face reveal

  23. GamingWithZGH

    GamingWithZGH9 days ago

    lebron is my fav player

  24. Sol Feinberg

    Sol Feinberg9 days ago

    Green underarms is when?

  25. FNB Clod

    FNB Clod10 days ago

    Show your face

  26. Kate Toby

    Kate Toby10 days ago


  27. Xzander Graves

    Xzander Graves10 days ago

    Jesus loves you and He died for your sins and because of His love grace and mercy He is willing to forgive you. Also it's either paying for your own sin (hell) or accepting Jesus' payment for you Which do you choose

  28. Izuku Midoriya

    Izuku Midoriya11 days ago

    This video deserves a sub.

  29. Nathan Volleyball

    Nathan Volleyball11 days ago

    Do you already know from all the videos david stern just wants money from banning everything

  30. Me & That Boy

    Me & That Boy11 days ago

    I chew straws😬

  31. Wolf Gameing

    Wolf Gameing11 days ago


  32. Kacey Quinlan

    Kacey Quinlan12 days ago

    he is just not cool

  33. iLuSiOnZ あおい

    iLuSiOnZ あおい12 days ago

    Lmao my man is so god at recommending his videos that i don’t even know NBA and i watched 5 of his videos nonstop

  34. Brandon Beck

    Brandon Beck12 days ago

    Rip David stern

  35. Daniel

    Daniel13 days ago

    funniest videos hahahahah

  36. Alex

    Alex13 days ago

    How much are the APL and are they still banned

  37. vexboy nijbroek

    vexboy nijbroek13 days ago

    Save Turtles

  38. Damian Steve

    Damian Steve13 days ago

    Shumprert has dorito on his head

  39. The family Ortiz Santiago

    The family Ortiz Santiago13 days ago

    No hating on LeBron👎🏻

  40. atom

    atom14 days ago

    Hold up

  41. Sadarsa

    Sadarsa14 days ago

    To be fair... that NBA commissioner was kinda right. the hip-hop clothing styles turned me away from basketball. I was curious about the game, and so i watched it for a week or two, then quit paying attention to them because they all looked like street thugs. To be fair though, i don't think the shorts were the problem, excessive gold chains, twisted hats, and that arrogant strut, made me roll my eyes... *hard*

  42. Adam Nordenskjöld

    Adam Nordenskjöld14 days ago

    2:05 was that Will frieral

  43. numbers the best

    numbers the best14 days ago

    Whoo needs yoitube to recommend us videos just listen to rebound obviously like I cant escape it i cant I CANT

  44. Dr. Mike

    Dr. Mike15 days ago

    5:23 flip passed in 2015 bro...

  45. wassup bro

    wassup bro15 days ago

    7:47 sounds wrong

  46. Max Passarella

    Max Passarella15 days ago

    i have met josh smith i am friends with his son

  47. Gl1tch is pog :

    Gl1tch is pog :15 days ago

    1:02 KOBE

  48. H I

    H I15 days ago

    The NBA banning long shorts has to be the dumbest thing I have ever heard

  49. Kaleem Kromah

    Kaleem Kromah15 days ago

    Me legit having a fractured hip

  50. Aguyplaysgames

    Aguyplaysgames15 days ago

    My man said hating on a Lebron was a weird thing I'm a fan of that

  51. lion Kingdom 69

    lion Kingdom 6915 days ago

    Watch lion kingdom 69

  52. Op_ JJ

    Op_ JJ16 days ago

    9:25 Nah its not a triangle it's a Dorito

  53. mustafa anwar

    mustafa anwar16 days ago

    NBA- FINIBG HIM 200k Me- Fining him 4USD!

  54. Ross Thompson

    Ross Thompson17 days ago

    F u I have

  55. Tara Jackson

    Tara Jackson17 days ago

    Love this channel

  56. Friday night lyrical

    Friday night lyrical17 days ago

    Bro I have got the nike logo shaved on my head

  57. Adam Nagy

    Adam Nagy17 days ago

    Maybe they could allow those shoes in wnba...

  58. 62k_yuboi

    62k_yuboi17 days ago

    NBA is fuckin weird no 🧢

  59. B H

    B H17 days ago

    I 'literally don't know why I was recommended this... 'literally'... stop saying literally dude its annoying af

  60. M Chautin

    M Chautin18 days ago

    We got 1 million yay

  61. Desiree Cooper

    Desiree Cooper18 days ago

    good vido

  62. Walker Schmidt

    Walker Schmidt18 days ago


  63. Timothy Lewis

    Timothy Lewis18 days ago

    I do not want to fracture my hip subscribe and like

  64. JAYDAN'S gameing channl

    JAYDAN'S gameing channl19 days ago

    It was so funny when he said they ban shorts :me o no o no no no😂😂😂

  65. Jayden Zeoli

    Jayden Zeoli15 days ago

    you have my name my guy

  66. DashHopes

    DashHopes19 days ago

    Ban is nba but the n is at the n

  67. juice really is done wit 2k ngl

    juice really is done wit 2k ngl19 days ago

    i chew straws to

  68. UnsharpenedPencil59

    UnsharpenedPencil5919 days ago

    Cassell out here be on 130 FOV.

  69. Sittie noor Tampi

    Sittie noor Tampi19 days ago

    Don't disrespect king james 👑👑👑👑👑

  70. Alyssa Carey

    Alyssa Carey19 days ago

    The NBA seriously going to banned hating on Lebron James wow a,

  71. Booker Bare

    Booker Bare19 days ago


  72. Travis Connolly

    Travis Connolly19 days ago

    Play this video in 1.25x it sounds better😉

  73. Mean jax Green

    Mean jax Green20 days ago

    Lebron James is bad

  74. Thefanboy

    Thefanboy20 days ago

    Some random Lebron James hater: I hate L- NBA- *points tun* Some random Lebron James hater: I love Lebron James

  75. Midway900

    Midway90020 days ago


  76. Sky Fall

    Sky Fall20 days ago

    David what ever was to much

  77. Miley dog01

    Miley dog0120 days ago

    The way he says addidas

  78. SShadow WWolf

    SShadow WWolf20 days ago

    David = fun sorry -fun

  79. Ben Henderson68

    Ben Henderson6820 days ago

    Jesus is king

  80. LLLazer Sniper

    LLLazer Sniper21 day ago

    5:43 cmon rebound

  81. LLLazer Sniper

    LLLazer Sniper21 day ago

    This is hate on David stern

  82. fortnite tiktoks

    fortnite tiktoks21 day ago

    I like

  83. legokid

    legokid21 day ago

    Im a billionaire

  84. legokid

    legokid21 day ago

    Just kidden

  85. legokid

    legokid21 day ago

    Can I have money

  86. Devont'e Palmer

    Devont'e Palmer21 day ago

    I loved this mans energy.

  87. Alexandria Kay

    Alexandria Kay21 day ago

    2:03 is that Will Ferrell😳

  88. Zoroak delta

    Zoroak delta21 day ago


  89. Lovable_Lynx

    Lovable_Lynx21 day ago


  90. Huck Goins

    Huck Goins22 days ago

    stupid and bald will smith

  91. Bruh U

    Bruh U22 days ago

    The dress code thing was so stupid, and OBVIOUSLY racist. As if the way someone dresses is going to in any way shape, or form, effect how they act on or off the court, or AFFECT HOW THE PLAY BASKETBALL, LITERALLY THE ONLY THING THEY GET PAID TO DO

  92. Boy Hambog Tv

    Boy Hambog Tv22 days ago


  93. Dank Betches

    Dank Betches22 days ago

    ay LEBRON kinda thicc

  94. Shaggy IRL

    Shaggy IRL22 days ago

    Lebron James sucks

  95. everything

    everything22 days ago

    Jalen Brown shorts preventing himself to fine to the next level

  96. Alex

    Alex22 days ago

    Love this channel

  97. Chicken- Little

    Chicken- Little22 days ago

    F the rules

  98. Mr. Incognito

    Mr. Incognito22 days ago

    it's crazy because when you twist the spelling of nba it will become ban

  99. Nothing But Net

    Nothing But Net23 days ago

    9:48 this proves that lebron James is the commissioner of the NBA

  100. LeBron James

    LeBron James23 days ago


  101. Qawon Allen

    Qawon Allen23 days ago

    Just imagine Stephen Curry chewing straws and getting banned like what -_- ?