10 Items ZION Owns That Cost More Than Your Life..

These Are 10 Items Zion Williamson Owns That Cost More Than Your Life..
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  1. AlwaysGrizzly YT

    AlwaysGrizzly YT18 minutes ago

    Sooo nobody else peep Obama in the background

  2. God Galaxy

    God GalaxyHour ago

    I would've been happy with the raptor 😂

  3. ysl scotty

    ysl scottyHour ago

    rebounds voice is so cringy lol

  4. Milk. Milk.

    Milk. Milk.2 hours ago

    Life does not have a cost

  5. Yahya Ali

    Yahya Ali2 hours ago

    Not Obama 💀


    RAF'S DIY CHANNEL3 hours ago

    bruh.. dont compare LIFE to anything else. would u tel zion to give u a million dollars in exchange of your life? i bet nahh.

  7. Carl Smithers

    Carl Smithers4 hours ago

    Whole time on twitter bitching about how racist the country is

  8. Carl Smithers

    Carl Smithers4 hours ago

    Poor oppressed blacks. Its jim eagle !! So sad how bad blacks have it in this country. The system is racist .

  9. johnson davies

    johnson davies4 hours ago

    He need to get a refund on that suit 😃! Jusssssssss a bit toooooo small!!


    Mr. RANDOM FACTORY5 hours ago

    already subbed

  11. Aden Pham

    Aden Pham5 hours ago

    m8 be customizing cars like it’s a gta garage

  12. I'm melting!

    I'm melting!5 hours ago

    Wow , oppression looks very lucrative. I need some privilege in my life.

  13. _ Cxllin_

    _ Cxllin_6 hours ago

    6:39 obama

  14. Drippy Jxbxrii

    Drippy Jxbxrii6 hours ago

    My life is infinite

  15. Elroy Collins

    Elroy Collins9 hours ago

    No material thing cost more than a human 🤨🤨🤨🤨

  16. Franco VFX

    Franco VFX11 hours ago

    my mom says im special and nothing can cost more than my life.

  17. Kelly Fox

    Kelly Fox14 hours ago

    Did he get his stepdad something that was his big help and his mom

  18. Desmond Roye

    Desmond Roye17 hours ago

    Nothing can cost more than a person's life.

  19. Gabe F

    Gabe F18 hours ago

    The voice is annoying but the content is good. Woa

  20. Eric Hughes

    Eric Hughes19 hours ago

    Nothing can cost more than what god created

  21. ehab Kabin

    ehab Kabin20 hours ago

    You play fortnite

  22. Purple Barney

    Purple Barney20 hours ago

    6:39 i just noticed thats coby white

  23. Pickle Tacodile

    Pickle Tacodile22 hours ago

    Uhh I don’t have a life so of course it cost more than me life because I don’t have a life

  24. G Cuddy

    G CuddyDay ago

    Should see my garage💀💀

  25. Drew Ashley

    Drew AshleyDay ago


  26. memiguelito

    memiguelitoDay ago

    He'll be broke in 15 years

  27. Kireall King

    Kireall KingDay ago

    It cost more then his life not ours💯

  28. Dr Samuel Teye

    Dr Samuel TeyeDay ago

    Poor reasoning thanks to Satan for someone to believe a there is something on earth worthier than a human beings life. How rich was Zion's parents. So are saying his shoe is more valuable than his parents.

  29. Pullout 500 RT now

    Pullout 500 RT nowDay ago

    Don’t be like Terrell Owens. Hall of Famer but broke

  30. Hudson

    HudsonDay ago

    this guys voice is so fricking annoying

  31. Cossyfor JesusChrist

    Cossyfor JesusChristDay ago

    Ur life in particular

  32. Klixy

    KlixyDay ago

    Jesus loves you and died for you

  33. Prophet Darrell

    Prophet DarrellDay ago

    That's a real proud thing to say, money can't compare to a human soul! It's all material of the flesh, can't ever compare to eternal destiny, Mark 8:36-37 For what shall it profit a man, If he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?

  34. Rhondabahamas

    RhondabahamasDay ago

    Life is priceless! So you're correct

  35. Jimmy Lethridge

    Jimmy LethridgeDay ago

    Stop riding. Damn zion i peed my pants laughing so hard

  36. Rhondabahamas

    RhondabahamasDay ago

    Very stupid title

  37. Jimmy Lethridge

    Jimmy LethridgeDay ago

    Anyone needs a penis jockey this youtuber could help out

  38. Prathongma Keooudone

    Prathongma KeooudoneDay ago

    bruh when his shoe came of i saw brok boma

  39. Jonathan Hunt

    Jonathan HuntDay ago

    When people aren’t use to having any money they blow it in all sorts of ways..

  40. FaZe hunt13

    FaZe hunt13Day ago

    Lets go wow🏀

  41. Yung Blood

    Yung BloodDay ago

    Nothing in this world worth more than my life

  42. Ibrahima

    IbrahimaDay ago

    More than my life? What an insult

  43. lil a

    lil aDay ago

    god dammmmmmmm

  44. ShaqJack DaTrucker

    ShaqJack DaTruckerDay ago

    That wasn't his cousin that was his brother bro

  45. Jim Gray

    Jim GrayDay ago

    i don't understand. You criticize Zion for spending, but what about the individuals who purchased the shoes. Stop hating my friend.

  46. Tomass Šleckus

    Tomass ŠleckusDay ago

    Man white suits are nice bro doesnt matter



    I enjoy watching your video

  48. Damian Lopez

    Damian LopezDay ago

    Face reveal plz

  49. Ali Yusuf

    Ali YusufDay ago

    Das a fucked up title

  50. Gang Tbefg

    Gang TbefgDay ago

    I just wish you tried harder on research

  51. Omri Alexander

    Omri AlexanderDay ago

    Why do we care about what another man does with his life

  52. Husenjon Gulyamov

    Husenjon GulyamovDay ago

    Nothing cost more than our life but even a penny cost more than your life

  53. Jason Keith Sonza

    Jason Keith SonzaDay ago

    The uploader of this vid cost 1 buck

  54. Jason Keith Sonza

    Jason Keith SonzaDay ago

    We dont care about the item that zions have and we dont also care abiut zion

  55. shabbir saifee

    shabbir saifeeDay ago

    rebounds subscribing plugs the best

  56. Habari namichezo

    Habari namichezoDay ago

    F***** title.

  57. Ag lion

    Ag lionDay ago

    remember no amount of money is more worth than a human,s live men…money comes and go but a good heart will always be with you forever

  58. Icy_ YT

    Icy_ YTDay ago

    No money cost more than ur life

  59. Glad2funny

    Glad2funnyDay ago

    If u don’t subscribe to rebound he will run u over damn Zion 😂

  60. ripndip

    ripndipDay ago

    So what? you guys know he can re-sell everything. it's better than holding cash LOL.

  61. Edward Pistolhands

    Edward PistolhandsDay ago

    I can’t even watch this

  62. Henry Dong

    Henry DongDay ago

    The thing is most of the items aren't even near your life

  63. Patrick Dexter

    Patrick DexterDay ago


  64. Jacob Daniel Jr

    Jacob Daniel JrDay ago

    Lite work for him, he's a 20 year old kid, he gonna go crazy as he should 🤷🏾‍♂️

  65. Lamont Lowe

    Lamont LoweDay ago

    The Commentator is a 💩💩BAG 🤣🤣

  66. Kaleb Rodríguez

    Kaleb RodríguezDay ago

    I fell poor

  67. Hot Dog

    Hot Dog2 days ago


  68. Prettyboydarrien

    Prettyboydarrien2 days ago

    He played hard to own all that stuff tho🤷🏽‍♂️

  69. Fit Machoman

    Fit Machoman2 days ago

    Man, I wish I was educated on how to make money. I definitely wasn't blessed with genetics. I need to find a mentor to teach me a skillset.

  70. beyourownidol betruetoonesself

    beyourownidol betruetoonesself2 days ago

    As boring as my life be nothing is more valuable. Even tho i think this was a deliberate caption so that they get veiws.

  71. roseworthy

    roseworthy2 days ago

    this dudes voice jesus christ

  72. Gumball

    Gumball2 days ago

    Buying all that luxury for one person is not virtuous. Seems greedy.

  73. Isaiah Espinoza

    Isaiah Espinoza2 days ago

    is that barrack obama at 6:39

  74. Zavian Reki

    Zavian Reki2 days ago

    Don’t listen the title is this vid nothing is worth more then life on kings my brothers phone is for online classes but today no online classes I have to travel 🧭 but I got my brothers phone late night it’s 3:06 at night I wake up for fortnite item shop

  75. mary rose Pastrana

    mary rose Pastrana2 days ago

    more than my life? haha

  76. Vituk Turner

    Vituk Turner2 days ago


  77. Filthy Sonic

    Filthy Sonic2 days ago

    Anything above a dollar

  78. MrChamp

    MrChamp2 days ago

    You do realize this man makes a couple million a month right?

  79. Willie Bateman

    Willie Bateman2 days ago

    LBJ is the king son 💥

  80. Zion Wiltshire

    Zion Wiltshire2 days ago

    Safe to say he’s gonna be broke when he retires

  81. Michael Mosson

    Michael Mosson2 days ago

    Anybody notice Obama 6:37

  82. Alexander Harbula

    Alexander Harbula2 days ago

    The dude ain’t smart xd

  83. Nad Reyes

    Nad Reyes2 days ago

    maybe cost more than your life but not ours.

  84. anselm wasinger

    anselm wasinger2 days ago

    this guy has a great voice for making these videos

  85. Robby Morning

    Robby Morning2 days ago

    I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish. (Luke 13:5) Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts: and let him return unto the LORD, and he will have mercy upon him; and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon. (Isaiah 55:7) When Jesus heard it, he saith unto them, They that are whole have no need of the physician, but they that are sick: I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance. (Mark 2:17)

  86. Dreamer

    Dreamer2 days ago

    Bro on the obama part i had to rewind just to make sure it was him lol

  87. Suraimu

    Suraimu2 days ago

    Hehehe ik where the shoes are I have them :)

  88. Fear None

    Fear None2 days ago

    Dont know what life this guy is talking about, but my life is PRICELESS!!!!

  89. Isaiah's WRLD 2021

    Isaiah's WRLD 20212 days ago

    6:38 who doesnt see obama in the crowd of zion's duke game

  90. John Distick

    John Distick2 days ago

    For the most part these ae stupid purchses and he will eventually figure it out when someone in his circle starts giving him better financial suggestions. Because from what i can tell, Zion is not into real estate, equity or anything of significance yet. I hope his bones can handle the weight because if he gets injured once its game over.

  91. Street-Workout Nation

    Street-Workout Nation2 days ago

    The dude talks so slow I constantly had to check if my video wasn’t at 0.75 speed

  92. Mad Dog

    Mad Dog2 days ago

    nothing can cost more than my life


    MAINEY MOB2 days ago

    the human life is priceless WTF!!!!!

  94. Jehovah Rohi

    Jehovah Rohi2 days ago

    What can cost more than a man man's life but his salvation, o this materialistic world smh and some dummy would really believe this.

  95. Wayde Howell

    Wayde Howell2 days ago

    Shaq - time to have a conversation with this young man.

  96. christian figueredo

    christian figueredo2 days ago

    Why u speakin like that bruh… yo voice lowky annoying lmao

  97. mrno071321

    mrno0713212 days ago

    Admit that both suits are off white but that's about it. Would say a white suit is LeBron's look as many of athletes have worn white suits

  98. Henry Colinton

    Henry Colinton2 days ago

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  99. Stevo Smooth Higgins

    Stevo Smooth Higgins2 days ago

    Need get more into how I get in contact with you

  100. Patrick Derrick

    Patrick Derrick2 days ago

    First, when I saw testimonies of her all over the place, thought it was all made up, buh was convinced and gave it a try, didn't regret one bit of it.

  101. Patrick Derrick

    Patrick Derrick2 days ago

    Am surprised with her methods.

  102. Marie Doctrice

    Marie Doctrice2 days ago

    Though I started low with $2,000 cause it was my first time, and it was successful

  103. Marie Doctrice

    Marie Doctrice2 days ago

    Met mrs josie wallace at Washington DC, in a conference meeting, after she has finished pitching, was opportuned to meet with her, and started investing