I make the funniest thumbnails on USlikes.

  1. Joshypooo

    Joshypooo18 hours ago

    Casinos are for idiots

  2. Evan

    Evan18 hours ago

    6:10 💀💀💀🤣🤣🤣

  3. Eric Hughes

    Eric Hughes18 hours ago

    Nothing can cost more than what god created

  4. Dustin Cain

    Dustin Cain19 hours ago

    Big ass snitch

  5. Sin Shiesty

    Sin Shiesty19 hours ago

    Kobe image will never be tarnished black mamba lives forever

  6. Zay Xo

    Zay Xo19 hours ago

    First time here definitely won’t be my last. Subbed, some really good stuff here👍🏾

  7. Hype sniper

    Hype sniper19 hours ago

    LeBron James is going into fortnite

  8. Javier Griffith

    Javier Griffith19 hours ago

    "Los tengo sin anillos como Jordan a Charles Barkley"

  9. Bibin thomas

    Bibin thomas19 hours ago

    Most of these black athletes don't got a black wife 😂😂

  10. Rowan Morris

    Rowan Morris19 hours ago

    as soon as he said the most prestigious respected number i was like siiiiixty niine

  11. DG Studios

    DG Studios19 hours ago

    Now this video may be a good start for him

  12. ehab Kabin

    ehab Kabin20 hours ago

    You play fortnite

  13. Rum Have

    Rum Have20 hours ago

    It was kinda mean for igudala to not even give the young Grizzlies the time of day. The golden rule is a great measurement. They idolized him and he didn't have the humility to teach them anything.

  14. Purple Barney

    Purple Barney20 hours ago

    6:39 i just noticed thats coby white

  15. J Bluntico

    J Bluntico20 hours ago

    The way you always sneak in the like & subscribe speech is absolutely hilarious 😂

  16. Lj H

    Lj H20 hours ago

    I like your videos man, but I won’t subscribe until you calm your voice down. Just talk normal the whole video dude. The high pitched autistic freak outs are unbearable. Other than that great content.

  17. kingt 2627

    kingt 262720 hours ago

    Kobe Bryant died yea

  18. Seth TV

    Seth TV20 hours ago


  19. Joey Reid

    Joey Reid20 hours ago

    the green one was def not on purp s

  20. Squashy The pumpkin

    Squashy The pumpkin20 hours ago



    DSZIRES DSZIRES20 hours ago

    6:49 OK OK PLS DON'T

  22. relrumba

    relrumba20 hours ago

    Mony dont not by life

  23. Terry .C

    Terry .C20 hours ago

    That title hit hard


    VERSATILE ™20 hours ago

    But he did call and apologize and then made Steve Kerr the GOTO GUY as he knew he could trust him and being tough! 💪🏽💯

  25. RLegend Official

    RLegend Official21 hour ago

    That sound effect when Morris hit em in the head made me laugh ahhah

  26. Dxnvorr Dxnvorr

    Dxnvorr Dxnvorr21 hour ago

    One answer: life management

  27. Dimitrius DeMendonca

    Dimitrius DeMendonca21 hour ago

    Lebron is smart

  28. Tanoshimi

    Tanoshimi21 hour ago

    I live with depression and anxiety . Life is hard. I feel this man pain. God has been blessing him and at the end is sending people to help him. So many players was looking to help him and he got helped from Mark Cuban at the end. He’s protected now. Wish him well and the best. When you have mental problems it’s a serious condition. Try to understand others before we judge! One love to all.

  29. Ultimate Anthony

    Ultimate Anthony21 hour ago

    Why are you hyping many things to make it sound big.

  30. JamFan2

    JamFan221 hour ago

    Ay subscribe to REBOUND or you will be broke for life!

  31. John Woe

    John Woe21 hour ago

    Why his ex Manger look like a old ass zaytoven

  32. Pickle Tacodile

    Pickle Tacodile21 hour ago

    Uhh I don’t have a life so of course it cost more than me life because I don’t have a life

  33. Ground Beef

    Ground Beef22 hours ago

    I guess all black people look alike to you...BLM

  34. Derick Sebastian

    Derick Sebastian22 hours ago

    Would you rather i subscribe but dislike every video or not subcribe but like every vid ?

  35. Calvin Sias

    Calvin Sias22 hours ago

    How do people brush there teeth with a girl

  36. Java

    Java22 hours ago

    I think I know why you know when you play a game your good at you're all the sudden bad in front of someone or how when you do something you can no longer do it in front of people I think that's what the mask does it makes people feel as if no ones watching them since there behind a mask even though it might be clear sometimes it still gives that feeling of no one watching you so you play at your best since no ones watching so you dont have to play up to anyone just you which makes it 10 times easier to enter the flow or the zone whatever you wanna call it. this is just my opinion though.(Edit) also it could also be Placebo Effect since people believe the mask gives powers they'll play better since they believe it just like how when you say your going to dream you are more likely to have a dream that day when its time for you to sleep. but again just my opinion

  37. Springsy

    Springsy22 hours ago

    @McFadeHype good job on 1.2mil 😂

  38. calvin Dulcio 619

    calvin Dulcio 61922 hours ago

    Do u think we care

  39. The King Of Jotunheim

    The King Of Jotunheim22 hours ago

    But.. atleast he didnt go to went and dat like this next guy... HE STEPPED ON POOP!

  40. pjmac550355

    pjmac55035522 hours ago

    James Harden cheated his way to 30 ppg by getting to the line by being crafty? How your channel is so big blows my mind

  41. Michael Rodriguez

    Michael Rodriguez22 hours ago

    Anybody know what the religious slur was?

  42. Lesean Leday

    Lesean Leday22 hours ago

    What is do

  43. Madden Demon

    Madden Demon22 hours ago

    “I’ve worn the same dam Sketchers for years now”😂😂😂

  44. Stephanie Elliott

    Stephanie Elliott23 hours ago

    Everybody knows Jordan the goat

  45. pjmac550355

    pjmac55035523 hours ago

    Hahaha did you really say Zion weighed 175 lbs in highshool.... I’m 5’11 170 and I’m pretty thin... Zion was ripped and still bulky at 6’7... dude was atleast 220 in Hs

  46. Larry Joseph Alfarero

    Larry Joseph Alfarero23 hours ago

    Hahha this voice is life Iferg!

  47. Faizan P

    Faizan P23 hours ago

    we will remember kobybrian

  48. Red heavy

    Red heavy23 hours ago

    I hate people that say, “man up.” When ur crying in pain or pure sadness.

  49. DrAgOnfL I

    DrAgOnfL I23 hours ago

    ok but like the moment i realized they were all hella rich is when i saw them all drinking fiji water

  50. Peyton Hill

    Peyton Hill23 hours ago

    I need a meme of you on USlikes

  51. G Cuddy

    G Cuddy23 hours ago

    UR NOT SUBSCRIBED 2 REBOUND? Go clean sum windows das all ur useful for😤

  52. Sorry in advance !

    Sorry in advance !Day ago

    This whole comment section is full of idiots just like Kyrie

  53. Tetelestai !!!

    Tetelestai !!!Day ago

    Apparently the dude narrating this video wasn't born when NBA was worth watching

  54. Drake Proctor

    Drake ProctorDay ago

    Rip to the the nba

  55. Esk8 Tech

    Esk8 TechDay ago

    Mistakes that costs millionaires millions.😆😆😆

  56. Oreo Olusol

    Oreo OlusolDay ago

    Give life to Jesus Christ Jesus Christ amen

  57. Duke the jack Russell

    Duke the jack RussellDay ago

    2:50 lol i craking up sooo much he so dumb to complain

  58. mentel245

    mentel245Day ago

    "Im gonna come a separate your shoulder" Me *subscribes likes and clicks bell for notigang

  59. G Cuddy

    G CuddyDay ago

    Should see my garage💀💀

  60. Drew Ashley

    Drew AshleyDay ago


  61. DK Aang

    DK AangDay ago

    It does said in the bible the did had giants. Remember now

  62. I SmithNwesson

    I SmithNwessonDay ago

    Live by the ball die from the fall...ask kobe

  63. memiguelito

    memiguelitoDay ago

    He'll be broke in 15 years

  64. the extreme king

    the extreme kingDay ago

    He apoligiest

  65. Xavier amazing

    Xavier amazingDay ago

    I feel like he’s talking faster

  66. Owen Pannell

    Owen PannellDay ago

    Bro I like ur videos and stuff but I’m not subscribed and I never drop likes because I hate when u always make dumb jokes about subscribing and dropping likes. So if u quit doing that I’ll sub

  67. miá ;-;

    miá ;-;Day ago

    I wanna play flag football so bad but it would probably get in the way of vball.

  68. Reynaldi Creative

    Reynaldi CreativeDay ago

    You'll really need to stop talking about mj and mugsy thats overrated plus you look lazy like there is no other you can find out there

  69. Khristian Taylor

    Khristian TaylorDay ago

    Its Funny When Shaw Said Dwite 9:54 😂😂😂😅😅😄😄😃😃😅

  70. Tim Tim Abdelmessih

    Tim Tim AbdelmessihDay ago

    Any NBA player says anything about O’Neal O’Neal:and I took that personally

  71. Bazel HazelWood

    Bazel HazelWoodDay ago

    Him: “But there is one play who dosent care who Micheal Jordan is” Me; “Shaq” Him: “Charles Barkley” Me; “Wtf”

  72. Deep South

    Deep SouthDay ago

    Ummm it’s thots lol

  73. Daniel Singh

    Daniel SinghDay ago

    It’s more like, you feel cool having a mask and you play better cause you’re overconfident.

  74. Rudy Amezquita

    Rudy AmezquitaDay ago

    lol shaq also had help I remember when he was ona magic by himself with a n average coach n he went 500 come now also the bulls beat u when u were n ur prime ona magic he needed a hall of fame coach and hall of fame players 2 win he needs 2 stop it