Most DISRESPECTFUL Taunts In NBA History..

Damian Lillard made a game winning shot to end the series then wave GOODBYE to the Thunder and it got me thinking, what other disrespectful taunts have players done? Well.. this is what I found.
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  1. Don’t Worry fool

    Don’t Worry fool7 hours ago

    mutombo voice is killing me rn

  2. Donovan Douglas

    Donovan DouglasDay ago

    I don't think of Dame time as disrespect. And I would never buy Jordan's "poster". Mutombo was on the other side of the rim. Like by the time Mutumbo jumped the ball was already above the rim. Also the tongue isn't even a disrespectful taunt. Its a habit.

  3. original unoriginal

    original unoriginalDay ago

    The only time he dunked on motumbo

  4. Rock Thapa

    Rock ThapaDay ago

    Your way of promoting your self is legendary 😅🤣🤣🤣❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. wael dbouk

    wael dbouk2 days ago

    Bowser playing in nba i guess

  6. d taylor

    d taylor2 days ago

    man turned into a decepticon

  7. miles boatner

    miles boatner2 days ago

    I was todays old when i found out where the sheeeeeesh came from

  8. * Setti

    * Setti3 days ago

    Hahahahahahaa I love that the BIGGEST baby in the NBA tries calling other guards a baby 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 that’s just hilarious I’m cryin like a baby rn

  9. Jakob Green

    Jakob Green3 days ago

    When he said "its not happening" he sounded like Arnold schwarzenegger

  10. NME Football

    NME Football3 days ago

    mutombo voice sounds like he needs to block his vocal cords

  11. Going Rogue

    Going Rogue3 days ago

    Dame's wave was so disrespectful that he dismantled that team.

  12. Wrath

    Wrath4 days ago

    i was honestly expecting the reggie taunt

  13. K Pearson

    K Pearson4 days ago

    His voice is so deep

  14. Gold Chezz men

    Gold Chezz men4 days ago

    At 9:26 mj looks like he can't scream properly lmao💀

  15. Enrico Reyes

    Enrico Reyes4 days ago

    Mutombo sounds like terminator

  16. Henry Schnepp

    Henry Schnepp4 days ago

    When I heard Matumbos voice I’m like “ Is he a mutant or something “

  17. Yano Korenberg

    Yano Korenberg3 days ago

    He is hulk

  18. Lord Farquar

    Lord Farquar5 days ago

    Damn I miss kobe

  19. yusk

    yusk5 days ago

    5:38 that voice :/

  20. simp fia

    simp fia5 days ago

    Just waiting for Mutombo to clear his throat

  21. AceFPS

    AceFPS6 days ago

    Mutombo talk like that’s because he’s a African idk why they talk like that

  22. Casually Gaming

    Casually Gaming8 days ago

    5:37 anyone seen him in insurance commercial

  23. R4ptorGamez

    R4ptorGamez8 days ago

    6:22 i died

  24. DigitalHM

    DigitalHM8 days ago

    Poor OKC they got two taunts by Lillard yeh

  25. DigitalHM

    DigitalHM8 days ago

    No No No -Cookie Monster

  26. Jordan Te Rupe-Mahia

    Jordan Te Rupe-Mahia9 days ago

    If the voice of Cookie Monster died I would still be able to sleep at night because I know mutombo is here 😂😂😂

  27. 2-INIL

    2-INIL9 days ago

    SeventySixers more like 77777777666666


    TEAM CHOLE9 days ago

    Mutombo is part of transformers

  29. Simon Walker

    Simon Walker10 days ago

    mutombo lowkey sound like tachanka from seige

  30. Xzander Graves

    Xzander Graves10 days ago

    Jesus loves you and He died for your sins and because of His love grace and mercy He is willing to forgive you. Also it's either paying for your own sin (hell) or accepting Jesus' payment for you Which do you choose?

  31. Sypical

    Sypical10 days ago

    "kobe sitting on the benches"

  32. Viral Today

    Viral Today10 days ago

    mutombo sounds like a jedi master?

  33. karma s

    karma s10 days ago

    Nba is gay

  34. Connor James

    Connor James10 days ago

    man put on the indian accent when he said nonono

  35. Hanamichi Sakuragi

    Hanamichi Sakuragi11 days ago

    9:18 you made me laught at this🤣

  36. Hanamichi Sakuragi

    Hanamichi Sakuragi11 days ago

    6:24 the heck🤣🤣🤣

  37. J_Devil

    J_Devil11 days ago

    Mutombo has such a deep voice is sounds like an ogre or a giant.

  38. Rocky

    Rocky10 days ago

    ikr- mans needs to clear his throat, like rly bad-

  39. Sunny PunsTV

    Sunny PunsTV11 days ago


  40. Diane Stone

    Diane Stone11 days ago

    5:50 that dud on the top sounds scary

  41. unDURYEAted

    unDURYEAted12 days ago

    It’s more of a celebration than a taunt. I guess I’ll be the one to tell ya the “ice in the veins” has been around many many years before Russell.

  42. Carlos Henrique Cardozo Muniz

    Carlos Henrique Cardozo Muniz12 days ago

    He didnt wave good bye for the thunders, he waved to westbrook

  43. Ulugbek Khasanov

    Ulugbek Khasanov12 days ago

    your my favorite basketball youtuber

  44. Mozambique Here

    Mozambique Here12 days ago

    How do nba players even get in their cars

  45. Jake The Epic Dude

    Jake The Epic Dude13 days ago

    I saw mutombo in a geico commercial he blocked everything from happening and said “no, no, no” while doing his little taunt, it made me crack up so hard 🤣🤣

  46. Toni Blackstone

    Toni Blackstone13 days ago

    Mutombo sounds like a demon from hell lol

  47. Valentina Martinez

    Valentina Martinez13 days ago

    was matumbo getting glue poured on his leg?

  48. Melbourne Campaña

    Melbourne Campaña14 days ago

    of all the people never taunt MJ, KOBE and KING JAMES!!!

  49. Mhw

    Mhw14 days ago

    Mutumbo is the voice of cookie monster. I be dang!

  50. El Joelo

    El Joelo14 days ago

    Mutombo's side job is being the voice of the Cookie Monster

  51. ParkinGlass

    ParkinGlass14 days ago

    i'm now convinced Mutumbo had a role behind the Transformers movies

  52. Vasilis Stratikis

    Vasilis Stratikis14 days ago

    I want a video of Mutombo saying I want cookies

  53. Jahsiah Ferris

    Jahsiah Ferris14 days ago

    Westbrook rocking da baby

  54. Ily- Zayyy

    Ily- Zayyy14 days ago

    I'm not getting dropped on liked and subbed lol

  55. R Conine

    R Conine15 days ago


  56. Foir

    Foir15 days ago

    Man that one guy smokes or sum xD

  57. tyran payne

    tyran payne15 days ago


  58. Jeremy Hands

    Jeremy Hands16 days ago

    Damn the 🌎 has Jordans 🥜 s on their chin Nothing was disrespectful just facts!!

  59. Harris McLaughlin

    Harris McLaughlin17 days ago

    Fun fact: Patrick Ewing and dikembe mutoumbo both played for gerogetown.

  60. Jabronski614 De los trinos

    Jabronski614 De los trinos18 days ago

    Mutombo sounds like a deception from transformers.

  61. Max Ahluwalia

    Max Ahluwalia18 days ago

    The time rebound said no no no

  62. Brian Floyd-Jones

    Brian Floyd-Jones19 days ago

    Why the f is his Voice so deep

  63. Brian Tep

    Brian Tep19 days ago

    dangelo trash, cmon man

  64. PlayerUnknown

    PlayerUnknown19 days ago

    I agree with that Mutombo sounds like the cookie monster from sesame street

  65. Marc Richardson

    Marc Richardson20 days ago

    Notice Mutombo said “yet” 2 Mike...& not “ya neva will”. Mutombo knew it was gonna happen eventually...jus not so soon after this

  66. Ace Hood

    Ace Hood20 days ago

    "It got me wondering, what other disrespectful taunts have players done?" How to sound like an absolute casual

  67. desgtoy

    desgtoy21 day ago

    I am gonna be that guy. Monte Ellis was not peeling skin off his hand. He was using paraffin wax on his hand to increase blood flow to hand. Keeps muscles/joints warm and loose

  68. LLLazer Sniper

    LLLazer Sniper21 day ago

    5:56 now that’s a deep voice!

  69. fatt musiek

    fatt musiek21 day ago

    mutumbo is a legend

  70. TRavan Swae

    TRavan Swae23 days ago

    who knew ice viens is a 2k20-2k21 badge LOL

  71. Simon-Pierre Aubin

    Simon-Pierre Aubin23 days ago

    Mutombo sounding like darth vader there 5:43

  72. skythisboy

    skythisboy23 days ago

    7:23 why is he putting elmers glue on his knee caps

  73. Beazur Music

    Beazur Music23 days ago

    Is that disrespecful for you? What a weak

  74. Axle Johnson

    Axle Johnson23 days ago

    I really am starting to believe that Pro sports around the world, have become a large part of our social problems. Hollywood and the music industry still hold the top spot in that respect. Children either idolize celebrities or athletes. Why would you subject your children to this kind of behavior. What kind of example is that. It can't be justified.

  75. Jionni Zavala

    Jionni Zavala23 days ago

    My school friend is named Damien

  76. Jalen Mahan

    Jalen Mahan23 days ago

    Hold up DLo shot a three tho 2:29

  77. Axstro CODM

    Axstro CODM23 days ago

    mutombo be smoking 20 packs a day

  78. David Brown

    David Brown24 days ago

    What about Dames “bombs away” on Westbrook

  79. Ben Petrone

    Ben Petrone24 days ago

    I want the old russ back i really want him to go back to okc

  80. Razvan Kirchoff

    Razvan Kirchoff24 days ago

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  81. Amazon Account

    Amazon Account24 days ago

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    ADAM MICHAUD24 days ago

    Sounds like a demon

  83. R. W

    R. W24 days ago

    I didn't know Mutombo is the voice of Sesame Street's Racoon in trash can puppet.

  84. Taylor Adams

    Taylor Adams24 days ago

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  85. Paul Faducci

    Paul Faducci25 days ago

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  86. taviko yabore

    taviko yabore25 days ago

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  87. Alpha Oumar Diallo

    Alpha Oumar Diallo25 days ago

    mutombo voice is deep asf

  88. Justin Price

    Justin Price25 days ago


  89. itzdanger dare bear

    itzdanger dare bear25 days ago

    Okc fan

  90. Dan Day

    Dan Day25 days ago

    What happened to Mike when the Mob clipped his thumb?

  91. Dan Day

    Dan Day25 days ago

    I would not tolerate any of the behavior I see top to bottom from the NBA product. Why? It is a disgusting experience.

  92. Eshay Nikey

    Eshay Nikey25 days ago


  93. Cameron Shirley

    Cameron Shirley25 days ago

    "You gotta feel bad for Pat Bev man" Hell no xD dude is a walking law of karma, he gets what's due to him on a daily

  94. Elaine Ng

    Elaine Ng25 days ago

    The wandering fibre externally wander because taste ideally wander but a sore scraper. wasteful, hard production

  95. Jaedin West

    Jaedin West25 days ago

    Mutumbo sounds like darth Vader’s brother but black 😂

  96. RyzimTee Productions

    RyzimTee Productions25 days ago

    shut up

  97. Lui Odenhausen

    Lui Odenhausen25 days ago

    who else felt like an xbox squeeker when mutomb was talkin'

  98. Matthew Cheng

    Matthew Cheng26 days ago

    I don’t feel bad about Patrick

  99. cyka blyatsky

    cyka blyatsky26 days ago

    At 0:50 he says DaBaby, Lesssss gooooo

  100. Le Xuan truong

    Le Xuan truong26 days ago

    The childlike scanner correspondingly claim because freezer syntactically afford amidst a steady ox. enthusiastic, flashy lisa

  101. Abdirahmaan Ibrahim

    Abdirahmaan Ibrahim26 days ago

    sean dyche search him up the whit mutambo

  102. Joey Brinskey

    Joey Brinskey26 days ago

    The demon in my house LOL! 5:38