DIRTIEST Plays In NBA History..

These DIRTIEST Plays In NBA History..
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  1. Ben's View

    Ben's View5 hours ago

    These are not the dirtiest plays in history. wrong title. title should just be "some dirty plays"

  2. Timmyfranks

    Timmyfranks8 hours ago

    Zazas not doin this stuff on purpose. Just a tall uncoordinated big man

  3. 361Sparx

    361Sparx9 hours ago

    flynn did nothing

  4. Joey Reid

    Joey Reid19 hours ago

    the green one was def not on purp s

  5. Prince Li

    Prince LiDay ago

    Drymond is even smiling

  6. Prince Li

    Prince LiDay ago

    What the hell he got away

  7. ParkerOnFundip

    ParkerOnFundipDay ago

    Makachi got violated

  8. Binary Ruffian

    Binary RuffianDay ago

    In the UFC cut scene they show Jon Jones and his only loss/dq, that’s so painful to watch. Jon Jones was such a beast back then, he should have never been dqed just taken a point off or given a warning

  9. Savage _ God423

    Savage _ God423Day ago

    When Westbrook’s smack Beverly are and Beverly fell I couldn’t help but laugh 😂

  10. Dabbing Goats

    Dabbing Goats2 days ago

    I mean smith would be a good defense tackle

  11. N E O Nネオン

    N E O Nネオン2 days ago

    Why would zaza do that to freaking kawaii lenord.


    S-GOLD FACE2 days ago

    Now I know what cj mean in the song woopty smoking the zaza 😆😆

  13. Jewell Allen

    Jewell Allen2 days ago

    draymond green is fuckin dirty

  14. SkibopDaSequel

    SkibopDaSequel2 days ago

    I'm sorry but I laughed at Metta knocking out James Harden

  15. QcDon Vito

    QcDon Vito2 days ago

    As a hockey fan, all these ''dirty'' plays look casual to me lmao. Basketball players are soft af

  16. SkibopDaSequel

    SkibopDaSequel2 days ago

    you play with pads. stfu

  17. mj3martinez

    mj3martinez3 days ago

    Understand M25

  18. Cade Pennington

    Cade Pennington3 days ago

    Pachulia is playing the wrong sport

  19. Cade Pennington

    Cade Pennington3 days ago

    2:24 I agree with Cleve Strow

  20. Anger Issues

    Anger Issues4 days ago

    It’s always wrestbrook

  21. Cliff Hopkins

    Cliff Hopkins4 days ago

    "aLmOsT KiLLeD"

  22. Gwennie Morris

    Gwennie Morris4 days ago

    Malachi Flynn did not do anything wrong!

  23. Denis Betzler

    Denis Betzler4 days ago

    Warriors out here hurting players on purpose an cry about when fans cheer on their injuries

  24. Lucas Ferraro

    Lucas Ferraro4 days ago

    draymond prob didn’t mean it

  25. Eli Vanegas

    Eli Vanegas4 days ago

    yeah subscribe to rebound smash the like too guys

  26. Jasper Youngman

    Jasper Youngman4 days ago

    Wow nba is so soft

  27. Ked Gaming

    Ked Gaming5 days ago

    I like how he puts lamelo ball at such a high standard

  28. José T

    José T5 days ago

    I think the comments on this clip is not very accurate....

  29. (Good) Tanasak Voravetvudhikun

    (Good) Tanasak Voravetvudhikun5 days ago

    5:40 He should just go to pro boxing

  30. best

    best5 days ago


  31. Callum Venegas

    Callum Venegas5 days ago

    Bruuu all except for Zaza and Jason were not on purpose

  32. Paris Hardin

    Paris Hardin5 days ago

    at 9:11 i was thinking i thought we where playing basketball not football!?

  33. jean yves vouha

    jean yves vouha6 days ago

    You talk about thé dirtiest players in NBA history and you don't mention Bill Laimbeer....

  34. Bizzell Darryl

    Bizzell Darryl6 days ago

    Draymond ain’t mean that

  35. Patty O’Neal

    Patty O’Neal6 days ago

    Who hates Pat Bev? Might be my favorite player with all these want to fall down and get foul players in the league. Make em earn it.

  36. eL_DonPapasFritas_0

    eL_DonPapasFritas_06 days ago

    12:32 WTF, what is the dirty in that play?Men you over exaggerate that play, there was nothing dirty, he just steal ball and Lamelo fell down by the loss of balance.

  37. STee

    STee7 days ago

    4:49 i had this once to

  38. ii2010

    ii20107 days ago


  39. Dan Civello

    Dan Civello7 days ago

    What the hell did Malachi do?

  40. Gold

    Gold7 days ago

    If that was "almost killed someone"....then NBA players must be the BIGGEST wussies on the planet. I been hit with paintballs harder than that XD Had to edit for the snowflakes ;)

  41. Jake

    Jake7 days ago

    listening to Draymond Green meticulously detailing how he didn’t mean to kick Steven Adams just makes me think he actually did intentionally kick him.

  42. EugeneBuvard

    EugeneBuvard6 hours ago

    @ツKekkei_B0nkyツ My ass he didn't know. He barely even jumped and his legs goes out of control like that?

  43. ツKekkei_B0nkyツ

    ツKekkei_B0nkyツDay ago

    He didn’t know that he kicked him but I respect your opinion.

  44. Cole Bien

    Cole Bien7 days ago

    Can Patchulia be deported and banned from the states already? He better stop before somebody pulls a Nancy Kerrigan on him, I'm surprised it hasn't happened yet.

  45. Angel Devo

    Angel Devo7 days ago

    Zaza is a opp thats why he’s a pack.

  46. Emanuel Garcia

    Emanuel Garcia7 days ago

    Please don't say that la melo is our lord and savior, Jesus Christ is our Lord and savior he died on the cross for us

  47. yeet skeet

    yeet skeet8 days ago

    he hit him on purpose he sucks so bad at lying

  48. blue bells fan

    blue bells fan8 days ago

    This was crazy! I had no idea things like that happened on the the court

  49. Alkheer Ramej

    Alkheer Ramej8 days ago

    Player: trips REBOUND: This almost ended his career!

  50. Yigo Elijah Gallardo

    Yigo Elijah Gallardo8 days ago

    He nearly ended a family hahahahahaha

  51. Kage Kun

    Kage Kun8 days ago

    Did Westbrook ended up getting revenge on ZaZa and f*** them up or something gave him an elbow

  52. UFxCatalyst

    UFxCatalyst9 days ago

    zaza a menace to society

  53. Matthew May

    Matthew May9 days ago

    From KC. Can confirm. Best athlete I've ever seen (and I get to watch PM15 every week)

  54. Da Boiiz

    Da Boiiz9 days ago

    Flynn literally didn’t do anything to ball😑

  55. Bolt Thunder

    Bolt Thunder9 days ago

    5:34 if they ejected and fined him for that i wold have been ejected and fined along side him along side him

  56. Andrew Ballantine

    Andrew Ballantine9 days ago

    Dude the narration sucks. You’ve gotta switch it up imo

  57. Tim Rolle

    Tim Rolle9 days ago

    Ron Artest is a dirtbag. Always has been, that’s why he had to change his name, because he ruined his actual name.

  58. Tim Rolle

    Tim Rolle9 days ago

    Dreymond is lying through them teeth boy

  59. PM 10

    PM 109 days ago

    I like the fact that ibaka tried to beat up artest

  60. Lyon

    Lyon10 days ago

    ban zaza

  61. Morgan Caldwell

    Morgan Caldwell10 days ago

    Poor Adams mans is never having children

  62. Yxvng Swerve

    Yxvng Swerve10 days ago

    other title : zaza beating players up

  63. twinings24

    twinings2410 days ago

    thats a beautiful super elbow😆

  64. Tim Allison

    Tim Allison10 days ago

    When was this narrator born 2000? Basketball in the 80's & 90's was way worse then most plays on this list

  65. Tuff Danielson

    Tuff Danielson10 days ago

    Bruh lamello ball is trash at basketball like don’t even


    ACTIVE_WARRIOR11 days ago

    Why is it always on Russell?

  67. David Peterson

    David Peterson11 days ago

    Rebound is joe knows

  68. Jim Milburn

    Jim Milburn11 days ago

    The Bad Boys would like a word.

  69. Mason Taylor

    Mason Taylor11 days ago

    The blake one wasn't that bad honestly It probably hurt less than tripping down the stairs

  70. Kelly Ellis

    Kelly Ellis11 days ago

    I feel bad for Russell Westbrook 😂😂

  71. JenMayraSky

    JenMayraSky11 days ago

    They need to show that Westbrook play smacking zaza lol 😂.

  72. Mpaleivang 13

    Mpaleivang 1311 days ago

    Darymond u suck

  73. Mason Bryant

    Mason Bryant11 days ago

    This video sucks

  74. Collin Bradley

    Collin Bradley11 days ago

    Lmfao he really said the draymond play nearly ended a whole family lineage with one kick 😅

  75. Sam & Lucas

    Sam & Lucas11 days ago

    Rebound:it nearly ended an entire family Me:oh crap Him:him getting hit in the nuts Me agian:oh

  76. Getinkt

    Getinkt11 days ago

    but but, he almost DIEEEEDDDDD!! (insert dramatic music here) That or his head hurt for a bit..... Or DEAAAATTTHHHHHHH

  77. nikoaz

    nikoaz11 days ago

    All these cheap shots and no Robert Horry?

  78. Timmy Allen

    Timmy Allen11 days ago

    Metra World "PEACE" huh?

  79. Admir Seper

    Admir Seper11 days ago

    O shut the f up about the elbow it aint ending anybody’s life lmao

  80. the truth

    the truth12 days ago

    Spurs used to use the sam dirty tactics against t-Mac

  81. Rael Black

    Rael Black12 days ago

    Zazas intro was hilarious 😂

  82. J N

    J N12 days ago

    Your dirty play from Pat Beverly was a hustle play. Not dirty at all. Russ is the dirty player, there is a reason why he is in the clips from other guys... Karma.

  83. Jay Blast

    Jay Blast13 days ago

    *What If James Harden really got extremely hurt? Would he have been the player he is today? Who knows but because Harden plays basketball the way he does most people forgot about that elbow because it's irrelevant*

  84. Valentina Martinez

    Valentina Martinez13 days ago

    3:24 "lemme beat my chest like a gorilla maybe that will buy me some sympathy from the ref" ???

  85. tucker's randomness

    tucker's randomness13 days ago

    Ok I don’t pay that much attention to my my own states team, but is there hit out on okc

  86. The Cobra

    The Cobra13 days ago

    Ayo who else saw dramond green clapping when zaza fouled Westbrook

  87. The Cobra

    The Cobra13 days ago


  88. Blacc Knighte

    Blacc Knighte13 days ago

    World Peace that's evil af

  89. B4warned

    B4warned14 days ago

    Ron Artest is a piece of garbage. Always has been. Always will be. We lost Kobe, but Artest is still alive.

  90. StillRockyPlayz

    StillRockyPlayz14 days ago

    Hold peace backed away from ibaka lmao

  91. Lol. Irrelevant

    Lol. Irrelevant15 days ago

    Lamelo is assssssssss

  92. ron bosken

    ron bosken15 days ago

    I’ve been elbowed in the back of the head...no call

  93. The Channel of Random Stuff

    The Channel of Random Stuff15 days ago

    Zaza is a funny name for a not so funny guy

  94. Dark

    Dark15 days ago

    i didn't even know Zaza until now

  95. Joseph Biggica

    Joseph Biggica15 days ago

    O mgosh I feel for west brook

  96. Joseph Biggica

    Joseph Biggica15 days ago

    Dag zaza

  97. Aaron Simon

    Aaron Simon15 days ago

    Stare someone in the eyes and only have fans from your country 😂

  98. khuz

    khuz15 days ago

    How about the lebron james injury by solomon hill?

  99. Tough Balls

    Tough Balls15 days ago

    That Rebound icon floating around is annoying

  100. Lamont Ross Jr.

    Lamont Ross Jr.15 days ago

    Lamelo trash

  101. Eric

    Eric15 days ago

    zaza is just dumb and playing ball... its called a screen

  102. Matt Flowers

    Matt Flowers15 days ago

    Dirtiest plays in NBA history? Where is Bill Laimbeer?

  103. Eugene Hofmann

    Eugene Hofmann15 days ago

    Westbrook did get pachulia back too

  104. Kristi Behrens

    Kristi Behrens15 days ago

    wow zaza.

  105. Isaac Punch

    Isaac Punch16 days ago

    As a Hornets fan, I didn’t think Ball’s injury was due to malicious intent. Just unfortunate tbh.