NBA Players That FORCED Rule Changes..

One NBA player cheated his way, into the All-Star Game, another smelled so disgusting, that he cleared out an entire locker room. These are the NBA players that forced rule changes.
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  1. Kamaleilani Moreno

    Kamaleilani MorenoHour ago

    Zaza didn't mean to hurt Kawai's foot. He was doing a closeout and tried to boxout. Kawai just happened to land on Zaza's foot when he shot.

  2. wat ever u say IMMA GOD

    wat ever u say IMMA GOD14 hours ago

    4:58 when theres 5 assignments due

  3. Lj H

    Lj H21 hour ago

    I like your videos man, but I won’t subscribe until you calm your voice down. Just talk normal the whole video dude. The high pitched autistic freak outs are unbearable. Other than that great content.

  4. pjmac550355

    pjmac55035523 hours ago

    James Harden cheated his way to 30 ppg by getting to the line by being crafty? How your channel is so big blows my mind

  5. Henry Mathis

    Henry MathisDay ago

    4:37 ... gayest thing I've ever seen/heard

  6. Big_ClapZ 4dayz

    Big_ClapZ 4dayzDay ago

    Zaza put his foot there on purpose but just happened to do it as Kawaiis foot landed

  7. 43 Scout

    43 ScoutDay ago

    In aussie football some will not shower on purpose to put their man off

  8. 454 JEKS

    454 JEKS2 days ago

    “Whoa, whoa, whoa wtf do you mean you don’t use deodorant” 😂😂

  9. Republika Dugave

    Republika Dugave2 days ago

    Meanwhile Jao Ming was an allstar after he retired...but Zaza actually played

  10. Fem Wolf Dark denki

    Fem Wolf Dark denki3 days ago

    If shaq is gonna come for me ima get my gun

  11. Helena Ferguson

    Helena Ferguson3 days ago



    ANDREY SEDA3 days ago

    15:04 imagine trying to fight a 6"7 over 200 pound man

  13. 2k lej and jailbreak lej

    2k lej and jailbreak lej4 days ago

    Zaza ho to hell

  14. Grant Stockdale

    Grant Stockdale4 days ago

    Dude it don't seem write without the brow man

  15. Marquiisee

    Marquiisee5 days ago

    @4:14 lmao dawwwwgg. @4:27

  16. Supreme Intellectual Beast

    Supreme Intellectual Beast5 days ago

    3:42 lol

  17. Supreme Intellectual Beast

    Supreme Intellectual Beast5 days ago

    I don't think any nba player had the facilities to defend shaq

  18. Dominic Hernández

    Dominic Hernández5 days ago

    The 360 noscope got me fucking laughing

  19. ELI reetz

    ELI reetz6 days ago

    no way did he only hit 1 three pointer

  20. Nathan Hellums

    Nathan Hellums6 days ago

    Am I the only one who thinks that Greg Popovich getting mad is like Jesus getting mad

  21. the fox

    the fox6 days ago

    I'm from georgia and have no idea who tf is zaza pachulia

  22. Steven Hernandez

    Steven Hernandez6 days ago

    I subscribed and liked lol Ain’t taking the risk lol

  23. Skylar Schmidt

    Skylar Schmidt7 days ago

    When Zaza did that I truly felt Zaza should be banned from the NBA and the Warriors should also forfeit a game because it changed everything. Because then why not just have some bench player break the other team star players' knees and ankles and get suspended but give their team the series!

  24. True Gamer

    True Gamer8 days ago

    1:44 😂 this is something that the Utah Jazz tried many times to pull off on Chicago bulls years ago

  25. A J

    A J8 days ago

    Still pisses me off what Zaza did to Kawhi.

  26. Roaa Anoon

    Roaa Anoon9 days ago

    Harden was not cheating it was a smart move

  27. Vishal Bhatia

    Vishal Bhatia9 days ago

    I got a green three pointer wit shaq in 2k21

  28. Bolt Thunder

    Bolt Thunder9 days ago

    it only lasts 5 to 10 seconds its annoying and i hate and love it at the same time

  29. josh white

    josh white10 days ago

    you seem way too obsessed with points per game to determine players worth for a basketball channel. Did you even play the game past high school? even middle school?

  30. Evan Hale

    Evan Hale10 days ago

    So both of them are called "the 'Zaza rule'"?

  31. Li Chen

    Li Chen10 days ago

    John harden more like John hell no

  32. touch the red button for good luck

    touch the red button for good luck10 days ago


  33. World B. Gilbert Gottfried

    World B. Gilbert Gottfried10 days ago

    It amazes me that refs are so dumb they fall for the harden trick. But I guess it's the same refs that fall for blatant flops.

  34. Landen Copp

    Landen Copp10 days ago

    Dose anyone remember mw2

  35. Grayson Ma

    Grayson Ma11 days ago

    I can score 100 points on a single game I am like wilt chamberlain

  36. Vixen Virus

    Vixen Virus11 days ago

    sunod tuig my untah dghan nakog fans and Subscriber.. xD Sana all.. 😆😆 like sa naka sabot dha?? ..

  37. chaos carnage

    chaos carnage11 days ago

    How Adam Morrison and guys like Kwame Brown made it to the NBA is beyond me. Smh

  38. RXENON

    RXENON12 days ago

    This dude is gonna be faze rebound 3:44

  39. FlameTheFox YT

    FlameTheFox YT12 days ago

    3:45 so no one is gonna talk about that?..


    CRAZYCRAZYMAN7512 days ago

    Bro and honestly I’m a football fan soccer in the US what I found your channel I was like basketball games interesting and down the rabbit hole and now I’m a fan of basketball I just I’m not to sau

  41. HYPERx

    HYPERx13 days ago

    Dino 🦕 NUGGIES

  42. Rusty

    Rusty13 days ago

    Bruh really did a 720 double yy, and called it an instaswap lmao 3:42

  43. Lord Bejeezus

    Lord Bejeezus13 days ago

    Harden is the only person in the NBA that reads the terms and conditions

  44. Oliver Allen

    Oliver Allen14 days ago

    lol when you have the same ppg as an nba player. not a good player but still an nba player.

  45. G S

    G S14 days ago

    KD cant palm the ball tho

  46. Drew Donaldson

    Drew Donaldson15 days ago

    Today I learned the NBA is soccer when you can touch the ball

  47. SSwiggy

    SSwiggy16 days ago

    When u have 3 Zaza rules

  48. ψRαΥζὄπ λιεχψ Ω -ὦ-

    ψRαΥζὄπ λιεχψ Ω -ὦ-16 days ago


  49. Arlene Limon

    Arlene Limon17 days ago

    Why do I feel like rebound and touchdown are the same person???????????????????

  50. Aiden Reynolds

    Aiden Reynolds18 days ago

    8:48 he literally celebrated so it had to be intensional

  51. Matt Thai

    Matt Thai18 days ago

    That's a shitty theory about Zaza. He was clearly looking at the ball the whole time. And how is it his fault if his whole country supported him so much? Not exactly what I call cheating. Booo

  52. awanish gamer99

    awanish gamer9918 days ago

    my class has almost 15 pionts

  53. MemerOmar

    MemerOmar18 days ago

    When you realize i made more 3 pointers in 1 game then Shaw made his whole career

  54. Lion sin Escanor

    Lion sin Escanor18 days ago

    Imma throw some hands shack still like this

  55. Eli Stratton

    Eli Stratton18 days ago

    ive made more 3 points than shaq

  56. Mateo Garcia

    Mateo Garcia19 days ago

    yo i been watching u for a week now and i love your content keep up the good work

  57. Omnipotent Saiyan

    Omnipotent Saiyan19 days ago

    Rick Ross is transforming into James Harden, While James Harden is transforming in Rick Ross.

  58. Isay Hi

    Isay Hi20 days ago

    It's bad could you keep getting me every single video with the drop a like stuff it is funny

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  60. Grandad 901

    Grandad 90120 days ago

    What is instrument playing around 2 mins

  61. DeadManTM

    DeadManTM20 days ago

    me watching this vid from Georgia rn🧿👄🧿😅🇬🇪

  62. CallMeChris

    CallMeChris20 days ago

    harden still averages 30

  63. Carole C. Good

    Carole C. Good21 day ago

    9 Million subs and FACE REVEAL!

  64. Matthew Walkowski

    Matthew Walkowski21 day ago

    kool aid o yeeeeeeaaaaaaa

  65. Awakened Zay Raps

    Awakened Zay Raps21 day ago

    Harden was OUTTA POCKET 😭💀😂

  66. YRN Records INC.

    YRN Records INC.21 day ago

    Didn't Kobe do the arm lock move?

  67. Karl Benedict Guanlao

    Karl Benedict Guanlao21 day ago

    Magulang lang talaga si ke

  68. Trey money22k

    Trey money22k21 day ago

    My dude anthony look like the coockie monster lol but im not a hater so love to all these pepole

  69. Bible prophecy

    Bible prophecy21 day ago

    Harden will get the Hack-A-Shaq

  70. Torrence Smith

    Torrence Smith22 days ago

    2k I saw shaq can’t shoot some time

  71. Aliana Batista

    Aliana Batista22 days ago


  72. Pubg Is Quality

    Pubg Is Quality22 days ago

    Heyy i’m from Tbilisi

  73. everything

    everything22 days ago

    How about "the Lebron rules' Collecting allstar player in one team

  74. Jeziel Quero

    Jeziel Quero22 days ago

    Harden is a smart piggy

  75. jordan the legend gamer

    jordan the legend gamer23 days ago

    Imagine making no threes in a basketball game they will kick you off the team

  76. Zayfrmdaygo

    Zayfrmdaygo23 days ago

    7:37 is zaza gay 7:35

  77. Keona Green

    Keona Green23 days ago

    On 2k shake Computer all ways make it

  78. Bayabonga Ngwenya

    Bayabonga Ngwenya23 days ago

    The commentary kills me 😂

  79. bluebear blueberry

    bluebear blueberry23 days ago

    My grandfather can shoot a free throw better than shaq

  80. Robert Hilton

    Robert Hilton23 days ago

    Your channel is......meh, at best

  81. To Hot For U

    To Hot For U23 days ago

    Lmfao he says that a normal person would win vs shaq U guess this guy has never herd of a gun so shaq vs a bullet bullet wins every time. If u wanna flame this watch the video he didn't say they had to be unarmed.

  82. Jesus Rodriguez Salazar

    Jesus Rodriguez Salazar24 days ago

    Zarza deserves to get out of nba

  83. Ndeye Diop

    Ndeye Diop24 days ago

    I think Zaza Pachulia did in a mean way

  84. Michael McNeill

    Michael McNeill24 days ago

    Your story telling is on point.

  85. Flora Stewart

    Flora Stewart24 days ago

    And two planets in the cosmos

  86. Dark Vibez 2nd

    Dark Vibez 2nd24 days ago

    Omg I saw Brian Skinner! That’s my friend’s dad he so lucky his dad was in the NBA...

  87. Nor-hidaya Mangontawar

    Nor-hidaya Mangontawar24 days ago

    Now I know who the most disgusting basketball player on earth is. How dare he injure my idol Kawhi?!!!

  88. Armin Arlert

    Armin Arlert26 days ago

    Lemme see if I can build KD in 2K

  89. James Hudson

    James Hudson27 days ago


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  93. Chop Chop

    Chop ChopMonth ago

    Greg Popovich created the Hack a Shaq...not the Mavs! Lol

  94. Frank K

    Frank KMonth ago

    Wow all this time i thought you always have to be able to shoot free throws to be a baller!

  95. Banna Is Salty

    Banna Is SaltyMonth ago

    Can we also talk about the double step back thing that James harden does, and never gets called for a travel. ITS A TRAVEL


    PRO SHALLONMonth ago

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    Joseph PufahlMonth ago

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    Paulette CharlesMonth ago

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  99. SheHatesDorito

    SheHatesDoritoMonth ago

    I feel like harden wasn't really cheating he was just goin around the system

  100. Mihret Tesema

    Mihret TesemaMonth ago