Times Kevin Hart DISRESPECTED NBA Players..

A man that literally admitted he only goes to NBA games just to disrespect the players.. This is all the times Kevin Hart disrespected NBA players.
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  1. xdvlonezz

    xdvlonezz47 minutes ago


  2. E Silva

    E Silva5 hours ago

    7:35 'this isn't for me,it's for my son' Reporter says 'are you sure' Kevin 😲😮. 😂😂😂

  3. Nikola Bokun

    Nikola Bokun6 hours ago

    me @ 4"9 and 11 while kevin is 5"0

  4. Bacon Bro Jack Studios

    Bacon Bro Jack Studios7 hours ago

    Omg 40 dollars GEEZ THATS LIKE IDK 993929299 BETTER THAN 1M DOLLAR

  5. TommyInnit

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  6. ofal adrian

    ofal adrianDay ago

    All your videos are really fun to watch bro.. great channel.. keep it up..

  7. Robert Varner

    Robert VarnerDay ago

    Kevin Hart is nuts!!🤣🤣🤣

  8. Jason MB999

    Jason MB999Day ago

    He's so disrespectful. How can you say someone looks like a potato?

  9. SantaNotKnown

    SantaNotKnown2 days ago

    I never found kevin hart funny

  10. Suplex City

    Suplex City2 days ago

    Kevin isnt going to sixers games cause of covid and they are 2th seed 😱😂😂

  11. Ian Gilbert

    Ian Gilbert3 days ago


  12. Dominic Johnson

    Dominic Johnson3 days ago

    Bro Kevin ain’t that serious chill he is just playing

  13. wanden2906

    wanden29064 days ago

    "*lebron sounds*"😭

  14. yaseen nasir

    yaseen nasir4 days ago

    Lebron loves kevin hart

  15. Connor James

    Connor James4 days ago

    they be joking, rebound exxagerates for clout

  16. PurXion

    PurXion5 days ago

    What makes it even better is the fact that he looks so f@@@@@@cking small while disrespecting em LMFAOO

  17. Aiden

    Aiden5 days ago

    Bruh Kevin Hart knocked Kawhi Leonard's 3 out. XD

  18. Oscar Lopez

    Oscar Lopez5 days ago

    Kevin hart is a widget and still roastin people

  19. simp fia

    simp fia5 days ago

    1:20 Oompa lumpa when I chile dies

  20. Steven Hernandez

    Steven Hernandez6 days ago

    Ain’t nobody you’re size either lol 😂

  21. Steven Hernandez

    Steven Hernandez6 days ago

    He said 5 foot Kevin hart ain’t afraid of nobody lol 😂



    damn kevin almost killed a nba player

  23. Ben Ojara

    Ben Ojara7 days ago

    your saying harden isnt a real champion?

  24. Younas Amare

    Younas Amare8 days ago

    “I work very hard” 😂😂I can’t 😂

  25. Max

    Max8 days ago

    what the ****************

  26. Admir Seper

    Admir Seper9 days ago

    9:45 kevin wasn’t trying to hurt kawhil bruh he was playing

  27. Josh Dunn

    Josh Dunn9 days ago

    I love Kawhi’s laugh I want that laugh I wanna be a cool kid 😎 like he is

  28. Isaac Anderson

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  29. Xzander Graves

    Xzander Graves10 days ago

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  30. Xzander Graves

    Xzander Graves3 days ago

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  31. Kado Mauldin

    Kado Mauldin3 days ago

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  32. Xzander Graves

    Xzander Graves4 days ago

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  33. Kado Mauldin

    Kado Mauldin4 days ago

    You can't make people go to God by telling them if they don't thell go to hell you need to try and show them God and God will give him the chance to choose him.

  34. flyyspecs

    flyyspecs10 days ago

    🤣😂🤣🤣🤣 two obtuse shaped

  35. NoobPlayZ Productions

    NoobPlayZ Productions10 days ago

    "Biggest NBA disrespects" First one: "you're beard stinks" 😂 🤣 See MGK THATS how you do it 🤣

  36. KRISH Ranga

    KRISH Ranga10 days ago

    He wasn't disrespecting. He was just joking around

  37. Romello & Roshawn Robertson

    Romello & Roshawn Robertson14 days ago

    says from the guy who is not in the nba

  38. Kado Mauldin

    Kado Mauldin4 days ago

    He's not in the NBA cause he doesn't wanna be with a bunch of men in a sport who just wanna touch each other and act tough lol.

  39. Ronnie Lopez

    Ronnie Lopez14 days ago

    not quite sure why you take him so seriously,he is Keving Hart!

  40. twin_terrors

    twin_terrors14 days ago

    Mmmmmm Kevin hart got into me..... WHAT that's basically what he said

  41. Rob Banks

    Rob Banks14 days ago

    He is just to be funny and have fun

  42. BadgerAttitude

    BadgerAttitude15 days ago

    Kevin is a LEGEND his humor is spontaneous ant thats why he is one of the best in the business

  43. lauchau

    lauchau15 days ago

    bro do u not understand that Kevin is just joking. he's a funny guy, if this is what u use for content that's just sad.

  44. Toes

    Toes17 days ago

    Dude Kevin Hart is tiny

  45. Sebastian Smith

    Sebastian Smith18 days ago

    Like Kevin wasup man

  46. Sebastian Smith

    Sebastian Smith18 days ago

    This video was so funny 😂

  47. Haack Boys

    Haack Boys18 days ago

    0:16 jake paul in background!

  48. John Mark

    John Mark20 days ago

    Isn't he the man in the Old Spice commercials?

  49. Tarun Yavagal

    Tarun Yavagal20 days ago

    Narrator: Kevin viciously attacked Kawhi Leonard in the middle of a game, almost sending him to the ICU Me:😱😱😱 Narrator: shows clip *Kevin Hart looking like he wanted to slap him with a t-shirt sleeve* Me: lmfao 😂😂💀

  50. Dane Butler

    Dane Butler20 days ago

    8:30 tha biggest meme

  51. Patrick MOORE

    Patrick MOORE21 day ago

    Damn 40 dollars

  52. IT's Mee

    IT's Mee21 day ago

    Kevin a legend

  53. King CJ

    King CJ21 day ago

    For crying out loud Hart is a comedian he's just being funny not salty geez

  54. Ashton Grable

    Ashton Grable21 day ago

    Yeah you need to take this vid down. It makes 0 sense. He’s a comedian dude

  55. Kipras Puidokas

    Kipras Puidokas22 days ago

    8:30 the Meme was born

  56. Allee za beasty

    Allee za beasty22 days ago

    kawhi should be a comedian not an nba player if he made kevin hart crack up like that

  57. Roger Tangonan

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  58. Trenton Autrey

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  59. rocket league

    rocket league23 days ago

    Kevin meant to miss

  60. Erica Rafus

    Erica Rafus24 days ago

    Kowie I love a game a basketbool T joke

  61. LaZzy

    LaZzy24 days ago

    Try to understand more about Kevin hart before making a Video out of him

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  64. Christopher Longo

    Christopher Longo25 days ago

    Kevin hart is Phillies spike lee

  65. Priton

    Priton25 days ago

    0:16 Kevin was sitting next to jake paul

  66. Doydoy Carlo

    Doydoy Carlo25 days ago

    Kevin is a sarcasm guy

  67. Amy Hill

    Amy Hill25 days ago

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  68. Jaxyn Ramos

    Jaxyn Ramos26 days ago

    Kiwi lenders laugh though!

  69. YONCHO

    YONCHO26 days ago

    How can you bitch say that james is not a real champion

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  72. xd iTzDark

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    This Kevin Dude is funny he should be a Comidian

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  74. Bethany Thomas

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  75. swapert09

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    Yoo rebound wsgg i liked and subbed my g

  76. Golden gamer yt

    Golden gamer yt29 days ago

    Shack got a baby sick

  77. Edo Dazai

    Edo DazaiMonth ago

    He not fr tryna disrespect them he just be jokin

  78. Carl Lubrin

    Carl LubrinMonth ago

    Love jr laughing at LeBron u know that’s true lol

  79. RiP_circut_yt

    RiP_circut_ytMonth ago

    Damn kev was about to give James $40 that’s a lot of money

  80. FOX - JOSH

    FOX - JOSHMonth ago

    76 team kinda bad doe so thats why he probs won XD

  81. KillTheKrow 68

    KillTheKrow 68Month ago

    "The lil dude gonna bite" LMAOOOOOOO

  82. Athanasios Matsolas

    Athanasios MatsolasMonth ago

    whoever narrated this has no idea what a "setup" is ...Charles Barkley did just that.

  83. Random Man

    Random ManMonth ago

    0:18 is that jake paul

  84. Logworong Sokiri

    Logworong SokiriMonth ago

    Damn this mans endings are always smooth. He always finds a way to make the end transition smoooooth

  85. VxDUrG33

    VxDUrG33Month ago

    Kevin Hart is the funniest guy in the world

  86. DrIVnGame

    DrIVnGameMonth ago

    Here’s another petty situation, Geno smith getting his jaw broke by his teamate for 600$ when he earning millys🤦🏽‍♂️

  87. Heather Wagman

    Heather WagmanMonth ago

    4:18 is that lebron?

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  89. Eljay Duldulao

    Eljay DuldulaoMonth ago

    man you sounded like destroying kevin's career

  90. Caleb Jansen

    Caleb JansenMonth ago

    Hes my homey he is a super funny cool guy he was chilling with me idc what he says he’s one of the coolest guy ever meet him yourself all you need to do is be yourself

  91. Bolt Bolt

    Bolt BoltMonth ago

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  92. Gavin Stout

    Gavin StoutMonth ago

    You gotta love him tho

  93. The Harris Boys & Co.

    The Harris Boys & Co.Month ago

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  98. SirPandaFluff

    SirPandaFluffMonth ago

    if the 76ers ever get a ring you know Kevin gonna get one for the 👇

  99. LuvIsRage

    LuvIsRageMonth ago

    I love Kevin Hart

  100. Kaylee Kendrick

    Kaylee KendrickMonth ago

    Bro I am 5 feet tall and I’m 9

  101. Felicity

    FelicityMonth ago

    I can't tell what Kevin looks like I can't even see him😂

  102. Tre Hamilton

    Tre HamiltonMonth ago

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  103. Lukas Prien

    Lukas PrienMonth ago

    Brugh you know that everything kevin does is not ment to be serious right? You make it look like he has real beef with some of the players.

  104. Wendy Noto

    Wendy NotoMonth ago

    Kevin not that funny

  105. 김다희

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