This VIRAL Video ENDED His NBA Career..

This Video ENDED His NBA Career..
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  1. Lucas D'Orazi

    Lucas D'Orazi2 hours ago


  2. Carl Smithers

    Carl Smithers7 hours ago

    Good to hear he turned his life around

  3. Carl Smithers

    Carl Smithers8 hours ago

    That mentality

  4. MN KS

    MN KS12 hours ago

    -Smoking weed? Not a problem, as long as it does not affect the performance. -Throwing a party after a major loss, right before a very important game? Absolutely stupid and not very collegial. -Doing a illegal street race? Deserving to be put into jail. -Being against the national anthem? Not a problem, patriotism is a stupid concept after all.



    Just another POS

  6. Logan 28

    Logan 282 days ago

    It’s crazy because if that interview happend in say 2014 nobody would care at all it’s crazy how quick times have changed lol this would be a non story now

  7. Billy Bob

    Billy Bob2 days ago


  8. Bobby4F

    Bobby4F2 days ago

    10:28 this what happened

  9. Amiri Moore

    Amiri Moore3 days ago

    I mean that’s it? These are multimillion dollar athletes. Nicole Kidman was arrested for DRUNK driving and was never turned into pariah. Ijs, why are y’all expecting so much from these Athletes?! As if life isn’t already hard enough

  10. Aviation master

    Aviation master3 days ago


  11. Kyle Smith

    Kyle Smith4 days ago

    Howard be innocent. racist whites be hating on him. He is hard working family man. get whites out of nba

  12. Thomas Siddle

    Thomas Siddle4 days ago

    Carolina still love you dude.....102jamz

  13. jsamc

    jsamc4 days ago

    I knew this video was BS thats why I went to Wiki to get just the facts 13 years in the NBA seems like a great career to me.

  14. English Garden

    English Garden4 days ago

    Sometimes it's best to play sports and STFU.

  15. Justin Kase

    Justin Kase4 days ago

    Oh wow, how times have changed in just a relatively short amount of time. No one cares about patriotism anymore, hating America is popular.

  16. LEGOAT James

    LEGOAT James4 days ago

    If u really think about it he didn't do nothing that bad lol

  17. Fuzzy Butkus46

    Fuzzy Butkus464 days ago

    It all starts with liking a damn Lexus. Nothing every comes out good if the story starts out with a Lexus. I’d rather drive a Vespa. Weed??? What happens if your in a state where it’s legal?? If you ban that then you gotta ban alcohol. Oh and Lexuses

  18. Milani Macc

    Milani Macc4 days ago

    Mark Cuban looked so stressed out- Josh he looks like he had a black eye 👁 also

  19. Factman American

    Factman American4 days ago

    If you don't respect and love America, then GET THE "F" OUT. Very hard to fix STUPID.

  20. Joyce Omar

    Joyce Omar4 days ago

    At least he's still doing something positive!!

  21. Duke49th

    Duke49th5 days ago

    So what, he is rich and can live a good life. And nobody is really after him now anymore. So he does not even need to bother much with media/fans. Good for him. Maybe that's what he actually tried to archieve :P

  22. Immortal Kombat

    Immortal Kombat5 days ago

    None of those incidents would be a big deal in today’s world.

  23. James

    James5 days ago


  24. Temujin Khan

    Temujin Khan5 days ago

    Did he say because he was black? Did he say he wants special privileges because he is black?

  25. Temujin Khan

    Temujin Khan5 days ago

    Did you all see that kitty kat was holding her sugar daddy very thightly?

  26. GYvonne Fannin-Evans

    GYvonne Fannin-Evans5 days ago

    Why didn't some of our veteran black brothers take him and mentor this young brother and teach & guide him I think it's so selfish of them!!☹️🤔

  27. Ben Priest

    Ben Priest5 days ago

    94 mph ooooooh. Shut up

  28. Buckeyecat2002

    Buckeyecat20025 days ago

    Most jocks do what jocks do: Get high, get drunk and pay the hoes.

  29. Buckeyecat2002

    Buckeyecat20025 days ago

    American college basketball coach and former professional basketball player, Josh Howard, 2020 Net Worth: $10 Million.

  30. Adam Richardson

    Adam Richardson5 days ago

    Clearly he's happier and more at peace coaching than he ever was playing, kinda makes you wonder what other forces were at work when he was active in the league that made him seem so miserable

  31. Allen Frady

    Allen Frady6 days ago

    In a car like he had though you can stab the gas for 2 seconds and hit 94 without even really realizing it though. Heck , In Atlanta 94 is just the flow of traffic half the time.

  32. Don Parrish

    Don Parrish6 days ago

    I still wouldn't want to play with someone who hates the country I love. I don't care if there a player or a coach.

  33. Los Angeleno

    Los Angeleno6 days ago

    now he home with that purple drank & Backwoods. smh

  34. Lovegood hateevil

    Lovegood hateevil6 days ago

    @reboud this is idol worship. disgusts me how much ppl gloify this bs. WHO CARES/??? they throw a ball in a hole. WHAT does this have to do with REAL LIFE???????????????????????????????????

  35. Runako Chase

    Runako Chase6 days ago

    New subscriber! Love the channel

  36. Jan Ku

    Jan Ku6 days ago

    Guys career was ruined for no reason... u are really crazy in US

  37. Cash Flow Juan

    Cash Flow Juan6 days ago

    Never heard of him

  38. NikA Turmanidze

    NikA Turmanidze6 days ago

    Haaaa ha haaaa buh-bye 👋 !

  39. GetsumJ

    GetsumJ7 days ago

    Well that explains why UNT sucks so bad.

  40. Kevin McIntyre

    Kevin McIntyre7 days ago

    If he truly turned things around, good for him. Sounds like He deserved what he got. I hope he is a truly good person inspiring good and not hate ... now is what counts most.

  41. Blu Halo

    Blu Halo7 days ago

    Oh my God he smoked weed and had a birthday party wow hes Satan

  42. Crocodile Tears

    Crocodile Tears7 days ago

    Not surprised that you’re missing the point 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  43. Florida boy

    Florida boy7 days ago

    He just got tired of being controlled 🏀🏈🥇🚑🚔🌈🎶

  44. jj swoosh

    jj swoosh7 days ago

    Bro I live in Arizona everyone goes 100 on a 55 fwy

  45. David Shotwell

    David Shotwell7 days ago

    Woke NBA is gonna die. Good.

  46. Jim Mundell

    Jim Mundell7 days ago

    That's okay there are millions of young Black Men to take his place. A dime a dozen

  47. Cuong Nguyen

    Cuong Nguyen7 days ago

    These young guys might be very good as basketball players, but they are sometimes very stupid in real life.

  48. Sqrley L.

    Sqrley L.7 days ago

    Lesson learned? I think not.

  49. Aravind P

    Aravind P7 days ago

    He insulted the are spangled banner what the h*** is he thinking

  50. Aravind P

    Aravind P7 days ago

    Lol oml what is this who is the narrator I need to praise on how funny you are

  51. Minslocker

    Minslocker7 days ago

    at least he is a coach now, not like Delonte West, where is Delonte West now?


    OSTAP BENDERVAN7 days ago

    Saint boy caught in car with gun and stolen PROPERTY I honestly think black Americans athletes once rich move to 🇨🇦.you never enter another ghetto Live life invest See the light

  53. Ben Vinew

    Ben Vinew8 days ago

    Funny how being seen as "unpatriotic" was the last straw for Josh Howard and today the whole NBA craps on the anthem and it is fine.

  54. Darryl Flinch

    Darryl Flinch8 hours ago

    @Tonya McIntosh Who is saying that? Remember when KAP protested by kneeling but yet that wasn't peaceful. I don't know what AA have to do so that ppl in America wake the f up.

  55. Tonya McIntosh

    Tonya McIntoshDay ago

    Because burning down buildings and looking is mostly peaceful 😌😉

  56. Darryl Flinch

    Darryl Flinch6 days ago

    Well police brutality for protesting. But yep. Crazy that Josh howard was WAAAAAY ahead of the times lol Also with Marijuana. As the USA slowly but surely will full legalize everywhere. Being that Canada and Mexico are already fully legalized.

  57. Alfredo Reyesjr.

    Alfredo Reyesjr.8 days ago

    Come back

  58. 83btm

    83btm8 days ago

    The funniest part of this video is the narrator's shocked tone in saying "94 mph in a 55!?" as if that's how fast Howard was actually going. This difference between being cited for 94 in a 55 versus 95 in a 55 is the difference in whether or not you get to keep your license. Officers who aren't total dicks will very commonly cite "94 mph" even if a vehicle is doing 130+ mph. Things like being 100% respectful and honest with the officer (or say...being a famous NBA athlete) are definitely your friend in such a situation.

  59. Kevin Mccaffrey

    Kevin Mccaffrey8 days ago

    What pro athlete doesn't have a sports car and doesn't do well over 94 mph tell me one that doesn't have that who gives a s***.

  60. yor selrus

    yor selrus8 days ago

    A story with a good ending is always nice. I would perfer people get out of their own way while their young but better late than never.

  61. Natasha Joseph

    Natasha Joseph8 days ago

    In 2020-21 , he would be the man. Oh my how things change.

  62. Daniel Pierce

    Daniel Pierce8 days ago

    In 15 years it’s gonna be the same as saying everyone in the NBA drinks alcohol. In my opinion alcohol is worse for you than weed, unfortunately there was no appetite for that opinion in 2006…

  63. Alex Rodriguez

    Alex Rodriguez8 days ago

    here is the video?

  64. Antoine Watts

    Antoine Watts8 days ago


  65. Stephen Neathery

    Stephen Neathery8 days ago

    Ignorance and arrogance will jam you everytime.

  66. Warren Green

    Warren Green8 days ago

    Let me get a piece of the money he had I'd wouldn't f#$% it up

  67. steve miller

    steve miller8 days ago

    hey hey hey GOODBYE typical

  68. Greg Harris

    Greg Harris8 days ago

    How will he inspire the future players , by lighting up a blunt.

  69. Jack Murray

    Jack Murray9 days ago

    If that video came out now Josh Howard would be a hero

  70. Prototype

    Prototype9 days ago

    Holy I thought this was going to be a sad ending

  71. Neutron Star

    Neutron Star9 days ago

    This was garbage. There is nothing wrong with smoking weed if that's what you choose to do. Guys go out and drink the night before games and I don't hear anything about that. Dude speeding? No one cares about someone driving fast on the highway.

  72. Jeff Gatewood

    Jeff Gatewood10 days ago

    Lmao dummy , smoke weed ! I'm so very happy his azz got what he deserved, throw your buddies under the bus.....what a pal! Too funny

  73. Dramacidal

    Dramacidal10 days ago

    What's funny is he was one of the first to the "kneeling for the national anthem" movement but back then they roasted him for it. If it were now they'd pay hommage for starting a movement and bringing light to the racial discrimination of this country. It's crazy how much just a few years can make a difference on an entire society.

  74. Sammy Pluto

    Sammy Pluto10 days ago

    These are all things he would not get in trouble for nowadays... SMH

  75. Hassan Waleed

    Hassan Waleed10 days ago

    Dont you think its funny tyat when he left they won shoeing it vould be him dragging them down

  76. duckfood65

    duckfood6510 days ago

    What's that saying abought you can take the chump out of the getto but you can't take the getto out of the chump? Now he can share his weed with the teenagers he is coaching in life skills.

  77. Michael Peters

    Michael Peters10 days ago


  78. Paolo Guerrero

    Paolo Guerrero10 days ago

    The devil's lettuce! 😂

  79. Yo Goombah

    Yo Goombah10 days ago

    I wonder as a coach if he's also teaching those kids to hate our country like the rest of the Socialist Democrats?

  80. Kale Kale

    Kale Kale10 days ago

    This is not a viral video this is real life

  81. Sirius Black

    Sirius Black10 days ago

    Josh who?

  82. Haamid Ismail

    Haamid Ismail10 days ago

    Who cares men is worth of ten million cut the crabs 😂

  83. Jessy James

    Jessy James10 days ago

    Josh Howard the 🐐

  84. John Lance

    John Lance10 days ago

    he is not an american!

  85. Brayden Steinhurst

    Brayden Steinhurst10 days ago

    That’s so rasist

  86. Timmy Collins

    Timmy Collins11 days ago

    he mightier lose his way be he rebound for great.

  87. Andrew Smith

    Andrew Smith11 days ago

    "Stupid is as stupid does"- Mama Gump

  88. David Burke

    David Burke11 days ago

    Ask an oppressed 👦🏿 guy he can explain... NARCISSIST 👶🏿 waaaaa waaaaaaa waaaaaaa waaaaaaaa

  89. Scott Fisher

    Scott Fisher11 days ago

    Being unpatriotic is the new patriotism, so Howard would fit in just fine in this hate America and all of the founding vision that made this nation great atmosphere. Hate the cops, hate the military, hate the Constitution, hate the Founders. Makes much sense, but that is where we are: if you hate America, you are the new “patriot” lol.

  90. Scott Fisher

    Scott Fisher11 days ago

    He is stupid and nothing (especially the stats) like Michael Jordan. There were rumors about a gambling addiction that MJ had, and it may have been true, but he was smart and did not run his mouth about other NBA players; not to mention the on court presence he commanded. Few people believed the rumors and MJ was fine.

  91. Ed Talavera

    Ed Talavera11 days ago

    Good turn around

  92. gottiducati

    gottiducati11 days ago

    Do a rise and fall of Lebron James

  93. Elmer Bautista

    Elmer Bautista11 days ago

    Thank you HOWARD 5 👍

  94. MR

    MR11 days ago

    94 miles and hour that everyday on the 91 freeway .way over blown

  95. Teejay Goodman

    Teejay Goodman11 days ago

    Fool was really a great athlete 🤦🏽‍♂️

  96. Jason Matas

    Jason Matas12 days ago


  97. Randall Madison

    Randall Madison12 days ago

    Kentucky ballplayer just was killed driving at high speed. Young guys do this so much. These cars are not toys!!! You put yourself and others at undue risk. So sad.

  98. Real Truth

    Real Truth12 days ago

    Man I really hate the way companies operate. This guy went from 10th to 29th bro!! All because he smoked weed. Wtf

  99. Reggie Campbell

    Reggie Campbell12 days ago

    This needs to happen to lebron

  100. sjsjdjdjdjxjxdi powisjsjdhd

    sjsjdjdjdjxjxdi powisjsjdhd12 days ago

    I stumble up in this channel. Now i cant help it to watch every videos

  101. Alberto Crespo

    Alberto Crespo12 days ago


  102. Allen Cramer

    Allen Cramer12 days ago

    Word of advice, set the playback speed at least 1.5. This dude sounds drunk slow.

  103. Brad Riley

    Brad Riley12 days ago

    sounds like a self inflicted wound

  104. Rolo Jc

    Rolo Jc13 days ago

    Crazy how he was considered unpatriotic but someone kneeling is fine now lol dumb people ...

  105. Neil Meeks

    Neil Meeks13 days ago

    A true basketball role model...