WEIRDEST Pre-Game Rituals In NBA History

One player eats plastic before games, while another has to use the girl’s bathroom. These are the weirdest pre-game rituals in NBA history..
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  1. Ernest Waweru

    Ernest Waweru10 hours ago


  2. Fayzan Ramzan

    Fayzan RamzanDay ago

    “Look at curry man so inspirational

  3. GamingPhreak

    GamingPhreak2 days ago

    i think its not the kind of routine u have that helps u play the game its just the fact to have something going on that prepares u metally and physically on a competitive day. I would say those who have rituals that go on already way before the game helps the body focus on the game even more you are prepared focused and ready to go.

  4. GamingPhreak

    GamingPhreak2 days ago

    Damn imagine Caron Butler now with all the fast food chains replacing the plastic straws with these weird paper straws. He would kill himself

  5. Rxlic

    Rxlic2 days ago

    Why can’t I see the other comments?

  6. Supreme Intellectual Beast

    Supreme Intellectual Beast4 days ago

    You probably have the best "oo" from any youtuber

  7. CraftGuy Chambers

    CraftGuy Chambers4 days ago

    It is wax That’s the magic WAX

  8. Sergio Sergio

    Sergio Sergio5 days ago

    Aye the women’s bathroom is clean

  9. Carnell Malone

    Carnell Malone5 days ago

    7:57 he shook up gd if nobody knew🤦🏽‍♂️🔱

  10. bubbles10987

    bubbles109875 days ago

    I like basketball

  11. Adrain Miller

    Adrain Miller7 days ago

    2:44 lol 🤣🤣

  12. Sergey Trusevich

    Sergey Trusevich8 days ago


  13. Kizashi Wellness

    Kizashi Wellness8 days ago

    3:46 that's not really a big deal. He's not eating it, he's chewing on something. It's a way to reduce tension and has no sugar in it like gum.

  14. Saiidoe S.H.B

    Saiidoe S.H.B9 days ago

    Alot of people chew on plastic it calms them

  15. Jake H

    Jake H10 days ago

    The waxing your hands thing is actually super nice feeling.

  16. Sol Feinberg

    Sol Feinberg10 days ago

    How do you go from making millions to living on the street? Can't you just save a million and live normally or modestly, if you only have a few hundred grand left?

  17. Sol Feinberg

    Sol Feinberg10 days ago

    I don't think he's peeling the skin off his fingers - that's a certain kind of wax you heat up and put your hands in - it relaxes them. Maybe softens and moisturizes. But it's just a heat therapy.

  18. Sol Feinberg

    Sol Feinberg10 days ago

    It's called paraffin.

  19. Daniel Padilla

    Daniel Padilla12 days ago


  20. Kasey Perkins

    Kasey Perkins12 days ago

    Bro my dad is in his 30’s and forgot that shack played 4 the celtics

  21. David Robertson

    David Robertson12 days ago

    ive played against monta elliis's team before and we beat them.

  22. Norma Flores

    Norma Flores12 days ago

    When i eat plastic, rebound be like: FUUUUUUUUUUH

  23. Toni Blackstone

    Toni Blackstone13 days ago

    Pre-Game Ritual Drink a bottle of vodka, 5 lines of cocaine, a little more LSD, and then you play in a different dimension.

  24. TAIZUbruh

    TAIZUbruh13 days ago

    1:05 i though gay

  25. Blacc Knighte

    Blacc Knighte14 days ago

    All these superstitious stuff is all in their head.

  26. Chinenye Umunna

    Chinenye Umunna15 days ago


  27. Mackenzie Kent

    Mackenzie Kent16 days ago

    Mate is eating stras instead of gum

  28. Frostbite 141

    Frostbite 14116 days ago

    I’ve done the wax thing before and I can say it works and I don’t see how it’s weird

  29. Frostbite 141

    Frostbite 14116 days ago

    He’s not eating he’s chewing and I get it I like chewing on things too including straws

  30. Marshmalltoons

    Marshmalltoons16 days ago

    "Man look at curry so inspirational"

  31. Lee247

    Lee24717 days ago

    0:58 made me die so hard

  32. Jacob Alphonso

    Jacob Alphonso18 days ago

    Rondo it’s wax

  33. Victor Roman

    Victor Roman18 days ago

    Y’all heard about the new ball bending

  34. Sarah Belde

    Sarah Belde19 days ago


  35. astroangle531

    astroangle53119 days ago

    pill hands wtf

  36. Wats Good

    Wats Good19 days ago

    00:58 🤣🤣🤣

  37. Heather Jordan

    Heather Jordan19 days ago

    there is one reason you would be in the girls bathroom

  38. Terence Johunkin

    Terence Johunkin19 days ago

    Kawhi in there getting high.

  39. Terence Johunkin

    Terence Johunkin19 days ago

    Nobody: Steph Curry: Thunder Cross Split Attack.

  40. 300 Mar

    300 Mar19 days ago

    I was your nostrils before he


    JONATHAN G19 days ago

    what u are doing is not your dam buissness

  42. 60tetris

    60tetris19 days ago

    Cheeseburger ueck

  43. lupddup1

    lupddup120 days ago


  44. lupddup1

    lupddup120 days ago


  45. lupddup1

    lupddup120 days ago


  46. lupddup1

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  47. lupddup1

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  52. lupddup1

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  54. lupddup1

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  55. lupddup1

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  59. lupddup1

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  60. lupddup1

    lupddup120 days ago



    ANAS GOMAA20 days ago


  62. Akkad The Roblox Guy

    Akkad The Roblox Guy20 days ago

    do not sub

  63. Shadowninja95

    Shadowninja9520 days ago

    Ohhhh wax

  64. Just a WARLORD

    Just a WARLORD21 day ago

    tbh the womens bathroom is just cleaner i get why he does it

  65. Resident EV1L

    Resident EV1L22 days ago

    Dam currys mom is a dime

  66. The Klaw

    The Klaw22 days ago

    Who told you that kawhi do that??

  67. 1hp Champion

    1hp Champion22 days ago

    I know what Elis did and I do it to I’m 10 my favorite basketball player is Stephen Curry

  68. Dynamite

    Dynamite23 days ago

    I didn’t think that coran butler could get weirder but he did when he started CHEWING ON FREAKING STRAWS LIKE IT WAS GUM!

  69. Matias Strong

    Matias Strong23 days ago

    Subscribe to Matias strong

  70. Amy Hill

    Amy Hill24 days ago

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  71. Bula Lord

    Bula Lord24 days ago

    What about lebron chalk toss

  72. MarcusandMarco Magadia

    MarcusandMarco Magadia24 days ago

    Did you know stephs mom challenges him if he miss a shot he will give his mom 100dollars for real

  73. Naruto_Legend999

    Naruto_Legend99925 days ago


  74. sheddy russell

    sheddy russell25 days ago

    The first guy. What if he has cameras in the lady's stalls and look at the footage before games 🤔

  75. Troy Boy 2021 OWO

    Troy Boy 2021 OWO25 days ago

    6:27 Go watch Vat 19 aqua notes

  76. Nicole Nicole

    Nicole Nicole25 days ago

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  77. Jima Hosmer

    Jima Hosmer26 days ago


  78. Renek Moore

    Renek Moore26 days ago

    I want to see him pell that wax off his hand

  79. Peyton Wickering

    Peyton Wickering26 days ago

    Nice cover because it is Stephen Curry

  80. Quiz flryツ

    Quiz flryツ27 days ago

    Monte fr dippin his hands in wax😩🙌🏽

  81. Dirty Ace

    Dirty Ace27 days ago

    Kwhai is illuminati 😂🤟

  82. That One Muffin Man

    That One Muffin Man27 days ago

    Honestly I chew my straws when I get drinks

  83. David Jarrah

    David Jarrah28 days ago

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  84. Molly Kleinheinz

    Molly Kleinheinz28 days ago

    He pealed his skin

  85. Molly Kleinheinz

    Molly Kleinheinz28 days ago

    What the 🖕fu##

  86. Alexa Alexandrou

    Alexa Alexandrou28 days ago

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  87. Todd Younghans

    Todd Younghans28 days ago

    None of this is true

  88. NotExoticYT

    NotExoticYT28 days ago

    Where does this man get all of this. Either way, I enjoy these vids.

  89. nylad

    nylad29 days ago

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  90. Angel Mendoza

    Angel Mendoza29 days ago

    Is it true all have to do is right on my shoes to shoot like curry

  91. Setrana Family Setrana

    Setrana Family SetranaMonth ago

    Ronda was smelling good I guess

  92. raymix ray

    raymix rayMonth ago

    0:59 LOL

  93. Jenn

    JennMonth ago

    You did the ranking of the xxl rappers

  94. yung poe

    yung poeMonth ago

    It's just wax, no biggie at all.

  95. Dark Cyclone

    Dark CycloneMonth ago

    kawhi is sooooooo doing that smoke smoke

  96. Paulette Charles

    Paulette CharlesMonth ago

    Whefb is the one ☝️

  97. L. De Leon

    L. De LeonMonth ago

    10:50 Another rituals (Stephen) is we also see's Le bron James doin'... is blowing of the powder while Stephen is blowing up the curry.

  98. algi fajar

    algi fajarMonth ago

    1:00 you're welcome

  99. Doge Dude gaming

    Doge Dude gamingMonth ago

    This video is a Bruh moment.

  100. Doge Dude gaming

    Doge Dude gamingMonth ago

    Soda is gross.

  101. Benjamin Fallowfield

    Benjamin FallowfieldMonth ago

    Rondo is using waterproof paper

  102. Aman Sanil

    Aman SanilMonth ago

    Bro there is a difference between chewing and eating

  103. Logan Wolf

    Logan WolfMonth ago